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The esteemed 10 | Design Visionaries | International Designers

Your 2022 capsule collection: what products and materials do you have your eye on?

Throughout my career, I’ve been most interested in working with natural materials. There are some real innovations happening with wood right now especially that are very intriguing. And of course, I’ll continue using other materials like concrete, steel, glass, fabrics and leather,
always seeking to use them purposefully and in a way that takes full

advantage of their authentic, natural qualities.

When you walk into a space, what’s the first thing you always notice?

I notice my visceral, emotional, intuitive response to what that space feels like. That’s true whether the space is very large, very small, or anything in between. It’s an awareness of how the entire, 360- degree volume heightens your senses, what you can feel in the space even if you’re not looking at it.

What is sustainable design to you in 2022?

I often say architecture is the bridge connecting humans to their world. Sustainable design creates a rational response to something that is, as its basis, about consumption. It has to consider what exists already, what could be repurposed or rethought in a disciplined, efficient way. Designing sustainably means engaging a true, holistic understanding of all the implications of your decisions, not just going down a checklist.

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The esteemed 10 | Design Visionaries | Australian Designers

Your 2022 capsule collection: what products and materials do you have your eye on?

Firstly, the Pill lights from Draga & Aurel. They’re so, so fun! Secondly, the Pigreco chair by Tobia Scarpa reissued by Tacchini. Sculptural, elegant, classic. Thirdly, we’re really loving the custom colour program from Armadillo.

We’re into a terrazzo mix from Marble Bu?ro called Grotto terrazzo that really reminds me of days spent at the beach looking at beautiful pebbles in rockpools.

We’re exploring the use of cork at the moment and I’m excited to see how this neutral, tactile and sustainable material can add a layer of warmth to several of our commercial projects.

When you walk into a space, what’s the first thing you always notice?

Definitely the lighting. But subconsciously it’s the door handle you’ve just touched to enter the room that really sets the scene.

What does sustainable design mean to you in 2022?

To me, it’s about a sense of timelessness and striving to create spaces that will last. When we’re sourcing materials we look for products that have longevity but we also research how and where they are produced. We’ve also realised that sustainable design can also mean approaching projects with a sense of restraint and deciding not to re-design everything but instead making some considered, appropriate interventions to bring new life to a space.

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luxury bathroom

Holiday Inspiration from Designers Far and Wide, and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now

Monday Musings

luxury bathroom

Design: Tori Rubinson Interiors | Photo: Stephen Karlisch

In an effort to spread some internet love, I thought I’d share a few things that have caught my eye as of late… 
:: A holiday DIY  I’m dying to try
:: The best Holiday movies for young children 
:: For the little ones: homemade sugar cookie play doh
:: Incredible holiday inspiration from designers far & wide
:: The sweetest doll bed I picked up for Ivy’s Christmas gift
:: The most beautiful gift boxes for clients, friends, and loved ones
:: A new-to-me holiday cookie recipe that’s making my mouth water
:: A fond holiday tradition: homemade eggnog (you won’t go back to store bought)

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Hide rug

Are you making one of these rug mistakes? Top interior designers spill!

Looking at buying a rug soon? Then listen up to what these styling experts have to say about finding ‘the right’ rug for your space… or rather what not to do!

Here are the most common rug mistakes to avoid.

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Avoid a small rug

“I think the most common mistake I see people make when it comes to rugs, is buying the wrong size for a room. My theory is that it’s always better to go bigger!” explains Michelle Hart of Bask Interiors.

“A rug acts to ground and define a space, so going with a larger rug will act as an anchoring point for furniture to be placed on and around. A larger rug also makes a room feel more spacious whereas a small, undersized rug for the space will always sit awkwardly.”

Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors agrees. “So often people get the size wrong. Size matters almost as much as design. A postage-stamp rug in a small space will always look and feel ridiculous. The bigger the better, as the eye is drawn out to the perimeter so a large rug will always make the room feel bigger — even in a small apartment!”

Avoid focusing on looks alone

Nicole Rosenberg of Liberty Interiors also says a small rug is her absolute pet hate, closely followed by getting the wrong type. “I see a lot of people purchase the wrong type of rug without taking into consideration their lifestyle. Most people are drawn to the woven wool rugs, their beautiful texture plus the fact that they are soft underfoot makes them very appealing. However, they are not suitable for families with pets or small children as they can’t tolerate high levels of wear and tear without it being very noticeable!”

Editor Gina Ciancio agrees, having made this mistake herself. “Despite knowing a cream wool rug wasn’t a good choice with young children and a black dog, I convinced myself I could make it work. From Day 1, I was regretting my decision and after a few months, I had to find a more suitable rug. A short pile, darker coloured or patterned rug is a must for people with pets or young children.”

If you’re searching for a rug to sit under your dining table, Nicole Rosenberg stresses the importance of material. “Rugs under dining tables should be large enough so that it fits chairs pulled out from the table and make sure you consider the rug material and hardiness so the chairs don’t ruin the rug when being moved.”

LibertyInteriors_MtMartha_living area
Living room styling by Liberty Interiors, see the full home tour

Avoid wrong placement

“The biggest rug mistake is measuring space incorrectly and placement,” says Alexi Dascarolis of Alexi George Interiors. “Whether it be under a bed or under a couch there is a set of rules to follow rug placement. The best idea is to get some newspapers or masking tape and mark out the rug corners and area before purchasing. You’ll often find the size you thought would work doesn’t.”

Nicole Rosenberg shares some of these rules. “Living rooms almost always need at least an 8×10 if not a 9×12. If it’s going in the centre of the room, it should take up a large part of the floor surface. If it’s going to have some furniture on top, make sure most of the furniture legs fit comfortably inside the rug’s boundaries.”

Catherine of The Stables adds, “I often see people purchasing a standard 1.6m x 2.3m rug instead going up to a 2m x 3m for their living room. I use rugs for aesthetics, but also mainly for zoning a space. If a rug is too small for the space it makes the zone feel too small. So always consider your rug size and placement before jumping straight in — measure up and mark it out before you commit to the purchase.”

Avoid rushing the purchase

Editor Gina Ciancio says “There’s more choice than ever before when it comes to rugs so it pays to shop around. It’s easier than ever to source large scale rugs (and we recently shared some of our top places to buy these) or unique, handmade rugs that will really add character to your space.”

A bold rug can be hard to commit to so she adds this advice. “Before purchasing any investment piece, like a large piece of furniture, rug or art, I like to visualise it in the space and find creating a mood board is the best way to do this. It will give you the confidence that you’ve found the right piece or make it very obvious that you need to keep searching… often the ‘safe’ option doesn’t work as it can be too flat in the space so consider playing with a bit of colour, texture or pattern.”

More styling tips

This article was first published in April 2019 and continues to be updated with latest information and images.

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Halloween Decor 2021

These Halloween Decorations Get This Interior Designer’s Stamp of Approval

Halloween Decor 2021 | lark & linen


It’s no secret around here that I’m big into holidays (of any variety, really, I don’t discriminate). But now that I have a kid of my own, these things feel even more exciting than ever before. Last year, I was still in the throes of figuring out this whole parenting thing. My daughter was an adorable squishy blob who didn’t know what was what (and, if I’m being honest, I was essentially the same, ha) so halloween decorations were the last thing on my radar. But now that she’s older, and much more aware, I cannot wait to start introducing her to the festivities. We may or may have already bought some pumpkin sticker decals from the dollar store for her to decorate her bedroom window (of which she is very excited about), but I thought it’d be fun to round up a few other awesome halloween decorations – the ones that get my official stamp of approval.

Halloween Decorations 2021 | lark & linen1. Bats old-fashioned glass  | 2. Falling leaves bunch | 3. Suncatcher

4. Eerie eyes doormat | 5. Spooky wreath | 6. Cheese board

7. Cheese knives | 8. Plaid wool throw | 9. Metallic candle

10. Skeleton hand highball glass | 11. Oak & acorn garland | 12. Pumpkin punch bowl

13. Glass skull decanter | 14. Boo mugs | 15. Bat iron stem

16. Spiderweb pillow | 17. Antiqued glass pumpkin | 18. Harvest candle

19. Spider candy bowl | 20. Bat doormat




Photo: The Makerista

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