A Small(ish) Relaxed Boho Swedish Home Full of Soul

A Small(ish) Relaxed Boho Swedish Home Full of Soul

'Lived in', 'homely', 'real' - these are just some of the words used to describe the homes I am getting  requests for via e-mail. Well friends, I've got good news - this one fits the bill perfectly! Located in Gamla Enskede in Greater Stockholm,  this cosy Swedish home measures a rather small 58 m2  / 624 sq ft, but rather than whittling away possessions, the owners have made really clever use of space to ensure everything has a place! 

Laid out over two floors which are connected by a magnificent Packhus spiral staircase, every spare inch of the maisonette has been put to use. Keep an eye out for bespoke custom-built furniture and open and closed storage - which provides a home for books, LPs, clothing and as well as other items, while a fine art collection fills every inch of wall. I also love the use of colour - including muted, earthy tones and a dramatic black floor ensuring a relaxed, warm and inviting home that's full of soul. 

Ready to take a look? 

The staircase doubles up as a library - which is ideal as it makes the most of a large wall space while keeping all the books in reach. 

A home workspace has been carved out in a small spot on the landing. 

A recess under the sloped ceiling serves as a bedside table, while bespoke storage on the opposite side of the room creates space for clothes. 

Note that while 58 m2 sounds small, in Sweden they do not count any floor space that has a ceiling height of less than 190 cm / 6ft2 or any areas that can't be accessed from inside. It's a little more complicated than this, but this is the basic gist! 

Why shouldn't you be able to have a bath in a small bathroom? I love that there's a little place to soak with a glass of wine under candlelight, at the end of a long day!

Such a cosy space! I'm sure there will be some of you who'll think this lovely space is spot on. And others who prefer a more minimalist aesthetic. Either way, I'm sure we can all agree it has a wonderful lived-in vibe! 

Would you like to see a few more relaxed homes today? Put your feet up and have a scroll through these beauties: 

Har det så bra! 


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A Boho, Warm and inviting Home in Södermalm, Stockholm

A Boho, Warm and inviting Home in Södermalm, Stockholm

Who lives here do you think? Looking at the pictures of this charming apartment in the boho district of Södermalm, Stockholm, I can't help think it belongs to a creative of some sort - potentially working in the field of music. Right or wrong, the lovely living space might be on the small size (it's 40 metre square / 430 feet square) - but the clever lay out makes it a perfect home for a single person, couple or small family. And it oozes charm!  Keep a look out for the eclectic blend of furniture, walls painted in a rich patina, and the way they've worked with the original kitchen to create a cosy, warm and inviting space. I could totally imagine rocking around here after work, how about you? Just add music! 

A perfect example of how an old kitchen can be revamped without ripping out all the units and starting all over again (which can be eye-wateringly expensive). 

Exposed beams add to the charm of the space. 

A mezzanine floor over the living room provides space for a separate master bedroom (the high ceilings have certainly help facilitate this!). 

How lovely! I find this relaxed, bohemian style so inspiring, do you? 

A quick translation / Swedish lesson from the floor plan: 

I've found Swedish to be a very sensitive language. Speaking from experience, if you get the pronunciation ever so slightly wrong a Swede will likely not understand what you're saying (it could also be that my pronounciation is horrible!). All-in-all, it makes it a little tricky to learn. 

Do you speak a second language? Or perhaps a third, fourth or fifth like my linguistically skilled older sister? I'd love to hear about your experiences! 

And for more boho spaces today, check out these: 

There are plenty more lovely homes to feel inspired by in the bohemian archive too! 


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coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage3

A dreamy coastal boho kitchen before and after kitchen transformation

When we first saw this kitchen transformation, we couldn’t believe it was the same space! Today we’re exploring this bright and airy coastal boho kitchen that dreams are made of — and see the massive difference a renovation can make.

Come with us as we take a tour and chat with the mastermind behind this kitchen, Stephanie Varacalli from @thevaratribe on Instagram, to learn all about what goes into such a massive transformation.

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coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage3

Home to a family of four, this 90’s home was in desperate need of facelift, but the kitchen renovation took some time.

“Before we moved in around 10 years ago, we did a partial renovation as the house was really outdated. With ugly carpets in the living areas and pink walls with green blinds, we gave the home a facelift. New tiles, fresh paint and we even knocked down walls.

“Although the kitchen didn’t match the new renovation at the time it was still functional. We just left it but knew sometime in the future we would need to renovate for resale purposes. In 2020, after 10 years and 2 kids, the kitchen was falling apart and we finally took the leap.”

coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage1
coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage6

The stunning before and after makeover left this kitchen bright and welcoming, and it took a surprisingly short time to get there.

“My brother is a cabinet maker, so the process was a little different for us. We told him our plans, wants and desires and he measured up the kitchen. We also knew we needed to knock the wall in-between the kitchen and dining room down to make it one big open plan area.

“Our dream kitchen was then drawn up. We chose and ordered our new appliances and fixtures. My brother and husband demolished the old kitchen, laid down our new flooring and installed the cabinets along with the new stone bench.

“We didn’t plan on having to lay new floors. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the floating floors but now I’m totally in love. Eventually we’ll lay the entire house with new flooring to match.

“Within three weeks the kitchen was delivered. It was a tough few weeks without a kitchen right before Christmas.”

coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage8
coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage5

What sparked our attention was the light and inviting feel of the kitchen, designed with future in mind.

“Honestly, my inspiration for this kitchen renovation was for resale purposes. We wanted something neutral with a colour scheme that wouldn’t date. I love white, which is why we went for a coastal boho vibe with our accessories.

“I did have a few must haves. We needed lots of drawers, including a bin drawer. The island bench top was at the top of my list.

“Although we had a tight budget, we splurged on our stone bench top, soft close and cabinet drawers. Later we pulled back and saved on our splash back. We just got the subway tiles from Bunnings.

“Next up, we plan on renovating the bathrooms and laundry. We will most likely buy the materials to do it ourselves to save costs. I must admit I’m lucky my husband is a real handy man.”

Kitchen — Brilliant Kitchens 
Tap — Yabby
Light fixtures and rattan stools — Bunnings

Thank you Stephanie for showing us around this stunning kitchen makeover. To see more from Stephanie, you can follow her and all her future projects on her Instagram.

Do you feel inspired after seeing this coastal boho kitchen? Are you ready to start renovating? Can you believe the difference in the before and afters? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

More home tours here

coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage4
coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage2
coastal boho kitchen _AfterImage7

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Tina's Relaxed, Boho Home Full of Plants & Cats!

Tina’s Relaxed, Boho Home Full of Plants & Cats!

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend! Love plants and cats? Or simply a relaxed look? If so, Tina's lovely home is for you!  I think the above picture sums up the look and feel of her Berlin prrrrrfectly. But do continue with the tour - there are lots of fun ideas to feel inspired by. Here's Tina to tell us all more about it! 

"I have lived in this wonderful apartment in the Köpenick district of Berlin since March.  It's one of my favourite parts of Berlin as it's where the water meets the forest. My apartment is 56 sqm and I live here with my two cats Eddie and Valenzia". 

"I became interested in interior design when I was eleven years old. My mother was always telling me to clean up my room and I found it so boring. Instead, I rearranged and decorated it! My passion grew over the years and I started to share my living space on Instagram (@tinalebat). Besides interior design, I also love to write. I write about interior design, minimalist details and also about my fears and experiences and share them with my community."

"I love the charm that old apartments exude. The walls carry a history and I, happy to be a part of it. I think it was built in around 1910." 

"It's really important to me that my home feels cosy and not too 'forced'. Plants give me strength and the care they require grounds me. I love to sit with my cats on the sofa and think about life while Lorde plays on my record player. For me, decoration is much more than just products, it reflects us and excites me when I see other people's homes."

Thank you so much for sharing your home with us Tina.

I especially love the way the climbing plants have been splayed across the walls like art - and of course, the cat steps / sling. Lucky Eddie and Valenzia! 

Is there anything that stands out to you in particular? 

If you love this look and feel, check out the plant archive (there are some amazing yours in there) as well as the boho style archive. Two of my favourites! 

Oh, and remember this cat walkway in that home the other week? 

Have a great start to the week! 


PS I'll be back blogging daily again, except Fridays (four days a week). Looking forward to stopping by tomorrow when I'll hopefully be showing you my bedroom update! 

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