Kolon Loft by Norm Architects | Global Architecture

est living norm architects kolon loft 1 750x540

Founded by Frits Jensen, who began inventing hinge systems, Danish cabinet makers Kolon have been creating cabinetry since 1972. The family-owned company’s work is often recognised by the signature Kolon hinge that features two exposed dots. In the bathroom, Kolon crafted a walnut cabinet that envelopes striking marble sourced from Borderstone and brass fittings from German designer DornbrachtExpressive stone counterbalances the softness of linen and leather in the bedroom, where artisanal details such as the Kolon wardrobes and window seat with drawers reflect the bathroom cabinetry. 

The collaboration between Kolon and Norm Architects also reveals itself in the study, through the recessed shelving and custom desk. “When recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, that’s when everything comes together to form a balanced space; when design mirrors the architecture and vice-versa,” Jonas explains. 

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