A Danish Home Where Subtle Colour and Earthy Tones Come Together

A Danish Home Where Subtle Colour and Earthy Tones Come Together

Christina Krabbe (AKA @glimtvist) lives in a wonderful 1940s red-brick house in North Zealand, Denmark with her husband Jonas, his three girls and her two boys, as well as their little girl Nora and a border collie named Chilli. Christina and Jonas share a passion for interiors – and love working on DIY projects together. This might include everything from building a lift bed from scratch to up cycling vintage furniture. They also have a penchant for colour, especially pastels which are combined with earthy tones for a vibrant yet calm family home. Ready to feel inspired by? Welcome to a world of pastel wall colours, vibrant art, patchwork quilts and vintage and contemporary design classics. 

I love this Easter egg ‘with a twist’ idea! Isn’t it fun? 

Such an inspiring home! 

There are some many lovely, colourful details. Is there any room or corner that stood out to you in particular?

See more of Christina’s home and follow her latest DIY projects at @glimtvist

Looking for a little more colour inspiration today? The Danes are masters of it! Here are a few favourites:

Glad lillördag (Happy ‘Little Saturday’ – as they sometimes call Wednesday in Sweden!). 


Photography: @glimtvist, shared with kind permission. 

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