Kitchen Closeup | Bell Street Bluestone by Robert Nichol & Sons

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This bluestone building in Melbourne’s inner suburb of Fitzroy had lived many lives before Robert Nichol & Son’s intervention; first, as a school building in the 1850s, followed by a home in the late 1880s and finally a bed and breakfast in the 1970s. The Melbourne architects were initially engaged to oversee the bathroom renovations in early 2014, which evolved into a small extension in 2016 and the last piece of the puzzle; a new kitchen in 2020.

Director David Nicholson reflects on the result as a ‘seven-year love affair’. “We strive for timelessness in our designs, so a project spanning over seven years certainly challenged us,” David says. The challenge was well worth it; the striking tonal kitchen recently received the ‘Best of the Best’ Award in the Gaggenau Kitchen of the Year Design Contest for 2021

We take a closer look at some of the clever design details –  both hidden and visible – in this kitchen, learning how the Robert Nichol & Sons team mediated old and new and how the primary material of bluestone informed the ‘interesting but controlled’ colour palette.

Produced in partnership with Gaggenau

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