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Kitchen Closeup | Aggregate House by Edwina Glenn

To understand the Aggregate House by Edwina Glenn, you need to start from the ground up. More specifically, the striking Palladiana floor where marble and terrazzo have been laid through an ancient Roman technique. And while an incredibly time-consuming process in collaboration with the client and builder, the client’s two young children were invited to lay down small aggregate pieces before the pour – inscribing their personal history into the home. 

The floor captures Edwina Glenn’s approach to the Aggregate House; bespoke, intuitive and playful. While the home’s formal zones had seen intervention by interior designer David Hicks some time ago, Edwina Glenn was asked to now bring the extension into a new era. Calling on the late-70s when the home was originally built, Edwina’s response embraces the established tropical garden, creating a naturally-lit family zone with “state of the art appliances” and “varied dining experiences”. 

We speak with Edwina Glenn on how her interiors capture the renewed spirit of the home and how she catered to the kitchen’s different requirements – including just the right tools for entertaining. 

Produced in partnership with Sub Zero & Wolf

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