An Idyllic Swedish Country Home

An Idyllic Swedish Country Home

Picture the scene: you wake up, throw on some clogs, and head out into the garden with a steaming coffee and newspaper and settle down to soak up the morning sun. Maybe do a little gardening – or take a swim in the nearby lake. In the winter, you might go for a brisk walk before lighting the fire and cosying up with a book for the afternoon or pour yourself a deep, warm bath. Either way, I’m pretty sure this Swedish country home has something wonderful to offer in every season. And the 19th century architecture will no doubt keep you busy too (perfect for a tinkerer!). If only I’d snapped it up when it came on the market a few years ago. Gaaah! Let’s sit back and dream of a life in the Swedish countryside all the same. Enjoy the tour! 

Such a beautiful house! It has me dreaming of a move to the Swedish countryside, how about you? 

Funnily enough, Per and I were discussing it only yesterday when we strolled past a really pretty cottage with a thatched roof yesterday evening. It won’t happen, but we do love to dream. The other things we marvelled at on our walk in  the forest was how the evenings are so much lighter – and that the birds are starting to return from their migration south. A wonderful sight and a sign that spring is in the air! 

Do the birds disappear in wintertime where you live too? 

And on a separate, slightly random note – thank you to my American readers in yesterday’s ‘colour inspiration’ post for confirming that ‘funk / funky’ does actually mean the same as it does in British – phew! I was getting nervous!

Ha det så fint! 


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