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St Huberts by Robson Rak

St Kilda Hill was first established by the wealthy elite in the late 1880s. Elegant Victorian mansions, surrounded by humble homes for the staff required to maintain life’s daily rhythms, were built to echo England’s distant parlour rooms and gilded etiquette. Today, this stately ambience still resonates from one such grand residence, St Huberts.

In the 1910s, the grand residence was reconfigured as four apartments. External staircases and a haphazard collection of porches, balconies, and terraces were added, lending the home an eclecticism reflective of the locale’s growing identity as a bohemian artists haven.

In 2017 St Huberts was purchased by a local family who engaged Robson Rak to renovate what would become their forever home. Through a sensitive process balancing respectful restoration of the home’s period features with the integration of design and technology to ensure the home’s longevity, St Huberts has embraced a return to its identity as a charming single-family home.

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