An Australian Design Story | Phoenix Tapware

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The allure of minimalism is still very strong in design globally. Does this place more emphasis on tapware to stand out? Integrate? Both? How has Phoenix responded to this aesthetic?

John Hoogendoorn: I believe our collections answer both. When our designs stand out, such as Axia and Nara, they complement the minimalism movement. But, on the other hand, when our designs are quiet and integrated into the trend of minimalism in the kitchen and bathroom, they are still pleasing to the eye, revealed through the quality in finishing and subtleties in the design aesthetic, such as Teel, Vivid Slimline and Lexi MKII.

Phoenix has embraced the minimalist design trend, and it runs deep in our bones. Using this design philosophy allows us to challenge ourselves and presents opportunities to refine our designs further. Simpler profiles, smaller cartridges, perfected ratios, and smooth lines come into play when designing our products. In addition, the minimalist approach allows our products to be adaptive to many bathroom and kitchen styles.

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