John Bastiras Design Studio’s Melbourne-Made Furniture

Sussex Street Apartment by Mim Design and Powell & Glenn

From an early age, John Bastiras says he always had an affinity for furniture design. “As a child, watching my brother, now an architect, build scaled models of buildings certainly has left a mark on me – he is the catalyst for my pursuit in design,” John says. Launching his design career in his early twenties with a business collecting and restoring mid-century Scandinavian furniture, to say John Bastiras has dedicated his life to the craft of furniture is an understatement. It wasn’t until 2019 however, that John decided to launch his own range.

The JB.DS Myron Dining Table was first produced for a client who had engaged Melbourne architects Powell & Glenn to design their own home. After walking through their home, John says the minimal and peaceful palette led him to design something simple that sat well within the space. “The oval-shaped top allowed for easier flow around the space and the curved leg detail offered both softness in aesthetic and stiffness in structure,” John says. “Its curves reminded me of one of my favourite architects’ work, Myron Goldfinger, who designed beautiful sculptural homes on the outskirts of New York throughout the 1960s and 70s,” he adds.

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