Over the bathroom door rack

16 back of door storage ideas to get the most out of your space

Whether you live in a tiny apartment or family home, finding new storage solutions is a priority for many! And one place that offers plenty of storage possibilities that’s often overlooked? It’s the back of your door! From your wardrobe to pantry, bedroom door and everything in between, we’re here to show you there’s a world of possibilities to utilise this space.

Today, we’ve pulled together our 16 favourite back of door storage ideas, whether on, above or behind!

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1. Over-the-door rack or robe hooks in the bathroom

The first of our back of door storage ideas may be simple, but it can make all the difference! If you have a swinging door in the bathroom, using an over the door rack or fixing robe hooks onto the door, instantly provides valuable storage space. Use it to hang towels, bath robes or even bathroom decor. Best of all, they’re tucked out of view, keeping that clean bathroom look we all want.

Over the bathroom door rack
Sleek over the door bathroom rack. Image via Dunelm
Bathroom hook
Adding hooks or an over the door rack are two of our favourite back of door storage ideas. Image via The Spruce

2. Behind door shelves or narrow bookshelf

It may seem impossible but it’s not! You can use the dead space behind your door to create a narrow bookshelf or install picture ledge shelves. There are loads of ideas on Pinterest but this stylish one by Sarah at Ugly Duckling House is one of the best examples we’ve seen.

This is a great storage solution for a small bedroom where it may not be possible to have larger freestanding furniture. And it would also work well in a small nursery where there’s limited wall space to create a reading nook.

3. Inside door gift wrapping station or pop up craft room

If you love gift wrapping as much as us, chances are you have A LOT of gift wrap and ribbons to organise! Here’s a clever idea on how you can do that using the modular Elfa storage products. This one uses a central bracket that’s fixed into the door so you won’t see any brackets over the top when the cupboard is closed.

Gift wrapping back of door storage ideas
Another of our back of door storage ideas is to create a gift wrap station. Image via Container Store

4. Above-the-door shelf

Sometimes the answer to our storage dilemmas is to go up! Most homes will have a gap between the door frame and ceiling, and this can be the perfect place to fix an above-the-door shelf. While you wouldn’t want to use this solution in every room of the home, in an office, craft room or play room, we think it’s a genius idea!

5. Over-the-door organiser

This simple yet versatile panel organiser from Temple & Webster is practical and stylish. Simply hang the organiser over the door and you’ve got yourself an instant storage solution with easy access. Suitable for a range of uses around the home, see how it’s been used to organise accessories in the image below. Bonus points for the minimalist white design that drops away.

6. Behind door shoe storage hack

Got too many shoes to keep organised? TikToker @Ash_Mul shares her clever organisation hack behind her bedroom door… using towel racks! Don’t knock it ’til you try it 😉

7. Slim behind-door storage rack

Versatile storage racks like this steel storage rack from Amara are the perfect fit in tight spaces. Squeeze one of these behind your office door or in the pantry to hold everything from cookbooks to tea towels.

8. Behind door spice rack

Gina recently created her version of the ultimate spice drawer but in many kitchens drawer space is limited. The solution? Utilise your walls! The wall space inside a pantry (or with the right racks, the back of your pantry doors) is the perfect spot to create a dreamy spice rack like the one below. Don’t forget to complete the look with labels and you can buy those fabulous spice labels on Etsy here 😉

Clear spice rack organisation
Image via Jen Woodhouse

9. Kmart tray as earring holder hack

A budget friendly hack you may have seen in our Kmart hacks to organise your home article is this metal tray turns earring holder. Clever mama Paige came up with this space saving idea which also prevents your earrings from getting tangled. You can mount the Kmart tray to the inside of your wardrobe or behind a wall to display your jewellery in a neat and fun way.

10. Behind door hanging storage bags

Ok, not everyone has floor space available. If you’re trying to get things off the floor, these hanging storage bags from HomieFun may be the multifunctional solution to all your storage woes. Their compact design is ideal for that dead wall space behind swinging doors and we can see these working well in an office to kids room.

11. Behind door kids book storage

So this one may or may not work in your space… it relies on the door jam not being hard in the corner. Loads of people online have found a slim sling bookshelf like this one from Interior Secrets is perfect to slot into various tight corners of a small children’s bedroom. Sling storage bookshelves are a lovely mix of practicality and neat. With easy access for children, this bookshelf is a must-have for any young bookworm!

12. Wine rack as a towel holder hack

This round up is a mix of conventional… and not so conventional ideas, ha ha! Seriously though, we’ve never seen a wine rack repurposed as a towel holder — have you? Finding space for towel storage can be tough so placing a floating towel holder behind your bathroom door isn’t all that crazy. It’s guaranteed to add an extra element to your bathroom, as well as ease of access for yourself and guests.

Wine rack towel holder hack back of door storage ideas
A little unconventional but making our round up of back of door storage ideas is to use a wine rack as a towel holder. Image via Ubuy

13. Back of door hanging handbag holder

Handbags are one of the hardest things to store safely without taking up too much space. Cue the hanging handbag holder. Generally designed with a coat-hanger hook, you can hang these from the back of a bedroom door or inside your wardrobe. And for the savvy shoppers out there, Kmart has released one for under $10!

14. Over the door shoe organiser… in the pantry!

TikTok has already given us a great way to organise shoes, but @kerrihardman shares her water bottle storage tip with a hanging shoe organiser. Other people have commented to say they use the organiser to store everything from candles to spices to stuffed animals!

15. Back of door coat rack or hooks

Yes, it’s an obvious one… but do you have a coat rack? These can fix directly into the back of your door or onto the wall behind your door. Or if you have some wall space available in your entry, we love the idea of creating a mini mudroom / drop zone and have all the tips to do that here.

In any case, a coat rack is a great idea to hold your valuables. Our fave is this modern design CONLON hook rack from Freedom — sure to fit in any contemporary home!

Image via Freedom

16. Back of door Cabidor storage cabinet

While not widely available in Australia, we thought we’d share this new storage solution out of America that shows some out of the box thinking. This cabinet attaches to your door to provide extra storage space. Suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or any other room of the home, their motto is ‘less clutter, more space’. We’re onboard for that!

Do you use the space behind your doors? Do you have any other storage tips or hacks to share? We’d love to hear your ideas for using the space behind your door in the comments below!

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Laundry with panelling, green wall and sliding barn door

Small but stylish laundry with herringbone floor and barn door

If you thought the laundry was the most boring room of the house, think again! Today we explore this small but oh-so-stylish laundry featuring 2 different panelled walls, herringbone tile floor, a sliding barn door, brushed brass tapware and bold pop of colour.

Laundries don’t get much more stylish than this! Let’s take a look around with Rachel Turner, owner and director of Front Porch Properties.

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Laundry with panelling, green wall and sliding barn door

Rachel had the luxury to do as she pleased when it came to creating this stylish laundry.

“The client gave me free rein to do a remodel on this home reno project. The actual level where the laundry is situated was brand new as we raised the existing house and built an entirely new level,” explains Rachel.

Before anything else, my main aim was to achieve simplicity and function in the laundry. I wanted it to be high impact with great functionality, yet keep it low-cost.

“The number one thing I look at in a laundry project, is where to put the washing machine. Ideally it should not be in direct view upon entry. So for this particular reno, we installed the washing machine on the side wall.

This laundry proves it is possible to design a stylish laundry using simple, off the shelf flat packs.

“I love using flat packs, mainly for the cost saving benefits. The addition of the wainscot panelling gives the space that wow factor it was crying out for. Plus it really helps to customise a flat pack.

“I also adore the VJ splashback because it has a high visual impact, yet is so reasonably priced. Here we’ve used Easycraft Semi Exterior VJ panelling. It saves money because you don’t have the added cost of tiles. Plus there’s no need to spend on the labour component as you don’t need to pay for a tiler,” says Rachel.

I always take great consideration with the far wall you see when you first enter the laundry. Think beautiful wallpaper, feature panelling or perhaps a cute exterior door. Make it a visual feature because why not feel nice when you’re doing your laundry?!”

Green panelled wall in laundry with open shelving

Knowing where to make a statement and where to cut costs, this laundry gets the balance just right.

“A great place to save money in your laundry design is first and foremost with flat packs. Also, look to some benchtop alternatives such as Laminex or timber to further save your budget.

Consider using open shelves rather than overhead cupboards. This not only saves money, but also creates an opportunity to display some prettiness in your laundry.

“There are some things you may not think about when designing your laundry, such as your tap and sink. Consider a deep sink with a higher gooseneck tap for dog washing, or being able to fit a good sized bucket under the tap,” explains Rachel wisely.

“To splurge, I always look for beautiful door and drawer hardware. People often underestimated how important it is to have beautiful finishes, right down to the last detail.

“For this particular reno, we used very simple, brushed brass knobs on the door fronts which work beautifully with the gooseneck tap. So simple yet super stylish.

“If space allows, add in tall storage for your brooms and a vacuum. It keeps things neat and tidy which is always a good thing! Also, consider an internal powerpoint for charging cordless vacuums and other appliances.

And if feasible, you just can’t beat a gorgeous barn door into the laundry. It makes such a beautiful entrance and is a real talking piece. It doesn’t take up valuable floor space either.”

White wainscoat wall in laundry

It’s refreshing to see a pop of colour used in this wonderful laundry space. Rachel share some tips.

“A laundry, like a guest powder room, is a fabulous opportunity to be a little more daring with your colour palette. Because it’s not necessarily a space where you’ll spend a huge amount of time in, so it’s nice to have some fun and add a daring pop of colour to what’s often considered a space of pure necessity,” says Rachel.

“In this particular space, we were going to add green to the wainscot panelling, but once we started painting and saw it up against the charcoal flooring, I felt it looked too dark. Instead we opted to brighten up the space by painting it white and just keeping the green on the VJ splashback.

“This just goes to show it’s ok to change your mind even after you think you’ve locked something in. You need to make sure you love it!”

Photography — Louise Roche from Villa Styling
VJ Panelling — Easycraft
Kaboodle flat pack — Bunnings
Custom panelling — Intrim
Tapware — ABI Interiors

Big thanks to Rachel for showing us around this incredibly stylish laundry. To check out more from Front Porch Properties, take a look at their website or give them a follow on Instagram.

Which was your favourite feature in this laundry project? The wainscot panelling? VJ splashback? Or perhaps you couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous sliding barn door! Let us know in the comment section below!

More laundry inspo here

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