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Campbell Parade Apartment by Akin Atelier

The original, disconnected 1930s layout was completely turned on its head as Akin Atelier removed internal walls and designed a new ‘pinwheel’ layout off the kitchen. The new ‘pinwheel’ layout reconnects the living areas and opens the home to the surrounding 180-degree view of Bondi Beach, dousing them in light. Mirrored splashbacks extend the views and access to natural light in the kitchen, creating a sense of spaciousness. 

The home expresses a lived-in atmosphere through materials and finishes, creating a cohesive theme through the small footprint. Hand-trowelled micro-cement features in the architecturally-designed fireplace with plinth and kitchen rangehood, accentuating the curved forms. Designed with a single flooring, the large-tiled limestone is intended to create a feeling of being outside while still in an apartment. The lounge room softens the hard limestone floors with soft natural fibres such as wool and linen.

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