Product Pick of the Week

Product Pick of the Week

Bruges Brass Candlesticks from Shoppe

There is true power in the small details that adorn a space. From decor to hardware to lighting and more…the smallest design elements can genuinely elevate any room. If you follow Amber on INSTAGRAM, you know that she prioritizes the incorporation of varying textures, materials, and tones within her designs to create spaces that feel lived in. An easy and perfect place to start accomplishing this is through those small design details.

This week’s Product Pick of the Week is one of Shoppe’s newest arrivals: the Bruges Brass Candlesticks. A cast of metal with a fluted taper holder and wide bottom plate, these slim-taper holders are beautiful as a single or group accent. With a vintage feel, these candlesticks are an easy and chic way to add depth and interest to a room. Place in a group on your mantle, dining or coffee table, bookshelf, or nightstand. Pair with the Rope Taper Candlesticks from Shoppe to complete the look!


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