Come the Evolution | A New Chapter Retailer Hub Furniture

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The impact of two years under a global pandemic needs no explaining, but for Foti-Lowe, it provided the impetus for evolution, offering the chance to step back, look critically, reassess, redefine and find the gaps. “I’m a creative. I trust my instincts but I needed to look seriously at how to execute and the pandemic was a fierce moment that made it clear – evolve or die,” she says.

And so for Jaci, the evolution means closing Hub as we know it to create the space to reinvent a more exciting way forward that includes new retail and new content but always with the unique and positive energy that Jaci is known for.  “You get a sort of steely resolve when you emerge from adversity.  It’s an exciting moment when you realise that treading the same path no longer feels right and no longer needs to hold you back. It is ok to do what you do best, but differently. I’m buoyed by the chance to reshape a new way forward for my career and for the brands I’m committed to. Knowing that I get to do that with 20 years experience under my belt imparts a deep sense of confidence.”

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