A relaxed, beachy bathroom with powder blue feature wall

Moore Creative_fullspace_Beachy bathroom

In today’s room tour, we explore a fabulous, beachy bathroom by the talented Anna from Moore Creative. Because you all loved her deep blue coastal bathroom so much, when we saw she had completed another bathroom, we couldn’t wait to share it with you ASAP!

This time Anna has used a softer, more tranquil colour palette and cleverly thrifted and upcycled elements, to deliver a stylish bathroom on a budget. Get ready to explore her relaxed, beachy bathroom and get her savvy design tips!

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Moore Creative_fullspace_Beachy bathroom

Anna has no fear when it comes to adding a playful pop of colour to her rooms.

“We did a very budget renovation to this bathroom about 5 years ago. I kept it very simple knowing that one day I would add some more colour and style to this bathroom.

“Second time around, I really wanted some colour! My main bathroom has navy blue walls, so I decided another shade of blue was going to work best. I used Dulux Blue Balm paint for the walls, it’s the perfect shade of — for lack of a better word — muddy blue.

“I’m a big yay for colour! I can understand why people are nervous to add colour. It can be hard to imagine and can even be quite costly if you make a mistake. My tip would be to get three different sample pots in similar tones and paint a patch on the wall you want to use it on. Check it throughout the day, it will give you a clearer idea of what works best for that space.”

Moore Creative_vanity_Beachy bathroom

Beauty doesn’t always have to cost the world. Key elements of this beachy bathroom, like the shell lights, are second hand!

“I came up with the shell wall lights because my electrician husband refused to change the original ones. I bought the shells from an op shop for 50c each for another project. I’m so glad I used them! The shell lights are a real point of difference and are probably my favourite part of the bathroom,” says Anna.

“The vanity is also second hand. I picked it up for $100 from a house that was being demolished. It has since undergone some changes. I replaced the top with an oak timber top my husband made. I also replaced the doors with drawers and polytec valla door profile. The new doors and drawers add some texture without taking away from the wall colour.”

Moore Creative_vanity closeup

Even with all the elements on hand, picturing it all together may prove the final challenge that often leads to confusion. Luckily, Anna offers a solution.

“Once all my elements were decided, I created a 3D render of the space to double-check that I was on the right track with the design. It really helps me visualise a space.

“I now offer this 3D rendering service on my website for anyone who needs help visualising their space. It’s also a great way to show something to your trades for them to work towards.”

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