Cuzzi floor lamp

From luxe to less shop our round up of floor lamps

On the hunt for a stylish floor lamp? With the days getting shorter — and colder! — embracing more moody lighting is a fab way to cosy up your home. We know the struggle to find a stylish floor lamp is real so we’ve curated 10 of our top finds from luxe to less!

Keep scrolling for our splurge-worthy favourites all the way down to the best bargain buys!

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How’s this for something different? With a sculptural-like quality about it, this lamp kicks off our list of stylish floor lamps… and yes, it’s a splurge but wouldn’t you agree it’s worth it?!

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Cuzzi floor lamp

Another way to make a statement in a room is with accents of black. And this rattan floor lamp would look right at home in any contemporary, boho or modern coastal space.

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Black rattan floor lamp

Putting a modern spin on the traditional drum shade design, this contemporary floor lamp is effortlessly sleek and sophisticated. Suiting a range of interior styles, from traditional to industrial, this lamp will last the distance as your style evolves over the years.

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Alessia floor lamp stylish floor lamps

Modern and minimalist with an architectural edge, this cool floor lamp is available in two colours — olive and charcoal. It has a flawless powder-coated finish and can offer a subtle pop of colour to your space. We especially love this lamp for a study or teen bedroom.

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Pia metal floor lamp

We used this lamp in our living room makeover for Canberra Outlet and love how it blends modern style with natural materials. There’s no denying rattan is a trending material right now and this lamp nails the look.

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Mosman floor lamp
Living room details_beachy style
The Mosman lamp sitting pretty in our recent living room makeover | See all the before and after photos

Minimalists rejoice! The Putney lamp has a sweet fluted lampshade and a light and airy metal frame. The angled stance makes this one ideal for the side of a sofa or over an occasional chair where you want functional task lighting. Available in black or blush, it’s currently on sale!

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Freedom floor lamp

Sticking with the earthy theme, this delicate floor lamp channels boho vibes. We adore the intricate hand-sewn rattan basket shade. Available in all black or the natural colour below, this beautiful floor lamp will elevate any space.

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Rattan basket floor lamp stylish floor lamps

Timeless simplicity is often the best way to go and this lamp stands the test of time. Available with either a white or natural timber base, the natural jute drum shade works seamlessly with almost every interior style.

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Leger floor lamp stylish floor lamps

IKEA has a huge range of floor lamps at friendly prices but one of their most iconic designs is this oversized industrial style lamp. With a slightly more masculine feel about it, it’s the perfect choice for a bachelor pad, man cave or boy’s room.

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Hektar floor lamp
Hektar floor lamp

Rounding off this list of stylish floor lamps from luxe to less is this black rattan floor lamp from Kmart. Add a hint of natural materials and texture without going OTT coastal.

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Black Kmart floor lamp stylish floor lamps

Have you seen a stylish floor lamp you think should be on the list? Share a link to it in the comments below! We’re continually updating this list with the latest and best floor lamp designs.

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Disclaimer: This post was first published in May 2016 and has been updated with a new round up of stylish floor lamps from luxe to less. It contains some affiliate links. This means that when you click on a link and purchase something from that site, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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Choosing a Wood Floor For our Tiny Cabin, From Light to Dark

Choosing a Wood Floor For our Tiny Cabin, From Light to Dark

Disclosure: Norrlands Trä have kindly agreed to collaborate with us on this project

Hejsan! A cabin update is long overdue! We're still nutting out the interior details and lately we've been focused on the floor. Living in Scandinavia, it was a no brainer to go for a wood floor - I love the warmth, the softness underfoot and how it ages over time. We were specifically looking for a wood floor with a simple and traditional look and that comes from a sustainable source. We headed to Norrlands Trä - the Swedish company from whom we got our wall panelling (and only use FSC certifiable wood from the forests of North Sweden) to pick up some samples from dark to light. Here are some of the variations we considered - and the wood floor we eventually chose.

Blond tones

Nothing says Scandinavian like 'blond' wood, don't you think? The light touch is great for brightening up a space, while still adding warmth. But there can be massive variations in light wood - from almost white to dark blond (it's starting to sound like a trip to the hairdressers!), and don't get me started on the subtle nuances: from cold to warm tones, and how the colour changes over time. It's a minefield! 

Lightest shade

Save from painting the floor white, the brushed pine (Borstat Furugolv) in 'ultra protect white' is the lightest in the Norrlands Trä range. It's close to white and has a wonderful, ridged patina with the grain showing through. Pine can be incredibly soft, and so I like that the surface has been gently teased away with a brush, making it a more durable choice. 

Light pine

We were also drawn to the pine floor (Putsat furugolv) in ultra protect white which has been primed and then sandpapered giving a soft, smooth result (a treat for the feet!). We love that it has a traditional and rustic feel which is so synonymous with the Swedish summer cottage. One thing to be mindful of - the softer finish does require some extra work over the years to maintain it. However, it is made from solid wood so you can sand it down as often as you like - or leave it as it is and appreciate the patina as it ages.  I'm guessing we'd do the latter!

Darker wood floor tones

You might have noticed that darker wood floors have been making a comeback lately. The deep hue is great for adding contrast, grounding a space and creating a cosy ambience. 

Grey finish

This brushed pine floor (Borstat Furugolv) has a lovely rustic feel - and we liked the stone grey finish. Given all the windows in our cabin we could definitely get away with a darker floor like this one too. 

Dark finish

And finally, we looked at going completely over to the dark side with a brushed pine floor ((Borstat Furugolv) in ultra protect brown. The rich tone gives a wonderful atmospheric feel and adds a whole level of cosiness. It's perfect for creating that dark cabin feel. 

A note on wood ageing over time

Wood is a natural substance that darkens over time - especially when exposed to lots of light. Some wood gets more of a grey tint, whereas others can appear more yellow. Check with your wood floor supplier before purchasing to find out about each individual wood floor. Also, be mindful that rugs block the sunlight which can leave permanent marks on your wood floor. If the room gets a lot of light, think about removing them periodically.  

Our choice of floor

Edited: originally I wrote that we went for the primed pine floor in ultra protect white but this was an error - we actually chose the primed parquet pine floor in ultra protect white. This has an extremely similar look and feel, but the parquet is a more practical choice for us since it simply clicks into place making it easier to install, where as the solid wood needs to be nailed into place. Also, it's thinner which works better with the lower ceiling height in the loft. Overall, it has a lovely summery feel and during the winter it will help to brighten up the darkness! 

We tested the sample up at the cabin. 

Welcome inside my humble home! 

Below is the simple material and colour mood board we have decided to work with. The stone and white tile will be installed in the bathroom and the dark sand is for the kitchen cabinets. It feels like it reflects the surrounding coast and forest in a beautiful way - what do you think?  

It feels like things are really starting to happen now and it's the cabin is moving from an empty shell into a home! Exciting! 

What type of floor do you have in your home? Do you have a favourite out of these different looks? or perhaps you have gone for tiles, like my sister who has a dog. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Credits: 1. Lifestyle photo courtesy of Norrlands Trä, styled by Lotta Agaton. 2 - 6 Lifestyle photos courtesy of Norrlands Trä. 7+ photos snapped with my iPhone by Per and myself this weekend! 

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Laundry with panelling, green wall and sliding barn door

Small but stylish laundry with herringbone floor and barn door

If you thought the laundry was the most boring room of the house, think again! Today we explore this small but oh-so-stylish laundry featuring 2 different panelled walls, herringbone tile floor, a sliding barn door, brushed brass tapware and bold pop of colour.

Laundries don’t get much more stylish than this! Let’s take a look around with Rachel Turner, owner and director of Front Porch Properties.

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Laundry with panelling, green wall and sliding barn door

Rachel had the luxury to do as she pleased when it came to creating this stylish laundry.

“The client gave me free rein to do a remodel on this home reno project. The actual level where the laundry is situated was brand new as we raised the existing house and built an entirely new level,” explains Rachel.

Before anything else, my main aim was to achieve simplicity and function in the laundry. I wanted it to be high impact with great functionality, yet keep it low-cost.

“The number one thing I look at in a laundry project, is where to put the washing machine. Ideally it should not be in direct view upon entry. So for this particular reno, we installed the washing machine on the side wall.

This laundry proves it is possible to design a stylish laundry using simple, off the shelf flat packs.

“I love using flat packs, mainly for the cost saving benefits. The addition of the wainscot panelling gives the space that wow factor it was crying out for. Plus it really helps to customise a flat pack.

“I also adore the VJ splashback because it has a high visual impact, yet is so reasonably priced. Here we’ve used Easycraft Semi Exterior VJ panelling. It saves money because you don’t have the added cost of tiles. Plus there’s no need to spend on the labour component as you don’t need to pay for a tiler,” says Rachel.

I always take great consideration with the far wall you see when you first enter the laundry. Think beautiful wallpaper, feature panelling or perhaps a cute exterior door. Make it a visual feature because why not feel nice when you’re doing your laundry?!”

Green panelled wall in laundry with open shelving

Knowing where to make a statement and where to cut costs, this laundry gets the balance just right.

“A great place to save money in your laundry design is first and foremost with flat packs. Also, look to some benchtop alternatives such as Laminex or timber to further save your budget.

Consider using open shelves rather than overhead cupboards. This not only saves money, but also creates an opportunity to display some prettiness in your laundry.

“There are some things you may not think about when designing your laundry, such as your tap and sink. Consider a deep sink with a higher gooseneck tap for dog washing, or being able to fit a good sized bucket under the tap,” explains Rachel wisely.

“To splurge, I always look for beautiful door and drawer hardware. People often underestimated how important it is to have beautiful finishes, right down to the last detail.

“For this particular reno, we used very simple, brushed brass knobs on the door fronts which work beautifully with the gooseneck tap. So simple yet super stylish.

“If space allows, add in tall storage for your brooms and a vacuum. It keeps things neat and tidy which is always a good thing! Also, consider an internal powerpoint for charging cordless vacuums and other appliances.

And if feasible, you just can’t beat a gorgeous barn door into the laundry. It makes such a beautiful entrance and is a real talking piece. It doesn’t take up valuable floor space either.”

White wainscoat wall in laundry

It’s refreshing to see a pop of colour used in this wonderful laundry space. Rachel share some tips.

“A laundry, like a guest powder room, is a fabulous opportunity to be a little more daring with your colour palette. Because it’s not necessarily a space where you’ll spend a huge amount of time in, so it’s nice to have some fun and add a daring pop of colour to what’s often considered a space of pure necessity,” says Rachel.

“In this particular space, we were going to add green to the wainscot panelling, but once we started painting and saw it up against the charcoal flooring, I felt it looked too dark. Instead we opted to brighten up the space by painting it white and just keeping the green on the VJ splashback.

“This just goes to show it’s ok to change your mind even after you think you’ve locked something in. You need to make sure you love it!”

Photography — Louise Roche from Villa Styling
VJ Panelling — Easycraft
Kaboodle flat pack — Bunnings
Custom panelling — Intrim
Tapware — ABI Interiors

Big thanks to Rachel for showing us around this incredibly stylish laundry. To check out more from Front Porch Properties, take a look at their website or give them a follow on Instagram.

Which was your favourite feature in this laundry project? The wainscot panelling? VJ splashback? Or perhaps you couldn’t get enough of that gorgeous sliding barn door! Let us know in the comment section below!

More laundry inspo here

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