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Your house and incredible seven acres of gardens seem to meld seamlessly together ‘as one’. How does this influence your creativity?

Richard Christiansen: It sounds cheesy, but I think Mother Nature is the greatest creative teacher. My office, which opens up to the garden, is where I work all day long for both of my businesses. Quite selfishly, the different structures at Flamingo Estate were built to work in the garden and work in nature. I’ve often said that the most beautiful room in the house is the garden, influencing colour, texture and form.

More recently, now that the house has become a brand under Flamingo Estate, we started thinking about how nature can be your best friend, therapist, and biggest inspiration. We began making shampoos and body washes because all of the water from the house runs into the garden and other products started to turn my roses brown. So we just started making products that could run directly into the garden, and that led to tinctures for jet lag and lotions for sleep and calm. We wanted to harness all the things we were growing and think about how we could use them on our skin or in our hair – in different ways to make ourselves feel better and find pleasure.

We have been in business for a year and have sold so many products from the garden. I’m continually shocked at how many people have responded to it – and very grateful. It was very much an honest, generous act of wanting to open up my kitchen and bathroom to everyone. The garden pumps on all cylinders; it’s a happy garden.

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