Best of Est 2021 | Landscape Design

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What key shifts have you seen in what clients are looking for in the past five years?

Myles Broad: People are opting for more streamlined, often cantilevered BBQs that are less monumental and obtrusive. Everyone wants a pool. I kind of wish they didn’t, because I love the beach and the planet – and it doesn’t get more unsustainable than a heated pool that gets two months of use in Melbourne. It appears that natural styles, like looser gardens like ours, are trending.  They work beautifully as a counterpoint to harder-edged architecture.

Three words that most appropriately sum up your approach to landscape design are… 

Myles Broad: Natural, liveable, grounded.

The one thing people always ask me is…

Myles Broad: “What’s wrong with my Fiddle Leaf Fig?” Despite their ubiquity, the little villains are quite hard to grow well.  They need a drained pot, plenty of light, and plenty of water. Occasional food doesn’t go astray either. It seems they end up in sealed pots, go rotten and die, or are in drained pots and don’t get put out for a good soak.  

What is the one key piece of advice you would impart to a young landscape designer?

Myles Broad: “Bugger off, this is my town!” (laughs). Then after that, “listen to your client.  Take notes. Read them.  Then go create!”

What is your favourite space in your own garden and why?

Myles Broad: I have a central courtyard within my house draped with Virginia Creeper, which has a bubbling pond and a relaxed feel. I love to unwind there with a beer at the end of the day.

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