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Our lighting range and electricity range are both informed by my past as a maker of custom motorcycles and how you make parts for those. They blend function and form in perfect balance. If you take one of our dimmer switches, the beauty comes from the cross-knurl, but it also speaks visually about the function. The knurling, a signature of Buster + Punch from the beginning, can be found on all of our designs involving physical interaction.

Our Caged lighting, for example, reflects the idea that lighting is art and a way of framing within a space. There needs to be a sense of drama that pulls the eye from the design itself but architecturally, I use light to emphasise parts of an interior. We’ve gone a long way from one big light that dominates a space and makes huge shadows everywhere. Our lighting is an extension of our hardware and detailing in this sense; it helps to set the tone for everything else in a home.

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