London Home by Nathalie Deboel

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Nathalie describes the dining room as “cosy and relaxed”, with a mix of vintage, built-in and custom-designed furniture, including the Line table designed by Nathalie. “In our designs, we strive to create a natural flow between the different rooms,” Nathalie says. “Because the kitchen and dining area are removed from the living room, it was important for us to create a clear communication between these two levels.”

The custom travertine-clad bar on the first floor in the living space acts as an extension of the dining space in the level below, offering a secondary, more formal area for the family to have small bites to eat and drink. This bar opens up onto a private terrace at the back of the home, while the other end of the living room faces the charming streetscape. “We love that both levels can be used in different ways, depending on the mood or the season,” Nathalie adds.

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