Celebrating 21 Years of Mim Design | Designer Interview

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Congratulations on celebrating 21 years of Mim Design. Could you please tell us about your retrospective ‘Works’ and how it recognises this milestone?

Mim Fanning: We all have things that we’ve always wanted to do. I love books and their tactility. A book was always a bucket list item for the firm. We were 20 in 2020 and I started the process of publishing a book in 2019. At that point, I questioned whether to go to a large publishing house, but then I thought it would be really nice to learn about the publishing process and what it takes to put a book together. I’m quite an inquisitive person and I like to understand how people do what they do and how you arrive at something. With a friend in publishing, I thought, why don’t we just do it ourselves. Producing a book was going to have a cost outlay, but it was something I wanted to be really proud of – and I wanted to curate each page with local creatives.

That was when we were working on a 20-year celebration. But then COVID-19 hit, and I thought, it’s just not the right time to be doing this. At that stage, we were also looking at costs for getting it printed overseas, and I just didn’t agree with that. It had to be local in the truest sense, from a design and publishing standpoint, right through to printing and production.

When we picked up the book after the first big lockdown in Melbourne last year, we started working on it again. It all evolved and it meant we had more time to get it right and to be really happy with the outcome – and to support local and the people who’ve supported us. 

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