A Warm and Inviting City Apartment For a Rescue Dog and Her Owners

A Warm and Inviting City Apartment For a Rescue Dog and Her Owners

Hi there kompisar! Scrolling through my instagram this weekend (as you do); I struck upon this dining room shot from the feed of Johanna Brüggemann, and it stopped me in my tracks. After a little messaging, I discovered that Johanna is founder of Studio Gingko - a digital creation agency, and lives with her husband and Spanish rescue dog Elli in Kiel, Germany. A quick google maps route finder search tells me that Johanna's home is a mere 4 hour's drive from where I live in Malmö, Sweden - which might account for the touch of Scandi (I'm seeing so many fab Scandi design pieces!). But let's not kid anyone here, Elli totally steals the show - I love that she's made herself completely at home in almost every corner of the home. Perfect Monday vibes!

In Spring and summer, the family head to their allotment cottage nearby. 

Such a lovely relaxed, vibe. Thank you Elli (and Johanna) for showing us how to do Monday in style!

Quick lamp round up as there are so many statement ones here: 

Were there any details in particular that stood out to you? 

A few other homes from north Germany today: 

Have a great start to the week! 


PS So many exciting things have been happening at our tiny cabin this weekend. We now have a bed (with lots of storage underneath)! You can see a very short film about it here

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How to style and organise your pantry

How to style and organise your pantry

Supported by Canberra Outlet

A calm, organised pantry makes way for a calm, organised life… well it helps!

There’s a long list of reasons why an organised pantry is a good idea but the two main ones are efficiency and environment.

As a busy mum, I don’t want to waste time rummaging through the pantry every time I need to get breakfast or dinner ready, or pack lunchboxes. I much prefer stepping into an organised pantry where I can simply glance and find what I need without feeling the weight of mess or frustration of a disorganised pantry.

Since organising my pantry, I also feel like I’ve reduced food wastage. I’m not doubling up on buying foods I already have and I’m using foods before they expire (and helping to keep them fresher for longer in airtight containers).

Watch the short video below or keep reading for my top ways to style and organise your pantry.

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1. Declutter

Like with most areas of the home, it helps if you start by decluttering — you’ll be able to clear away unused or unwanted items, and actually discover everything you’ve been storing in your pantry!

So how do you declutter?

Remove everything from the shelves and decide if it’s something you’ll use again and should keep or if it should be discarded or given away.

Obviously expired foods (and I bet you’ll find more than a few) should be thrown away but anything you bought during a random health kick that you’re never going to touch again, for example, could be given to that healthy friend of yours.

You can find more decluttering tips here.

2. Create zones and decide on logical placement

An easy and logical way to organise your pantry is by grouping ‘like’ items.

What makes sense and works for you, won’t necessarily work for everyone. Personally, I like to keep all my baking items together, all my food staples (flour etc) together, pastas and other carbs together… I think you get the picture.

Place the items you use most often front and centre so they are easy to access. I keep my breakfast cereals and snacks (for daily lunchboxes) at shoulder height and the foods I use less frequently above or below.

Containers style and organise your pantry

3. Find storage solutions to suit your needs

Is there anything more satisfying than a row of matching canisters? Surely, I’m not alone here!

One of the triggers for me to style and organise my pantry was the amount of food I was wasting — items going stale, or simply forgotten about and expiring. I decided to put most perishable items in clear (BPA-free) plastic containers so I could easily glance and see how much of each product I had left. Most of the containers are by Décor from Howards Storage World but I did treat myself to one shelf of luxe containers from Freedom too.

Depending on the design of your pantry, you may like to pick up some other storage solutions to make life easier. For example, the ‘MIMI’ tubs from Howards Storage are a great solution to keep packet items together — they can be used similar to drawers and pulled out so you can easily access all items on the shelf without having to reach behind or rearrange things. Some people also find a ‘Lazy Susan’ (the round spinning trays) are a useful tool to use in the corner of pantries.

Whatever style of pantry you have, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Howards Storage World!

4. Sort appliances

If you find your pantry is looking chaotic or you have very little usable bench space, the issue may be there are too many appliances taking up prime real estate.

My pantry was feeling cramped so I was very selective about what appliances would stay on the bench — coffee machine, toaster and kettle were the only ones to make the cut. A few appliances I no longer used were donated and all other commonly-used appliances were put in the cupboard.

Styling your pantry

5. Look for opportunities to save space and hide mess

To make your pantry as functional as possible, it’s a good idea to see if there’s any way you can save space or keep your pantry tidier for longer.

I love using baskets as they help make packet foods and smaller items appear neat and tidy. I’ve placed all my baking items in one basket, and all my teas in another etc.

The inside of cupboard doors or behind the pantry door are areas that often aren’t utilised. Perhaps a spice rack, paper towel holder or other storage solution could be added here? Space is a precious commodity in your pantry so make the most of it!

6. Create a kitchen vignette

A vignette, or styled arrangement, is a way of adding serious style to your pantry.

If you have bench space or open shelves, you could rest several cutting boards in different shapes, sizes and materials, and place some vessels or salt and pepper grinders in front. In mine, I’ve used a mix of cutting boards and glass oil vessels from Freedom, a marble canister from Howards Storage World with wooden spoons and a fruit bowl also from Howards Storage World to the side.

Watch this quick video with some of my favourite kitchen decorating ideas.

Vignette style and organise your pantry

7. Embrace natural elements

Finally, soften the appearance of your pantry and add warmth with some natural elements.

In the pantry, a plant can feel a little out of place so I’ve used a large fruit bowl for that living element and pop of greenery.

Introducing natural materials, such as a woven basket or even a cotton tea towel draped over the sink, are great ways of softening the hard edges and materials in your pantry.

There you have my favourite ways to style and organise your pantry! Do you have more to add to the list? Share them in the comments below!

Be inspired by more styling articles here

Style and organise your pantry

This article was first published in May 2019 and continues to be updated with the latest tips and images.

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est living milan 2021 hermes exhibit

Coming Up | Milan Design Week 2022

Milan Design Week is back from June 6 to June 12, celebrating the 60th edition of the world’s largest furniture fair, Salone del Mobile, which will follow the theme “designing sustainably, celebrating beauty”. Featured exhibitions include EuroCucina and its collateral event FTK (Technology For the Kitchen) and the International Bathroom Exhibition.

Salone del Mobile will take place at the Fiera Milano Rho from June 7 to June 12, while the rest of the city plays host to a series of events across the design districts, collectively known as Fuorisalone. 

Stay tuned for daily live updates of Milan Design Week 2022 via our Instagram @estliving and a wrap of the week in Issue #45 of est Magazine, released July 1. 

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laundry makeover _ Affordably update your laundry

How to: Affordably update your laundry

Too often laundries are the neglected, out of sight out of mind, utility room. They sit low on the priority list when building and renovating, forgotten until you walk in and wince. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Even with a limited budget, you can transform your laundry into a space that brings joy.

Today we’re thrilled to be with Interior Designer Jacqueline Chen from The Glade Design. You may remember her from the Morecombe Home Japanese style bathroom tour we recently shared. One of Jacqueline’s latest projects was to transform an unsightly laundry into a smart and stylish space on a budget.

We chat with Jacqueline to get all the tips and tricks to affordably update your laundry with minimal work, sharing examples from our favourite featured laundries.

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neutral laundry renovation _ affordably update your laundry

Get your layout right

Nothing is more important in a work zone than layout. You can spend a fortune on luxury finishes, but get the layout wrong and they will be of little value.

“The first thing I noticed about this project was how small it was. I drew up a floor plan and tried to keep everything super simple. With storage and bench, and the addition of a washer and dryer, space was pretty minimal so I had to ensure everything could fit,” explains Jacqueline.

Things to consider when planning out your storage needs in the laundry:

  • broom and vacuum (preferably with a hidden powerpoint for charging)
  • cleaning supplies
  • baskets and bucket
  • laundry hamper
  • ironing board
  • indoor clothes drying racks
  • chemicals — you may want to consider high storage or cabinets with locks if you have kids.

Remember that you want the space to be as easy to use and low maintenance as possible!

“In this laundry renovation, having more bench space was a priority. So an easy fix that worked for the client was to place the washer and drier side by side. They now have enough counter space to do more than just fold clothes and iron. It could be used for DIY arts and crafts, indoor workshops, messy school projects, whatever you need.”

laundry makeover _ Affordably update your laundry
Under-stair laundry with stacked washer dryer
This small under-stair laundry is super functional, see the full laundry tour here.

Update your splashback

One of the best bang for buck updates you can make in a laundry is to replace your splashback. Switch out your tired tiles for a pop of colour or pattern… or consider painting your splashback tiles for an even more affordable solution.

“I wanted to integrate a bright and airy feel to this small laundry to make it feel larger and more welcoming. A simple way I did this was by adding a small splashback behind the sink,” says Jacqueline.

“Splashbacks are a quick and relatively cheap way to add texture and colour to your laundry. If you’re doing it on a budget, the humble subway tile can be used in a bunch of different ways. You can find all kinds of subway tile inspiration here.”

If you’re feeling confident and really want to keep costs low, you could even try to tile the splashback yourself. We will have an article on how to do this soon!

affordably update your laundry

Look at what you can save and refresh over buy new

One of the best tips to affordably update your laundry is to be smart about what you can save and refresh rather than replace. Benchtop looking a bit tired? Perhaps you can paint it using a specialty paint or consider applying feather finish for a concrete look. These kinds of strategic updates will be friendlier on your hip pocket and on the environment!

“With my client wanting to minimise spend, everything was super budget-friendly and can be easily DIY’d. Usually, I get custom-made cabinets which end up being the biggest spend in a laundry reno. This time I had to be clever though. I didn’t have much storage space left after the appliances, so I didn’t see the point of getting expensive custom joinery.

“Instead I found two Opal White plywood sheets from BRAU Timber for less than $400 and built the benchtop and shelving. Plywood is an extremely versatile material I highly recommend considering. It’s strong, low maintenance, and can be used for structural, interior, and exterior applications. To help hide the everyday mess under the sink, I got small curtains from IKEA and cut them shorter to fit. It totally softens the space. And my client won’t need to worry she can’t close the door when her storage space gets a bit overloaded,” she laughs.

neutral laundry update _ affordably update your laundry

Consider what’s worth splurging on

“Even though I saved a lot on joinery, there are some things worth splurging on:

  • Good tapware — As something that you will use often and is difficult to repair, I recommend splurging on good tapware. The last thing you want to do is repair a low-quality tap every few years as it will cost you more in the long run
  • Get the biggest sink available — It allows you to soak bulkier items like shoes and blankets. However, you don’t have to buy from the fanciest brand as this sink will be used for the dirtiest things in the house. What would be the point of that?
  • Quality appliances — Washers and dryers consume a lot of electricity, so if you’re buying new appliances, look for good quality but energy efficient appliances.
  • Ventilation — Do you have good ventilation? Without ventilation, your laundry is the ideal place for mould growth. If you don’t, it may be worth considering a powered exhaust fan for your walls or ceiling.

“I would suggest being careful of spending too much on unnecessary joinery accessories. They can look good in a showroom, but don’t work for every room. Be flexible in this, perhaps even waiting until some of the bigger parts of the room are done, before making your final decision,” says Jacqueline wisely.

White wainscoat wall in laundry
The small but stylish by Front Properties, find the full laundry tour here.

Get a hanging rail/rod

“A fixed hanging rail is a relatively new concept in Australia, but I consider it a must-have item in every laundry. Not only does hanging your clothes help reduce your ironing, but it’s a convenient place to hang delicate pieces.

“This is something you can easily DIY with brackets and a curtain rod. If you’re not convinced, see how these other designers have done it below!”

Tip! If you have a lot of handwash items, consider placing the rod above your sink to catch dripping.

Dubois_overview_award-winning laundry
The award-winning Scandinavian Purity laundry, see the full laundry here.
The Block 2020_week 9_Luke and Jasmin_laundry styling
The Block 2020 contestant Luke and Jasmin blew us away with this luxe laundry, see more from that week here.

Call in the experts when you need

“There’s no denying anything you can do yourself, from painting old cabinetry to refreshing window coverings, will save you money. However there are some jobs you need to get the experts in to do. Anything electrical or plumbing-related should never be DIY’d. Instead, focus your energy on getting the layout right, shopping smart for new materials and appliances, and saving money in those ways.”

Have these tips to affordably update your laundry helped you? Huge thanks to Jacqueline for sharing her expert tips and this fab affordable laundry reno project! You can find more from Jacqueline and The Glade Design through her Instagram and on her website. She’s also started a Youtube channel sharing some top design tips.

Find more laundry inspo and advice here

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Gezellig by Studio Prineas

House Gezellig by Studio Prineas | Australian Interiors

The entryway unfolds into a warm, inviting foyer, leading into an open-plan living space anchored by a mid-century-inspired stone fireplace. Marking this transitional passage is a south-facing courtyard – establishing a connection to the outdoors from the onset. The home’s original asymmetric roofline made room for the addition of an over-scaled dormer window, which, in conjunction with the light drawn from the courtyard, forms an uplifting introduction to House Gezellig. 

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Black lounge_Biasol

Go bold and get inspired with black walls

One of the most effective ways to add a sense of drama to the home is by incorporating the colour black. And using black paint is the most affordable way to do just that! Play it safe with a black painted door OR go bold and embrace black walls!

Going black on the walls is a trick designers use because it makes a big statement… without spending big! Come and be inspired as we share 3 zones of the home where black walls work effortlessly — the bedroom, dining room and living room.

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Black walls — in the living room

The first zone of the home where black walls look right at home is in your living room.

Be bold and embrace it on all 4 walls to create a powerful statement or dip your toe in with just a feature wall or two. Yes, we know many designers are saying feature walls are out but they still serve a purpose and work particularly well when you mix up the material. For example, a living room with one timber panel wall or brick wall painted black and the other walls of plaster kept white or another neutral shade.

Here are some stunning living rooms with black walls you’re bound to fall for.

Modern traditional

This home is the perfect example of traditional (intricate mouldings and that sofa) vs modern (everything else you can see in the space!). It’s absolutely divine and we can’t get enough!

Sleek and downright sexy

If ever a room could be described as sexy… this would be it. This black on black statement home from Biasol is elegant, sophisticated and sleek as anything. See the full home tour here.

Black lounge_Biasol
Take a full home tour here

Panel me black

Black panelled feature walls are not something that immediately springs to mind, but we are here for it! It makes a statement and the panelling pairs it back, adding texture and interest.

Liven up black with plants

There’s no denying black walls are bold. But they also don’t have to dominate a space, as shown here in DIY Shelley’s living room. She softens the space with light sheer curtains, natural accents and plenty of greenery.

Indoor plants are a favourite of ours, as they breathe life into a space (literally!) and a pop of greenery. Check out this article on the top 10 trending indoor plants and our indoor plant care tips here.

Painted brick

We love a bit of exposed brick, but sometimes it needs a lick of paint to bring it back to life. Using a black feature wall at the end of a room, tricks the eye into seeing the space as longer than it is as black recedes. The black joinery on either side of the room ties the space together.

Beach vibes

When we envision beach vibes, we immediately think white or shades of blue or green. But let’s flip that on its head, because who says beachy can’t be black?!

The exposed beams, sheer curtains, natural fibres and touch of rattan… this room oozes coastal with being cliche.

If you lust after panelled feature walls, be sure to check out this article where the inspo keeps on coming!

Black walls — in the bedroom

The next zone of the home where we’re advocates for using black is in the bedroom. It’s a fab way to dial up the luxe vibes and instantly creates a moody space you want to retreat to. Let’s get inspired!

Hotel luxe

Did you catch the bedroom makeover Gina recently gave one of her friends? She created a custom square panel feature wall and painted it in a warm black (‘Black Felt’ by Dulux) to create a sophisticated and inviting feel.

Bedroom after
Our recent bedroom makeover project, see all the photos

Sophisticated style

Doesn’t this space just make you want to sink into bed and relax?! As well as black walls, black has also been used around the ceiling detail to provide extra emphasis and draw your eye upwards.

Challenge winner
Image via @ke11y.o

Minimalist style

This master bedroom, as seen in the birdcage home, uses black on all 4 walls and the ceiling! Surrounded by a view amongst the treetops and that fabulous birdcage-inspired balcony, the spaces speak for themselves.

Paddington home_Kieron Gait_black bedroom
Take the full tour of the birdcage here

Black woodgrain walls

It’s subtle, but you can just notice the wood texture coming through these black bedroom walls. It pairs perfectly with the laid-back linen bedding and egg-shaped side table.

Make it masculine

Pairing black walls with a mix of textures like tartan, leather and wood, effortlessly achieves a masculine aesthetic. The black accents in the cushion, occasional chair and bedside lamp creates cohesion in the space.

For more masculine bedroom inspiration, check out this bedroom before and after makeover.

Boho bedroom

Taking things a little boho now, with this gorgeous bedroom featuring a black panel ledge wall. We’re not usually ones for feature walls, but here where the material has been switched up, it just works.

Match their mood

Teenagers are moody… it’s just how they’re wired. So why not match their bedroom to their mood — makes sense, right?! This teen boy bedroom does just that, styled to perfection by Liberty Interiors.

Black walls — in the dining room

The final zone of the home where you can’t go wrong with black walls is the dining room. Get inspired to dine in style with these beautiful black walled dining rooms.

Archway goals

Arches are certainly having a moment in design right now and while they are generally painted white, check out this dining room to see how painting them black adds impact with the way different shadows are cast! It perfectly frames the tiled splashback feature beyond.

Intimate dining room

Nowadays dining rooms are generally part of a larger open plan area but if yours is a separate room like this one, why not embrace it by painting all the walls and ceiling black! Paired with metallic accents, herringbone floor and statement lighting, this dining room puts a whole new spin on elegance.

Moody dining room
Enveloping black dining room. Image via The Local Project, project by Neil Architecture

Scandi sleek

To create a Scandi-style dining room, you may think it’s best to keep things light and airy. This black feature wall proves dark colours can still feel Scandi, just stick to natural materials and minimalist styling.

Flip tradition on its head

A classic way to add style and character in any dining room is with a half-wall of panelling or wainscoating. What’s unique about this space, is the wall panelling is kept traditional and white, and the rest of the wall and ceiling have been painted in feature black.

It’s a different spin on what would otherwise have been a very traditional looking dining space. Clever. Simple. Gorgeous.

Eclectic and vintage

We added this dining room to the mix to show the versatility of black paint. By now you’ve seen it works beautifully in sleek and modern homes, coastal homes, period homes, and yes, even eclectic homes too!

Our fave black paints

Now that you’re sold on the look of black walls, let’s talk colour. Just as there’s no such thing as ‘white paint’ the same rings true for black paint. Some blacks throw more blue or green tones, while others appear more grey.

To help you pick the perfect black paint for your home, here are some of our favourite black paints.

So what did you think of our inspiration gallery on black feature walls? Which was your favourite zone? The bedroom, dining or living room? And has it given you the courage to give black paint a go? Tell us in the comment section below!

More interior inspo here

This article was first published in March 2021 and has been updated with new information and images.

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est living Desea norfolk house 6

Norfolk House by SE DÉA

Sydney based architecture and interior design collective SE DÉA transform a confined Paddington terrace into a meticulously-detailed family home.

Bondi-based SE DÉA were tasked with renovating this two-storey residence, situated on a street corner, into the warm and playful Norfolk House. The studio’s director and founder Samantha Birtles collaborated with art director Marsha Golemac on a mission to pay homage to the building’s origins through a feminine and, at times, sculptural lens. While short on space, they focused instead on maximising every design detail. 

est living Desea norfolk house 6

The kitchen is bathed in sunlight from the outdoor courtyard. Peachy tones are revealed through the copper City Stik basin mixer from Brodware, Linear Standard Archive handles and bisque-toned terrazzo.

Traditional Paddington terraces are known for their narrow spaces, with small rooms often shut off to light and access to the outdoors. The SE DÉA team sought to open up the interior spaces in the Norfolk House, by completely revising the lower level’s interiors. This then allowed them to establish a connection between indoors and outdoors.

The kitchen is where the home asserts its new chapter through contemporary materials and hardware such as terrazzo and brass detailing. This soft palette works with the natural light that now enters the home to evoke a sense of calm. An extension of this area is the dining nook that plays with texture, featuring boucle Mobel Copenhagen Font dining chairs, a custom leather banquette seat and Naomi Paul SS01 Simple Shade pendant light. 

Parquetry floors underpin the home’s sense of renewed elegance and reflect how the shared spaces flow together throughout the base level. An arched doorway connects the dining nook and the formal living room with preserved fireplace, the first space to greet guests as they enter the home.

est living Desea norfolk house 8

The formal living room features the Jardan Sunny sofa and Memphis coffee table and the Arturo Onn large pendant.

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est living Desea norfolk house 13

The second level houses the private spaces and is where the design team set out to highlight the home’s original heritage features. “We sought to enhance the detailing of the era in spaces where the original building form and spatial proportions were retained,” Samantha Birtles says.

Just as custom seating and joinery make the most of each square metre, private spaces were also designed to adapt. The first floor was to feature a home office. However, this space morphed into a nursery during the building process. An attic retreat was also included to meet the needs of a growing family.

Samantha and Marsha worked together on artwork and accessories, curating characterful lighting such as the Allied Maker Arc dome pendant, Fred International Scandinavian furniture, and artwork, including a sculpture by Tracey Lamb and a painting by Phoebe Halpin.

The Norfolk House is the product of SE DÉA’s considerate and creative ethos. The Sydney home’s interiors pay tribute to their foundations while inviting functionality for the family that lives there through rose-tinted materials and sculpted forms. 

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est living Desea norfolk house 15
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est living Desea norfolk house 21

The post Norfolk House by SE DÉA appeared first on Est Living | Interiors, Architecture, Designers & Products.

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Product Pick of the Week

Product Pick of the Week


With spring in full effect and summer just around the corner, we’re embracing this season of renewal by prepping our homes for the beautiful months ahead! There’s no better time to incorporate simple swaps that renew the energy of one’s space as we all look forward to a time of entertaining and hosting the ones we love.

Which brings us to this week’s Product Pick of the Week: the Dalia Quilt from Shoppe! This hand-stitched and block-printed Kantha blanket was designed to be loved and layered for years to come. It’s the perfect way to refresh your space with a charming and lovable pattern. Throw it over your sofa, incorporate it into your bedroom, or lay it down at your next picnic; the uses of this versatile quilt are truly endless! The Dalia Quilt is the splash of charm, color, and comfort any room in your home will benefit from. With two colorways to choose from, this lightweight and reversible blanket is sure to become your new favorite go-to piece.


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outdoor floor detailing

From drab to fab: easy budget alfresco makeover DIY

Instagram is full of the latest hacks and DIYs and this easy budget alfresco makeover by Jaimie from @reside_at_seventeen immediately caught our eye. Inspired by a laundry design, Jaimie has come up with this outdoor hack, transforming her tired alfresco into a beautiful outdoor living space using stencils.

Read on as we chat with Jaimie to get all the info on this clever budget alfresco makeover so you can do your own!

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Items you will need:

outdoor floor detailing

Getting started

“This project doesn’t take too much time, I completed it over three days. There were a lot of gaps between to allow the cement and the paint to dry.

“I recommend selecting colours that represent your goals for the space well and fit with your specific style. I chose the classic white and grey because it ties in nicely with the rest of our house. The alfresco can be seen from all of our living areas which are all predominantly black, white and grey. Don’t overthink it — you can paint over it and start again!”

Step 1

Remove all furniture and clean the cement, leaving to air dry.

“I used a high pressure cleaner to completely clean the cement and left it for the day to dry. You need to make sure your cement is really clean and dry before you start painting over.”

Alfresco cement flooring _ easy budget alfresco makeover

Step 2

Apply your base colour paint and leave to dry.

“I applied two coats of the grey paving paint — one in the morning and the second coat after lunch. I then left it to dry for the rest of the day.” 

Step 3

Using masking tape, mark where you want the stencils to go.

“If I were to do it again, I would mark down exactly where I wanted each stencil line to start on the edge lines of masking tape that I had put down. I didn’t think about doing this until after I finished but it would have made it so much faster.”

Alfresco detailing in progress _ easy budget alfresco makeover

Step 4

Start applying the stencil paint colour in your marked areas.

“Top tip! When you apply the stencil, don’t saturate the roller with paint because it will bleed through under the stencil and leave the transfer clumpy — instead do gentle slow rolls and use a small paint brush to touch up any areas that need it.”

Alfresco floor detailing _ easy budget alfresco makeover

Step 5

Once your painted concrete floor is dry, style your space and enjoy your gorgeous new alfresco area!

Tip: For longest lasting results, you can also apply a sealer over the paint. For example, the Crommelin 4L Natural DiamondCoat Paving And Concrete Sealer from Bunnings will make your painted cement more stain resistant while not changing the appearance.

We’d like to thank Jaimie for taking the time to share her easy budget alfresco makeover with us. Follow her on Instagram for more clever hacks and design inspo. Do you have any questions about this makeover? Have you tried something similar? Do you have a particular stencil design in mind for your alfresco area? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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alfresco cement detailing _ easy budget alfresco makeover
alfresco makeover after
Alfresco flooring detailing _ easy budget alfresco makeover

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est living leinster square townhouse banda property 1 750x540

Leinster Square Townhouse by Banda | Global Interiors

Banda creative director and CEO Edo Mapelli Mozzi says the townhouse’s inherent beauty set the tone for a high level of craftsmanship throughout. “The character of the building inspired much of our design intent which hinges on organic textures and organic materials. By working with such a powerful and historic ‘shell’, we could balance it with more contemporary interior design,” Edo adds.

The townhouse spans three levels; the kitchen, dining room, library, living space and ‘snug’ (a small room designed for relaxation) on the ground level, with three bedrooms on the level below and a lower-level cinema room and wine storage. The Obumex ‘Joseph Dirand’ kitchen is the heart of the townhouse, that, in Edo’s words, balances “old and new, hard and soft.”

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