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Great Green Cleaning Products to Help Clean Up Your Home

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In light of full discretion, I had this post all lined up to go live in celebration of Earth Day, and then COVID hit our home and completely knocked us out for a solid two weeks. Our entire lives were put on the backburner as we slept and Netflix’d our way through it. Now that we’re on the other side of it, my desire to deep clean and reset our house is in complete overdrive, so it does feel particularly fitting to be sharing this round up of Lark & Linen approved green cleaning products today.

Making the switch from toxic cleaning products to those of the cleaner variety was a move I made years ago in an attempt to heal my anxiety (you can read more about that here if you’d like), and it’s one I can’t recommend highly enough. They have come so far in recent years that it doesn’t feel like we’re making any sacrifices whatsoever. We’ve found some incredible green cleaning products during our healing journey, and I thought I’d share a few of them with you today. 
Green Cleaning Roundup & Resources | lark & linen

1. Walnut scrubber sponges | 2. Laundry detergent | 3. Pet stain remover

4. Sink scrub | 5. Toilet bowl cleaner | 6. Dishwasher pods

7. All purpose cleaner | 8. Laundry essentials kit | 9. Dishwashing soap

10. Tub & tile cleaner | 11. Floor cleaner | 12. Recycled trash bags

13. Baby stain remover | 14. Coconut scrubber sponges | 15. Magic sponge cloth


If you’re looking to make the switch to green cleaning products yourself, but feel overwhelmed by the process or worry about the waste (hi, guilty!), I recommend replacing things as you use them up. Run out of dish soap? Purchase a green one to replace it!  

Lastly, if you’re looking to clean up your beauty routine, I’ve shared a lot of my favourites here (the post is three years old and I still use 99% of the items listed).




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ming green natural marble mosaic tile with white vanity

Ming green marble mosaic bathroom tour

We’ve just wrapped up our latest bathroom project and it’s a beauty, even if I do say so myself! This ’90s style bathroom was in dire need of a makeover and in my signature style, I couldn’t help but inject a bit of luxe into the space. It’s a small bathroom but just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

Let me take you on a tour of this ming green marble mosaic bathroom and share some of my top bathroom design tips.

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Style Curator bathroom design
Come with me to take a tour of our latest bathroom project where Ming green marble mosaics from Tile Republic steal the show!

Ming green marble paddle pop mosaic is the hero of the bathroom

Without a doubt, the star of the space is this ming green (also called Verdi Cristallo) marble mosaic feature tile. It’s the first thing you see as you step into the bathroom. I love the interesting patterns and tonal variation of each piece, and the muted pop of colour it adds to the space.

I went with a relatively new tile mosaic shape, which goes by a few names including arch mosaic, paddle pop mosaic or elongated fish scale. Whatever you want to call it, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s STUNNING. As soon as I saw it at Tile Republic, I knew it was the one and the rest of the bathroom scheme built off this selection.

Ming green marble mosaic tile in paddle pop shape
ming green natural marble mosaic tile with white vanity

A tonal tile scheme helps a small bathroom to feel larger

If you’re looking for a way to make a small bathroom feel larger, forget using gloss tiles and embrace a tonal tile scheme instead. Using the same tile on the floor and walls blurs the lines between these surfaces and create a sense of space. I used the Etna Moon tile in a semi-polished finish from Tile Republic on the floor and walls. It has a subtle pattern that complements rather than competes with the natural marble and picks up on the grey undertones of the stone.

Remember less is often more, particularly when you’re working in a small space. There’s a lot that gets added to a bathroom design vanity, mirror, tapware, bathware, lighting so you don’t have to make a loud feature out of everything. Actually, if you do it will have the reverse effect and create a space that’s overwhelming.

I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about the ming green marble mosaic for a minute when I saw it appear on The Block. Mitch and Mark went with a more is more approach, using the feature tile in excess on one full wall and also in the oversized niche on the adjacent wall. And then they paired it with an equally bold Calacutta marble patterned floor and wall tile. Although they used all luxe elements, there was so much happening in the space that your eye didn’t know where to look.

Luckily, the tiles had already been ordered so there was no backing out!

grey bathroom with brushed nickle tapware
white plantation shutter in grey bathroom

Look for a vanity with drawer storage

In my book, drawers trump cupboards in the storage stakes every time! Drawers open to reveal all of their contents, whereas with a cupboard-style bathroom vanity you need to crouch down and move items about to access what’s behind.

For this bathroom, we chose a white 2 drawer wall hung vanity with shaker doors called ‘Fremantle’ also from Tile Republic. It’s more interesting than a flat all-white vanity and is a classic style that offers timeless appeal. Most importantly, it doesn’t compete with the other design elements.

White and other neutral colours offer breathing room to your bathroom design. So we also used a white rectangular solid surface mirror in this space. I like to have contrast between the shape of the mirror and the tiled wall behind. For example, if the wall has angular tiles, I’ll look for a mirror with curves to soften the look or vice versa.

Shaker style vanity

Brushed nickel tapware adds a subtle pop of bling

With dozens of tapware finishes now on the market, you can have lots of fun making a statement with tapware! While white tapware would have added an edgy element to this space, it wasn’t right for the client or their home.

Rather than selecting the same polished chrome tapware used elsewhere in their home, we chose brushed nickel Nero tapware from Tile Republic. It has a softer and more muted finish than chrome but still fits with traditional style spaces. This finish was carried through on all of the bathroom accessories.

green long fishtail tile with brushed nickle mixer _ ming green marble bathroom
Brushed nickel shower by Nero from Tile Republic
brushed nickel mixer

Add a window covering to finish the look and offer privacy

In a bathroom it’s common to use frosted glass and no window treatments. But to really finish off a bathroom design, I love adding a plantation shutter. This beautiful white plantation shutter was custom made by dollar curtains + blinds and completely elevates the feel of this bathroom.

As well as enhancing the aesthetics, it offers various functional benefits. Most importantly, it allows the client to open the window for ventilation while maintaining privacy.

white plantation shutters on grey tile wall _ ming green marble bathroom
ming green long fishtail tile with white shaker style vanity

Design, styling and photography — Style Curator
Tiles, vanity, tapware and bathware — Tile Republic

I hope you enjoyed taking a tour of this ming green marble mosaic bathroom with me. Do you have any questions about the space? Pop them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you asap. Or let me know what you think of the space. I’d love to hear from you!

More bathroom inspo

brushed nickle shower head in grey bathroom
grey bathroom shower shelf _ ming green marble bathroom
grey bathroom with brushed nickle tapware _ ming green marble bathroom
ming green paddlepop tiles with a brushed nickel hook

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Inspiration gallery of 10 green tile shapes

Increasingly, people are getting bolder with their tile choices, and we’re all here for it! With great risk often comes great reward and to inspire you to get brave with your tile choices, we’ve compiled an epic gallery of bathrooms featuring green tiles.

See just how much choice there is in the world of green bathroom tiles!

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1. Kitkat tiles

Starting with our favourite tile shape right now — kitkat tiles! If you adore these rectangular mosaics as much as us, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s more than one type of green kitkat tile. Green kitkat tiles range from luxe green marble (in light ‘Ming’ green pictured below and darker ‘Olivetti’ green) to all shades of green porcelain kitkat tiles.

Kitkat tiles have a beautiful rhythm and bring pattern to a space through shape. They work in a wide range of interior styles, including luxe, coastal, mid-century modern, japandi and contemporary.

MorecombeHouse_Bathroom Vanity
Deep green kitkat tiles laid horizontally. Image via The Glade Design, see more of this Japanese inspired bathroom

2. Subway tile

Subway tiles are one of the most popular tile shapes — they’re incredibly versatile (subway tiles can be laid in over a dozen ways), affordable, and there’s plenty of choice in terms of size, finish and colour. From soft sage tones to deep emerald, it’s hard to go wrong with a green subway tile in the bathroom.

Green subway tiles work harmoniously with many other tile patterns, including terrazzo, marble, and more graphic black and white patterned tiles.

Green subway tile bathroom
Glossy sage green subway tile laid in a vertical straight stack on all walls. Image via @architectseat
Green subway_Katewalker
Muddy green subway tile laid in a half-height brick bond pattern, and vertical straight stack above. Image via Instagram @katewalker_design
GreenTiledBathroom_StudioTage_ green bathroom tiles
Pale green gloss subway tile on all walls in this luxe bathroom. Image via Studio Tate
Green Bathroom Tiles_Subwaytile_Houzz
Light green subway tile paired with a marble floor tile. Image via

3. Feather tile

A new tile shape gaining popularity is the feather or blade tile. It blurs the lines between fish scale and subway tile shapes. Available in natural green marble or a tonal green porcelain, this one is too pretty to look past.

We especially love this tile shape for contemporary, coastal or luxe bathrooms. Be prepared to see plenty more bathrooms using this tile in the future!

White vanity with green paddle pop tile
Mitch and Mark bathroom from The Block featuring green marble blade tile. See the full room here

4. Square tile

A classic and timeless shape, square tiles are making a big comeback! Our favourite square tiles have got to be the organic, hand chisseled Moroccan tiles called Zellige. In the bathroom below you can see the soft green spearmint Zellige tile used as a feature wall (and there’s also an emerald green option).

Another type of square tile are the perfectly straight, or rectified, tiles that suit architectural style bathrooms to a T. Available in a range of sizes, these tiles are often suitable for floor and walls to create an enveloping bathroom design.

And finally, there are the handmade finish square tiles that offer a soft, organic texture. The third picture below shows the moss green square tile used as a feature wall and we’re sure you’ll agree with us, it looks amazing!

Spearmint zellige bathroom
Spearmint Zellige hand chiseled tile. Image via Tile Republic
Green square tile bathroom
Light green straight edge square tile used on the floor and walls in this architectural bathroom. Image via @studiocontekst
Handmade moss green square tiles used as a feature wall. Image via Instagram @fienza_bathware

5. Patterned tile

Patterned green tiles is a pretty broad category but generally you’ll find these tiles in a 200mm x 200mm size, featuring a tessellating pattern.

From floral prints that suit the Hamptons style, to bold graphic designs better suited to a mid-century bathroom, it’s worth exploring the options of green patterned tiles.

While the bathrooms below picture these used on the walls, often a patterned tile is used on the floor with a subway or other simple tile used on the walls.

Green Bathroom Tiles_Patterned Tile
Floral print green patterned tile used in this small bathroom. Image via Instagram @mimosa_yellow_lon
Patterned Tile_Green Bathroom Tiles
Graphic green tiles used in this all-green bathroom. Image via

6. Fish scale tile

A tile shape that immediately transports us to the ocean is fish scale (or fan as it’s also known). Laid with the curved side facing either up or down, this tile makes a statement!

Our advice when using a green fish scale tile in the bathroom is to go easy. A little goes a long way so it’s best not to overdo it!

Green marble fish scale tile
Green marble fish scale tile. Image via @colortile_au

7. Large format tile

Many people prefer to avoid mosaic tiles in the bathroom. We hear you, cleaning grout can be a pain! But you don’t have to choose between colour or size thanks to the growing range of larger format green tiles becoming available. The ones pictured below have an interesting scalloped and textured profile, adding to their beauty.

Green bathroom tiles_Large format
Scalloped profile on this soft green-blue tile. Image via Instagram @defaziotiles

8. Herringbone tile

Instantly dialling up the elegance of any bathroom design, there’s good reason why herringbone tiles remain a firm favourite.

You can find smaller herringbone mosaic tiles on sheets, such as the Ming green marble tiles pictured below, or select a green subway tile that your tiler can lay in a herringbone pattern. Whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed it will look ah-mazing!

Green herrinbone tile
Beautiful green herringbone mosaic tiles. Image via @nerangtiles
Herringbone_Green bathroom tiles_Pinterest
Tonal green subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. Image via Pinterest

9. Penny tile

Penny round tiles are a classic shape that in the right finish can suit just about every interior design style. They’re a popular option in bathrooms because their round shape can soften the hard angles typically found in bathrooms.

Often suitable for floor and walls, they’re an ideal choice if you plan to design curved walls in your bathroom.

10. Hexagon tiles

From one extreme to another, hexagon tiles by contrast are highly angular and add an edge to bathroom design.

Available in small mosaics through to larger individual pieces, measuring approximately 200mm in diameter, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to green hexagon tiles.

Dark green hexagon mosaic tiles
Deep green marble hexagon tile. Image via @mandarinstoneofficial
Green hexagon tiles_Green bathroom tiles
Powder green hexagon tile used on all walls. Image via
Green-blue hexagon feature wall. Image via

Have you spotted your dream tile in this round up of green bathroom tiles? What tile shape or bathroom is your favourite? We’d love to chat in the comments below!

Check out more tile inspo here

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Dark Green Living Room Reveal in Midtown Atlanta

Dark Green Living Room Reveal in Midtown Atlanta

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

When I approached the finishing touches of Meghan’s media room with AllModern, I knew I wanted to pull the space together with a simplified color palette and lighter, more contemporary accents to craft a cozy, cohesive look for the small room. I started with the mural from my last college dorm room, which was the perfect piece to set a direction for the color palette with soothing blues and greens. You know I love a dark paint color in a media room like this, so I found a rich dark green paint color, Behr Dark Everglade, to paint the walls and ease the contrast with the navy blue on the sectional. See the fabulous glass coffee table (perfect for a tight room) and all of the other contemporary accents I added from AllModern below.


Green living room with Behr Dark Everglade dark emerald green wall paint color on Thou Swell #darkgreen #greenpaint #greenwalls #darkgreenpaint #paintcolor #paintideas #behrpaint #darkeverglade

You might remember these Jord pillows from Meghan’s bedroom refresh and the decor haul I did last spring. They pattern is embroidered with a beaded border so they add such great texture to a space and are the perfect neutral tones to mix into any setting.

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

The modern glass coffee table is perfect for this space because it disappears to help open up the middle of the room, and it also shows off my Lucca sky blue maze area rug below!

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

I’m in love with these Jenkins table lamps (they come in a set of two) with gold and marble bases. They look so great as a pair on a long piece of furniture like this dresser, and would be perfect for a buffet or console table.

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell
Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

For a touch of warmth on the sofa, I added this velvet color-blocked Daye lumbar pillow cover which looks so great on the dark blue of the sectional.

Dark green living room decor with AllModern modern home decor, Behr Dark Everglade wall paint color on Thou Swell

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Kevin O'Gara signature on Thou Swell

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