A Relaxed 19th century Apartment Full of Vintage Finds

A Relaxed 19th century Apartment Full of Vintage Finds

God morgon vänner! I’m excited to kick off the week with the wonderfully relaxed home of Jenny Brucherseifer, a jewellery buyer living in ‘Südstadt’, Cologne, Germany. Jenny and her boyfriend took their time to find their new home – eventually falling in love with this 19th century apartment with its magnificent high ceilings and large windows. The pair moved in in February 2020 – immediately before the pandemic. The lockdown meant they had plenty of time to furnish their new home – choosing to invest in a wonderful selection of vintage pieces and beautiful lighting (some iconic, some high street!), designed to stand the test of time. In the evenings, the couple love to read and listen to music – either playing their own tunes or listening to music from the neighbours pads, floating in through the window! 
Recognise the Elfa shelves? I pointed these a couple of weeks ago in a small swedish home too) – they’re very popular as they look great but also really practical! 

Jenny has used the same styling trick seen in a Swedish home last week: placing a large plant on a stool to give it more height. 

How wonderful! Every time I look through the pictures, I spot another fabulous piece of furniture. And I love the vibe too! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week! 


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