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est living studio daminato villa peduzzi 31 750x540

Known locally as ‘Il Castello in Cielo’ or ‘the castle in the sky’, the villa was originally built in 1909 as a large family residence, designed by its then Italian family patriarch. However, like many villas in Italy and across Europe, the home was left unoccupied for 50 years before the design team’s recent intervention in 2016. Interior designers Studio Daminato and Andrea Meirana Architects were commissioned by the new owners to modernise the historic home to accommodate up to 14 guests, offering an unmatched hospitality experience in the heart of Lombardy.

Each material, textile, and finish in the villa was inspired by the murals found in the original building to unite old and new. A tasteful mix of vintage, mid-century, and custom-designed furniture sit side-by-side with Italian and Scandinavian design classics, tapping into the charm and eclecticism of traditional Italian villas.

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