my scandinavian home: A Swedish Apartment with a Great IKEA Hack

my scandinavian home: A Swedish Apartment with a Great IKEA Hack

Today I’m taking you on a journey to an apartment dating back to 1900 in the boho district of Södermalm, Stockholm. What caught my eye about this wonderful Swedish space (apartment from the sky-high ceiling and big windows, of course) is a great IKEA hack, the choice of colours – and a cosy, small master bedroom – as well as various other factors! Ready to take a closer look? 

I love the placement of the dining table by the window. In a capital city outdoor space is limited if not non-existent – and I am already imagining the windows thrown open in summertime, giving the illusion of dining alfresco. And in winter, any tasks at the table can be carried out under the natural daylight. Perfect! 

THIS is the IKEA hack I was talking about. I have done exactly the same thing in Liv’s bedroom. The IVAR cabinets are from IKEA and have been painted to match the wall and then wall-mounted. So simple and yet so lovely – plus they’re nice and narrow so can fit just about any space. 

I love the print too – anyone have any idea who it’s by / where it’s from? 

A cosy sitting room area has been created further from the window. Notice how the gallery wall helps to create a separate zone. 

The master bedroom may be small – but it’s also very cosy. I love how the windowsill doubles up as a bedside table on the far side and the pink hue helps to add a soft, romantic touch. 

A lovely space!

Oh, and it’s currently for sale…. just saying! 

Is there anything that stands out to you about this home? Could you imagine going pink in your bedroom? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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