Interview with Kathryn Robson and Chris Rak

St Huberts by Robson Rak

Over the past three years, our homes have been central to how we feel – especially when it comes to seeking a reprieve from what’s happening in the world. Looking to the future, how are you designing spaces of sanctuary, particularly in private spaces such as the bedroom? 

Kathryn Robson: Honestly, the past three years have not necessarily changed our design approach. We’ve always strived to design homes that provide sanctuary and sanity from a busy and frenetic world. We aim to create uplifting yet intimate homes and provide the user with a sense of warmth and well-being.

We’re always designing our homes in a way that encourages the user to connect with the landscape, be it large or small. We believe a connection with the outside is imperative to good health, and the ability to observe the changing seasons, the sun, the moon, the heat and the cold is what makes us feel alive; it’s a principle we incorporate into every Robson Rak home.

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