6 Smart Ideas To Steal From a Small Danish Apartment

6 Smart Ideas To Steal From a Small Danish Apartment

Goddag, goddag! I’m going straight in this week with the delightful Copenhagen apartment of Büsra Demirhan. A student living in a 47 metres square (505 foot square) apartment with her boyfriend, Büsra was selected by Danish magazine Bolig Magasinet as instagrammer of the month thanks to the clever way she has designed her small space on a tight budget, without compromising on style. Here are six very smart small space ideas that make a big difference! 

1. Round table: Round tables have a smaller surface area than square tables and therefore take up less space – and can squeeze into a tight spot. Plus you avoid the risk of walking into a corner with your thigh (winces). 

2. Extra storage: Büsra has used used dead space above the kitchen cabinets to store little used items. A wooden cup holder (this one is by Sætter and is taking the Danish interior world by storm right now) slots in neatly between the upper and lower cabinets. 

3. Think slim: Narrow furniture – like this glass cabinet is ideal for small spaces. 

4. Wall mount where possible: a flat screen TV has been tucked in among frames on the wall of the sitting room, leaving the floor clear. Wall mounted furniture is especially great for small spaces as it helps you to make full use of vertical space and creates a more airy feel. 

5. Wall to wall, mirrored storage: one whole side of the sitting room area has been reserved for much needed storage. Using closed storage not only helps to keep a space looking clean and clutter free – but the mirror helps to visually enlarge the room. Perfect! 

6. Get creative: A cupboard / wardrobe space off the corner of the sitting room has been reserved as a bedroom for Büsra and her husband. A simple curtain across the doorway helps to keep the space private without feeling you’re closed in. 

I hope this lovely space has given you plenty of ideas if you’re currently furnishing a small space – or have smaller rooms in your home! 

And there is a LOAD more inspiration in the small space archive (if this pops up first just scroll on over!). 

Wishing you all a great start to the week! 


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