A Fairytale Swedish Summer Cottage / Plus Camp Adventure, Denmark

A Fairytale Swedish Summer Cottage / Plus Camp Adventure, Denmark

Cities and towns across Scandinavian are starting to buzz with life again as people slowly return from the countryside and head back to work. But for some, like me, their heart remains at their summer cottage. There’s something magical about the laid back, simple lifestyle they afford – and of course, their lush surroundings. Curious to sample Swedish summer cottage life yourself? This idyllic croft from the 1800s just came on the market! Located a short distance from Stockholm  – the traditional Falun red and white cottage is fairly small (50 sq m / 538 sq ft), but definitely big on personality – and wouldn’t look out of place in an Astrid Lindgren tale. There’s only one foreseeable drawback – and I’m curious to hear if it would be a deal breaker for you or not. Read on to find out! 

And the deal beaker (or maker)? The only loo is a compost one in an outhouse. This is not unusual for an old croft which is yet to be modernised. Helen (as in the interior designer I work with) has an outdoor loo at her cottage too. They once lived there for a year and she remembers waking up in the night and trudging out in the snow to go to the loo! But she says they got used to it and in the end and don’t give it a second thought any longer. My granny had one too (as well as an indoor one upstairs) – and I remember it being full of spiders! But the one at this croft is charming in every way. Would it work for you?

Could you imagine spending your summers here? 

If so, this pretty cottage has your name on it, and we’d all love to be the first to visit (bringing our bed linen of course – as is the Swedish way!). 

Feeling tempted? Read more about it here

Fancy seeing some more pretty cottages over the weekend? Here are a few others that belong in an Astrid Lindgren tale:

All this talk of Sweden, and I’m actually in Denmark right now. Having been double vaccinated, we’ve taken the opportunity to head over the Öresund bridge for a couple of days. Our first stop was Camp Adventure (for a press trip) – which has treetop climbing (have you ever done it? Once you get over the nerves, it’s so exhilarating!) and the kids absolutely loved it!

As well as an awesome 45-metre tower you can climb (the structure is magnificent – and has won several architectural awards (not my picture below!):  

And best of all (for me, not the kids, they spent 8 hours in the tree tops!), Northern Europe’s largest ‘pick your own bouquet’ flower farm! It was beautiful:

Keep an eye out for the yurts / cabins (they’re pretty booked up so you’d need to plan in advance to stay the night). You can also pair it with a long weekend in Copenhagen since it’s only a 50 minute drive away. 
Right, I’d better put the kettle on – the rest of the family will be waking up any moment and I need to take the most of the peace and quiet before the mayhem begins and a day at the worlds oldest amusement park: Bakken

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend – I hope you’ve got some fun /  relaxing plans. 


Cottage photography: Historiska Hem

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