Mirror above bedside

Ideas to decorate the space above your bed

When you guys write in with requests for styling help, we answer the call! And recently a reader asked for ideas on how to style the blank wall above her bedhead. There are so many fun ways you can add interest to this area of your bedroom to suit your interior style.

Keep scrolling for our favourite ideas for styling above a bed that are easy to achieve and give your bedroom a personalised feel.

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hristie’s big girl room by Wool and Willow

Three Birds_House14_wavy rattan bedhead
Beautiful bedroom styling by Three Birds Renovations


Naturally, artwork is one of the first styling ideas that comes to mind. And there are so many ways you can incorporate artwork onto the wall of your bedhead. So consider the height of your bedhead (if you have one) and then determine what size artwork will suit the space best.

The most popular ways to hang bedroom art are:

  • one large artwork centred above the bedhead (pictured below)
  • two medium artworks nestled side-by-side above the bedhead
  • one medium artwork above a bedside table
  • one small or medium artwork off centred above the bed (pictured above)
  • gallery wall above the bed (pictured below).

Phew, as you can see there’s so much scope to incorporate art in your bedroom. Plus, there are so many types of art to choose from, including oversized photography prints, abstract canvas, sculptural pieces or textiles that can be the focal point of the room.

FREE 'Poppies in Bloom' artwork _ bed landscape
One hero artwork above the bed is a popular solution. Get your FREE copy of our poppy artwork when you subscribe to Style Curator

Wall shelf

Another popular idea is to install a wall shelf or two. These can be used to hold anything from indoor plants to artwork. Best of all, they make it so easily to constantly switch up the look of your bedroom. So if you’re the type of person who can tire from things quickly, installing a wall shelf above your bed may be the flexible solution you’ve been looking for.

Bread bin turned bedside table
Love this small wall shelf above the bedside table by @extra.ordinary.home
Guest bedroom
The guys at @hausofcruze installed two wall shelves in their guest bedroom, perfect for artwork, plants and candles


Mirrors are a great way to make a space feel bigger as it bounces light around the room. You could hang a large mirror centrally above the bed, similar to the wicker mirror we used on the shelf in our coastal bedroom below. Or use 2 or 3 rectangular mirrors centred above the bed or one mirror above each bedside. With the range of shapes on the market now, including oblong, round, rectangular and arch, you can find one to suit your space.

Mirror above bedside
Courtney from Tuft and Trim used a Moroccan style mirror above each of her bedside tables
Coastal bedroom portrait
Our take on coastal styling featuring a wicker Adairs mirror above the bed


From neutral textured wallpaper to bold and colourful prints, there are so many fabulous wallpapers to choose from! These can add texture and colour to your bedroom. Best of all, you can also find removable wallpaper. So if you’re nervous about making a big decision or you’re renting, it’s good to know there’s a non-permanent option!

Tips to selecting the right wallpaper for your bedroom:

  • consider if you want the wallpaper to be a major feature or a neutral backdrop for the other furnishings in the room to shine
  • for bolder looks, a good tip is to find a pattern with some sort of meaning so you won’t tire of it quickly. It means you’ll have a connection to the wallpaper beyond current trends
  • larger prints are surprisingly more restful than smaller prints, which can become quite busy once applied to a whole wall
  • for neutural looks, opt for texture over prints. For example seagrass is available in many colours and is a popular choice for bedrooms.

There are fabulous artists producing wallpapers now, too. One of our favourites is These Walls by Sara Hingle who was one of the first artists we featured on SC. She hand illustrates all of her wallpapers and they just keep getting better and better! And recently, Gina used removable wallpaper from Boho Art & Styling in her son’s bedroom.

Sophisticated bedroom with mood lighting and skylights
Mitch and Mark’s bedroom from The Block | See all the bedroom reveals

Decorative wall panelling

Decorative wall panelling is having a real moment in design and we’re here for it! Cove, scalloped, linear… there are so many options available. We won’t lie, this is the most expensive option in the list but wouldn’t you agree it’s so worth it?! If a full-height wall is out of budget, this can also look fabulous on the face of a built out wall ledge which provides another styling opportunity.

Sage green fluted feature wall
Full wall of decorative wall panelling in the master bedroom of Ronnie and Georgia on The Block | See all the bedroom reveals
Olive green bedding in young girls bedroom styling above a bed
Half height shelf wall using decorative panel by Wool and Willow | Take a tour of this room

What are you thoughts on our top tips for styling above a bed? Do you have an above bed styling nightmare? Or do you have a styling challenge of your own we could answer? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Get more bedroom styling inspo here

This article was first published in June 2018 and has been updated with new ideas and images

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Sustainable home decorating ideas green dining setting

How to decorate your home sustainably

Supported by B2C Furniture

We love switching things up around the home as much as the next person. But continually following trends or buying new furniture and décor comes with an environmental cost. So recently we’ve been looking for sustainable and eco-friendly ways to decorate the home.

Here are 8 ideas to decorate your home sustainably — no matter your budget or interior style!

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How to decorate your home sustainably
One of the top ways to decorate your home sustainably is to invest in furniture that will last, like this divine B2C Furniture sofa

1. Take time to identify your personal style

Too often, the need to replace or buy new is because we’ve rushed a purchase that isn’t quite right.

Some reasons we need to replace furniture or décor include:

  • it doesn’t fit your space… literally!
  • the colours or patterns don’t suit your other furnishings
  • it seemed like a bargain but the quality was low.

The best way to avoid these issues is to have a plan before hitting the shops. We always suggest taking the time to develop a mood board so you can hone in on your personal style. And if you plan on buying furniture, it also pays to measure up your room (taking note of doorways and windows).

Many of us are happy to spend a bit extra on a piece we KNOW will be perfect. So take a little time to plan ahead and you’ll avoid costly mistakes.

2. Invest in long-lasting design

Let’s say bye-bye to the fast furniture trend, shall we?! There’s no joy in furnishing our homes in sub-standard items that only last a season or two before ending up in landfill.

Instead, let’s embrace pieces that are made to last. Not only do higher quality items elevate the look and feel of our home, it saves so much unnecessary waste.

Before you think made to last means spending a fortune, let us introduce you to B2C Furniture. With a motto ‘Furniture shouldn’t cost the earth, nor should it cost the earth its survival’, they’re on a mission to give consumers sustainable choices. Their range of premium quality furniture is made from sustainably sourced hardwood — not inferior chipboard. That means it has a long lifespan and can be repurposed once its time as a bed, coffee table or chair has come to an end.

There’s a growing range of sustainable furniture and home décor businesses entering the market. So no matter what you need to buy, you should be able to find lower impact options that can fit your style and budget.

Hardwood bedroom furniture setting
The Rome queen bed from B2C Furniture is one of our fave pieces

3. Repair or repurpose

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to buy new at all. With some imagination objects can often be repaired or repurposed.

For example, rather than replacing a worn-out armchair, it may be possible to reupholster it. Or rather than getting rid of a chipped vase, it could be given a new look. The trash to terracotta trend is an excellent way to give dated décor a new lease on life.

Trash to terracotta
Trash to terracotta is an upcycle movement turning old decor into on-trend clay look pieces. Image via Collective Gen

4. Buy vintage or second hand

Similarly, when shopping for your home, it’s worth looking at second hand options including:

  • vintage and antique stores
  • op-shops and second-hand stores
  • Facebook marketplace and Gumtree.

Not only can buying second hand save you money, it reduces the need to produce more. Sure, it can be like a treasure hunt trying to find the right pieces but it can also be exciting and fun.

5. Pause before you purchase

Of course, one of the most sustainable ways we can decorate our home is to reduce our consumption. An extra cushion or three here, and new vase or two there, all adds up. This is particularly true for cheaper items which can be so easy to add to cart.

Taking a moment to ask yourself:

  • do you already have something similar?
  • do you love it or are you just buying it because it’s cheap?
  • does it have a spot in the home or will it end up as additional clutter in a cupboard?

We’re all for buying a few key pieces to refresh rooms in the home. And by asking yourself these questions, you’ll purchase things that are both useful and beautiful.

Mid-century sustainable sofa
This B2C Furniture sofa is engineered with no-slump spring technology and made from eco-friendly fabric

6. Select sustainable materials

As well as buying items made to last, we can reduce our environmental impact by selecting sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials include:

  • FSC certified timber
  • bamboo
  • cork
  • recycled plastic, such as chairs made of recycled plastic bottles
  • recycled fabric
  • ethically sourced wool.
Ethically sourced wool rug
We love this soft and luxurious hall runner made from 100% ethically sourced natural wool from B2C Furniture

7. Look for multi-functional pieces

Our lifestyles change over time, and with it so do our needs. One way to avoid constantly replacing our furniture is to look for multi-functional pieces that can adapt with our changing needs.

Think modular sofas that can be easily reconfigured, expandable dining tables, side tables that can also work as stools and so on. The most popular multifunctional pieces from B2C Furniture are their range of bunk beds. Smart on space when they are assembled as a bunk bed… but cleverly can become two separate beds as well. So when the kids grow out of having a shared bedroom or having regular sleep overs, the beds can be separated. Genius, right?!

By thinking ahead — and a little out of the box — you can invest in furniture and other items for the home that will last long-term.

Best selling B2C Furniture bunk beds
Best selling B2C Furniture bunk beds

8. Donate, recycle, sell or swap unwanted items

Many of us are in the habit of donating good quality items to charity. But what about things that are damaged or soiled? Rather than sending them to landfill, there may be other ways to recycle them. For example, unusable textiles may be donated to a local animal shelter to be used for animal welfare. Or Upparel is an amazing business that will pay you to collect unwanted textiles that they’ll use to create new products.

Every city has different initiatives for recycling, reusing or disposing of items safely. You may like to check out Recyclopaedia for helpful recycling information.

Has this article on how to decorate your home sustainably given you some ideas on how you could style your home? If you have any more ideas to add, we’d love you to join the conversation in the comment section below.

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A bookshelf is an excellent way to add personality when decorate your small rental apartment

Decorate your small rental apartment so it feels like home

Supported by Rentola

We believe everyone should be able to create a home they love — whether you own the property or not! Decorating a rental home can be challenging and when you add limited space into the mix, it becomes even more tricky. But not impossible! Keep on reading for our 4 top tips to decorate your small rental apartment so it feels cosy and inviting.

Of course, it helps to have a great base to work with and that means searching through all the houses for rent to find the best apartment for your needs. If you’re looking for a new residence, Rentola is a fab rental property search engine that can help you find your dream abode. It has thousands of property listings around the world to choose from and you can easily search by location, type or price bracket.

Right now let’s dive into the best ways to decorate your small rental apartment!

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Teal bed with colourful throw by Sarah Leslie
Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you need to restrain your individual style. Have fun with furniture, textiles and decor to create a space that feels like home. Image by artist Sarah Leslie

1. Develop your signature style

Too often when renting, we have a mishmash of furniture and decor that we’ve collected along the way or has been gifted to us. While we’re all for creating spaces with personality… this type of home decorating approach can simply lead to a jumbled mess.

It’s time to create an interior style that inspires you. Think about how you want to feel in your home and begin developing a style that achieves that. A mood board is a great way to pull your ideas together and we’ve got tips on how to create a mood board here.

Developing a new interior decorating scheme doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune or replace everything at once. Sometimes just adding a few new accent pieces can set the tone. And remember less is often more so a great starting point is to simply edit what you already have.

Avalon seating and mirror
Boho or mid-century, eclectic or contemporary, identify your style and find a few key pieces to express it. Image of Avalon Abode, take the tour here

2. Add some artworks

We know, we know… there’s a lot of fear when renting around not wanting to damage the property and lose your bond! But some landlords will give you permission to add a few hooks so you can display your art. Or you could consider using removable adhesive wall hooks for lighter artworks as these have come a long way in recent years.

Also remember, artwork doesn’t have to be hung on walls. You can lean artwork, for example on top of a sideboard or in a bookshelf.

However you do it, adding artworks to your rental apartment will go a long way to make the space feel like home. Art is a form of self expression and will help establish your signature style that we just talked about. You can also use art strategically to steer attention away from a feature of your apartment you don’t like but cannot change. Or hung in the right way, art can also make a room feel larger, brighter or happier.

A bookshelf is an excellent way to add personality when decorate your small rental apartment
This bookshelf styling is a great example of how you can add artwork to a rental property without risk of damaging walls. Image via @white.grey.all.day

3. Embrace living elements

Cut flowers, indoor plants and other living things add… well… liveliness to your home.

There’s plenty of research that supports the link between plants and health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and boosting mood. In fact, biophilic design is a growing design “practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities” [Living Future Institute]. So why not go big with indoor plants? Think plants in pots, in pot plant stands and hanging pots to turn your rental apartment into a plant-filled oasis.

If you’re more of a flower lover, create atmosphere in your home with fresh cut flowers. Use them in a stand alone vase or create a styled vignette on a surface area, such as your dining table or bedside table. Get the most out of your flowers with these tips to extend the life of your cut flowers.

Use flowers to decorate your small rental apartment
Fresh flowers are an easy way to add intense beauty and liveliness to your rental apartment

4. Fix bad lighting

Hands down the most overlooked aspect of design is lighting yet it can have such a big impact on the mood of your home. If your rental apartment only has downlights from the ceiling, consider adding different types of lighting.

The three main types of lighting are ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the general lighting of a room — usually downlights. Task lighting is lighting that’s specifically placed to help you perform tasks, such as hanging pendant lights over a kitchen bench or wall lights next to your bathroom mirror. Accent lighting is that final layer to draw attention and enhance your space, such as illuminating artwork.

Before you think you need to call in an electrician to make costly changes, let us say one word — lamps! With the right table and floor lamps, you can do wonders to change the atmosphere of your apartment and provide much-needed lighting to perform tasks. Simply stringing up fairy lights on your balcony is an easy and low-cost form of accent lighting. And you can also find removable puck lights that can light up dark and difficult corners, such as in the pantry or wardrobe.

Have these home decorating tips to make your small rental apartment feel like home given you some new ideas? Or how do you like to personalise your rental home? Chat with us in the comments below.

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Boys bunk bedroom how to decorate a boy

Inspo alert: Ideas on how to decorate a boy’s bedroom

Boy’s bedrooms can be tricky. No one, especially a kid, wants a boring bedroom but go too heavy with a theme and risk them quickly outgrowing it. Fear not, we’ve got heaps of inspo with ideas on how to decorate a boy’s bedroom right here.

Check out this round up of some of our fave boy’s bedrooms that are sure to spark inspiration. Let’s get scrolling!

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Reach for the stars

If you’re starting with a blank canvas and have no idea how to decorate a boy’s bedroom, let this be your inspiration. Whitney from Creating Home With Whit took an average bedroom to the next level when she created this beautiful space for her son, Corbin.

Take the full tour of the room here.

Corbin's bedroom_full view

The classic (which is anything but boring)

As Gina’s eldest son Patrick grew, she knew his dinosaur bedroom needed to grow with him. She shows us how she created a classic bedroom he continues to love, with pops of colour, fun decor and a big boy desk thrown in as he approaches schooling age. Check it out here.

Patrick's room makeover

Jungle joy

Obsessed! That’s the word that springs to mind when we first saw this room The Designory created at The Bay Villa.

If you want to replicate everything in this space, you wouldn’t be the first. We saw Luke and Jasmin land in hot water on The Block when they took a little too much inspiration from the space 😉

Dalmatian print wallpaper in childrens bunk bed room


As your kids grow, their bedroom needs to move with them. We love how this twin tween room is versatile enough for them to spread out and hang with friends, but also practical enough to include desks, storage and a workspace. The peg board is a fab idea to create interest while still being practical and keeping things tidy.

FACT: Bunk beds make everything more fun

With olive green walls and an earthy palette, this boys’ bedroom ticks all the right boxes. Firstly, bunk beds. Enough said! Add to that the cool decor, like lighting bolt neon light, and reading nook and we’re sure any kid would love to call this space home.

We’re also big fans of the oversized pinboard and all the storage space squeezed into this room. Both of those could be fab DIY projects too 😉

Boys bunk bedroom how to decorate a boy's bedroom
Image via Willow Street Interiors + Design

Interstellar mission

This is a room that will stand the test of time. It’s fun enough for a little dude, but still mature enough to grow with your child into their teen years. We love the colours in the bedding and fun wall sconces. Check out the full room reveal from Daniel and Jade’s time on The Block.

The Block 2020_Week 5_Daniel and Jade_boy bedroom_main view

A cool rug solves (almost) everything

Ignoring the fact that this is a bed with wheels (so cool!!) this rug is everything! A funky rug can take a simple space to the next level. It’s one of our best tips on how to decorate a boy’s bedroom, adding a touch of whimsy and stacks of character.

Boho vibes

Aaaaand chill… is it just us, or does this room feel super relaxing!? The rattan bedside table and bed frame are so on trend, and the half-height wall panelling adds interest without dating the room.

The mix of warm-toned bedding brings a subtle pop of colour, and cute additions to the wall can be swapped out as your little man’s interests change and grow.

For all the little book worms

To encourage a love of books and reading, why not make them the hero of their bedroom? This fun bedroom uses 8 bookshelves stacked side-by-side in two rows to cover the width of the room and have all the little one’s favourite books within easy reach.

Colour me happy

We may not all have the space for epic built-in beds like these ones from Three Birds Renovations, but what we love about this teen boy’s bedroom is the coloured roof.

The rest of the room is simply decorated with beautiful cool whites, accents of wood and rattan. And instead of a feature wall, those clever Three Birds have done a feature roof and it just pops! What a feature!

Light up their world

It’s the little things that make all the difference when it comes to how to decorate a boys bedroom. This eclectic bedroom is a fun mix of clashing prints and colours, and a mix of new and old!

For the miniature world traveller

Inspire your young man to dream big and travel the world with inspiration from this fabulous boy’s bedroom set up. A giant map of the world adorns one entire wall, bringing fun and colour into the space. Your little one will be learning about all corners of the globe in no time!

Which was your fave set up? Has our gallery inspired you with ideas for how to decorate a boy’s bedroom? Tell us in the comment section below!

More kids inspo here

This article was first published in January 2021 and continues to be updated with the latest boys bedroom inspo.

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