How to Easily Increase your Rooms Vibration

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


It’s in and around this time each year that I really start itching to spring clean our home. And while that typically means flipping mattresses and hosing down screens (so satisfying!) this year I’m looking to step my game up even further. As I continue on my healing journey, I’ve found myself deep diving into all things energetic, and what I’ve started to notice has been illuminating, to say the least. There is still so much for me to learn on this front, but so far I’ve happily landed in a place that combines quantum physics, feng shui, and spirituality. It’s something I’d love to expand on even further if it’s of interest but for now if you, too, want to increase your rooms vibration, here are a few great ways to do it…  

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


It’s no secret that objects hold energies. Each one of us, and every thing that we surround ourselves with is, in fact, energy – it’s a scientific truth. But I recently learned that not every object holds the same energetic frequency. Research has shown that natural materials vibrate at a higher frequency than those of their synthetic counterparts, and by a significant margin too. Since making this discovery I’ve been making more conscious purchases for everything that I bring into mine (and my clients’) homes. From my new cotton tea towel, to the alpaca sweater that I’ve yet to remove, it’s a small change that I’m convinced will have a long lasting impact. 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenSKIP SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES:

This one was devastating for me as I love scented candles. But not only are synthetic fragrances endocrine disruptors (meaning they can wreak havoc on your hormones), but they also emit scary chemicals that are definitely not filled with “good vibes only”. Instead, switch them out for soy based candles that are scented with natural oils and have cotton wicks (my husband bought this one for me for Christmas and it’s my favourite find so far). 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenADD PLANTS:

Not only do plants look great by instantly adding life to a space, but said life also helps increase your rooms vibration by a significant amount. The fact that they help filter the air certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s no secret that I love when form meets function, and this is a perfect example. (Note: I have read that faux plants don’t increase your rooms vibration quite as much as the real deal but they do help. Dried flowers on the other hand are rumoured to have the opposite effect).  

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linen


Think of it this way: that vase that you’re holding onto only because your great aunt gifted it to you is taking up your energy. It’s something you have to store, something you have to clean, it’s something that takes up your valuable time in minuscule increments. Lovingly donating (or selling!) it not only frees up that energy, but it also creates space for bigger better things to arrive. Walking into a room filled with things that truly bring you joy is the greatest way to increase your rooms vibration. 

5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Increase Your Room's Vibration | lark & linenCLEANSE YOUR SPACE WITH SAGE OR PALO SANTO: 

I was gifted some palo santo a few years back and it quickly became a regular tool in my arsenal. It’s not something I would have originally thought to pick up for myself, but cleansing our home with a smoke offering is a practice that I’ve come to cherish. I often use it before I meditate and there is a marked difference when I’m through. Something I’ve recently learned, however, is that you must leave a door or window open during the process so that the negative energies have a place to escape. 

[break]There you have it. Five easy ways to increase your rooms vibration. I’m curious, is this something that you do as well? Do you have any other practices you use? It’s something I’m becoming increasingly more interested in and I’d love to hear about it. 


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