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Rethinking Custom Joinery with CJH Studio

Joinery that’s both experimental and exacting is the hallmark of CJH Studio’s exploration of Laminex Woodgrain. Across four key spaces – the bathroom and laundry, kitchen, living room and wardrobe – CJH Studio have ascertained how the material can be moulded, mixed and layered to meet everyday needs. At the same time, through a high-end approach, CJH Studio have challenged what multi-functional design looks like in the home. 

Together, the living room and wardrobe are a case study in being creative with storage – with CJH Studio’s director Cassie James-Herrick envisioning a design response that’s tailored and practical, and designed to last. We spoke to Cassie about how the living room sees a Danish influence surface through the design details and how the living room and wardrobe flip a conventional approach to storage on its head. 

Produced in partnership with Laminex. Explore more of CJH Studio’s Laminex Woodgrain collaboration here

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Designer Focus | Custom Kitchens with Piet Boon | Style

The Family Kitchen

The FRAME Kitchen is characterised by the pronounced mouldings in the bespoke cabinetry, lending itself to a contemporary-classic aesthetic complete with a traditional glass display cabinet, butler’s pantry and laundry room.

Piet Boon selected floorboards, oak cabinetry and heat-resistant Caesarstone benchtops to create a harmonious palette and spacious kitchen area. At the same time, the integrated bench seat allows a family to cook and eat together in the same setting.

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