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Rethinking Custom Joinery with CJH Studio

Joinery that’s both experimental and exacting is the hallmark of CJH Studio’s exploration of Laminex Woodgrain. Across four key spaces – the bathroom and laundry, kitchen, living room and wardrobe – CJH Studio have ascertained how the material can be moulded, mixed and layered to meet everyday needs. At the same time, through a high-end approach, CJH Studio have challenged what multi-functional design looks like in the home. 

Together, the living room and wardrobe are a case study in being creative with storage – with CJH Studio’s director Cassie James-Herrick envisioning a design response that’s tailored and practical, and designed to last. We spoke to Cassie about how the living room sees a Danish influence surface through the design details and how the living room and wardrobe flip a conventional approach to storage on its head. 

Produced in partnership with Laminex. Explore more of CJH Studio’s Laminex Woodgrain collaboration here

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Exploring Woodgrain in the Kitchen with CJH Studio

Just like the bathroom and European laundry, Cassie and stylist Bek Sheppard worked to include Australian-only fixtures, lighting and accessories. A Phoenix Tapware Vivid Slimline mixer, Volker Haug wall light, and MUD ceramics are part of their considered curation. “Although a difficult self-set task, it was really exciting to see so many beautiful Australian pieces aid the designs and be supported within this campaign,” Cassie says.

CJH Studio’s kitchen collaboration with Laminex sees an experimental dedication to the application of woodgrain that’s intuitive to how we use this space. The design studio have put a spotlight on the material’s capabilities through their highly-considered approach, in a way that has us rethinking woodgrain’s place in the kitchen palette. 

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Curve Appeal | Bathroom Design with CJH Studio

Smooth curves are the red thread through the bathroom and laundry space, as seen in the Laminex Milkwood and Laminex French Cream tall cabinetry forms, edging and shelving, underscored by the raw Travertine tiles. The curvaceous motif offers insight into construction techniques possible with laminate – post-forming and cold-forming – and highlights the woodgrain’s consistent direction. “The curves allow a sense of shadowplay, defining the woodgrain texture and creating strong, seamless junctions with the product,” Cassie adds.

The Outcome

For Cassie, the bathroom space is a case study in challenging our perception of laminate in achieving a high-end, hyper-detailed outcome. “It’s about considering it in a new way, pushing and understanding the material,” Cassie reflects, “you need to think outside the square with what’s possible with the products.”

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House Fin by CJH Studio | Australian Interiors

The materials, joinery, fixtures and fittings work cohesively to temper ornate design accents throughout, many of which are from Linear Standard, a range of architectural fixtures, fittings and products curated by CJH Studio’s director Cassie James-Herrick. The studio sourced furniture, lighting and artwork from an antipodean collection of global creatives, lending a worldly sophistication through pieces that perfectly conform to the spatial and sensorial qualities of the home.

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