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Tableau x Dinesen | New Dimensions in Wood | News

The interior of the new café Connie Connie at Copenhagen Contemporary on Refshaleøen island in Copenhagen is both a sensory and sustainable environment, where each seat is unlike another and all chairs, tables and benches are designed by 25 Danish and international artists.

Located in a former shipyard’s welding hall, Copenhagen Contemporary is one of Scandinavia’s biggest exhibition spaces for contemporary art, making it an international drawcard in Copenhagen’s cultural district.

All the café’s pieces are made of leftover wood from Dinesen’s production. Utilising wood offcuts, joists and sawdust, the collaboration involved a creative workshop with all parties at the company’s headquarters in Jels, South Jutland, to understand the wood and production process in detail.

Tableau has designed tables and a bar produced by Design Studies, offsetting the café’s chairs, stools and benches in a space that combines creativity, design rigour, materiality and colour to reflect the verdant surroundings and industrial heritage.

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