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Kitchen materiality is fundamental in every Studio Esteta project. “Longevity, functionality, and practicality are key considerations, particularly for our kitchen designs,” Sarah says. “As the ‘heart of the home’, it needs to operate seamlessly and last the test of time.” The Mornington Peninsula and Portsea projects feature stone benchtops and timber cabinetry, which Felicity puts down to their gravitation towards an honest material palette of natural materials that layer texture. “Natural stones (including marble and granite) add uniqueness and character,” Felicity says. “Timber creates warmth, and brick or tiles further accentuates a more textural approach.” Felicity explains natural stones can be more porous compared with reconstituted options, so the duo always ensure the final specification is made in consultation with their client – and the product is sealed appropriately. 

Sarah says Blum is their go-to for kitchen organisation and operation. “With such a wide range of high-quality fittings and organisation systems, we can maximise kitchen functionality and operation,” Sarah says. “The quality of fittings and array of design possibilities delivers confidence each kitchen will withstand the test of time – and high volume usage.”

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