In Conversation | Global Design Tastemakers | Interview

In Conversation | Global Design Tastemakers | Interview

Your favourite design decade/era?

Frederik Werner: Being Danish, I favour the 1950s, which we also call the ‘Golden Age’ of furniture design here in Denmark. It was a decade of combined efforts, where the lines between manufacturers, designers and architects were blurred, resulting in new production methods without losing the natural, tactile, and human-centric qualities.

In your opinion, what do you believe has been the biggest shift in the global design sphere in the past five years?

Frederik Werner: Transparency. It is not only us as professional creatives that set demands as to how products are created, produced, or shipped; it is just as much the end customers and clients who now have the chance to follow or redirect the path we are on. This is priceless if you ask me.

What ideas can we expect to see from the Archiproducts entrants in 2021?

Frederik Werner: That they think beyond the visual aspect of a product and remember that the most successful and long-lasting design is something that speaks to all our senses.

What do you see for the future of product design in the next five years?

Frederik Werner: I hope to see an increased interest in looking beyond what is ‘trendy’ and rather focus on the inherent qualities of natural materials to create objects, products, furniture, and architecture. Products that touch us on more than one level and with a long-lasting design language.

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