Inspiration: Curved Islands – Are the 80’s Back?

Inspiration: Curved Islands

Inspiration: Curved Islands | lark & linen

Lately I’ve been noticing a bit of an 80’s revival thing happening in both the fashion and interior design world. Chunky furniture, oversized pieces, and soft, generous curves are all the rage right now and I’m kind of digging in – in small doses, that is. While I do worry that some of the spaces that have fully committed to this movement might feel dated in a few years, I can really appreciate using these principals in more subtle ways. Curved islands, for example, are something I’m noticing more and more of, and I love that they add a softness to a space, yet still feels timeless. Following are a few examples of the curved island trend that I’m very into – have you noticed this one as well!? CHECK OUT THE OTHER THINGS THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE CHECK OUT THE OTHER THINGS  THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE 1) Design: Shauna Walton | Photo: Lauren Miller  2) Design: Jean Stoffer | Photo: Stoffer Photography  3) Design: Ashley Montgomery Design | Photo: Lauren Miller 4) Design: Ashley Montgomery Design | Photo: Lauren Miller  5) Design: Shauna Walton | Photo: Lauren Miller 

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