Compact Bondi Living with Fox Johnston | Style

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Fox Johnston director Conrad Johnston says the central courtyard on the main level was an early idea developed to gather light and segment the living level into zones without constructing walls – a concept introduced to dismiss the feeling of being in one long room. “The living level is conceived as a continuous ground-plane from the rear courtyard to the front balcony, to balance the site topography and make the space feel larger than it is,” Conrad says. 

Materiality from the exterior is reflected inward and vice versa – copper panels clad the facade and reappear in the warm-toned exposed ceiling beams, western red cedar windows and doors. At the same time, concrete flooring extends from the living room out onto the balcony. “We aimed to achieve a cohesive language; instead of breaking up the flooring from inside to out, the concrete continues out onto the balcony, so when the doors are open, it feels like one space,” associate Brad Phillips says.

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