A Charming and idyllic Swedish Country Home in Summertime

A Charming and idyllic Swedish Country Home in Summertime

The Swedish country house of interior stylist Anna Furbacken would look perfectly at home in an Astrid Lindgren tale. It's so idyllic! Nestled in the countryside in central Sweden, the historic croft is made up of one larger house and several outhouses positioned astound a central lawn - making it a perfect venue for parties like midsummer this Friday! 

Anna has been renovating the house over time to create a home where she and her family can relax and be themselves, both outdoors and in. The interior offers a refreshing respite from the 'perfect' living spaces we're so used to seeing these days, offering a wonderful glimpse into family life on the farm. Look out for antique furniture, an array of vintage lights and soft, earthy, muted tones - as well as refreshing glimpses of laptops, cables, messy cushions and the odd margarine tub. 

Outdoors, there's plenty of seating to go around with a chilled bamboo sitting room area, hammocks and a long table with a mix match of chairs. It's the kind of place, you'd be happy to pull up a seat and stay for a while under the midnight sun. 

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girl nursery 2

Designing Our Home with Kids In MInd

girl nursery 2

{vacuum | all nursery sources}

I know, I know. At two years old my daughter is technically no longer a baby. But this is a post I’ve longed to put together forever now and just haven’t gotten around to it (see: the aforementioned baby). I like to think that I’ve always been well versed in designing with kids in mind since the vast majority of my clients consist of young families. But when we brought our daughter into the world I knew I’d forever approach family-friendly design in an entirely different way. Following are the changes we’ve made in our home since bringing our daughter home. 

cute toddler kitchen

{toy kitchen | kitchen set | all dining room sources}


One of my greatest tips when it comes to designing with kids in mind is to regularly rotate their toys. Research has shown that having access to fewer toys reduces overwhelm and encourages kids to play longer and deeper with each individual item (a parents ultimate goal, let’s be honest). As a bonus, having fewer things on deck means that there’s significantly less visual clutter, which makes cleaning up at the end of the day a cinch. Plus, bringing out an old favourite that has been tucked away helps breathe new life into it. She gets excited about it all over again, which is great. 

cute toddler toys

{doll cot | peg toy | alphabet cards | plastic baby | fabric baby | knit deer | affirmation cards}

[break]BRING IN THE PRETTY[break]

I promise you I’m not a monster when it comes to our daughter’s toys, but whenever I have my say I opt for the most aesthetically pleasing option. We absolutely own our fair share of plastic, don’t get me wrong, but the vast majority of her toys are quite visually appealing. As someone who gets overstimulated by messes (a childhood inevitability), this has significantly helped. Tripping over adorable stacking bunnies for the fifteenth time that day somehow doesn’t hurt quite as much. 

girl nursery {vacuum | all nursery sources}


In an effort to save time, we’ve streamlined as many processes as possible in order to maintain our home. Our most recent addition, however, has been the biggest game changer of them all and I wish we had implemented it on day one (in fact: I’m now convinced this thing should be on everyone’s baby registry). And that’s a robot vacuum. But not just any robot vacuum. We got our hands on the Narwal T10 and it vacuums and mops – completely eliminating two of the household tasks that I least like (arguably the most important ones when bringing a baby home). Do you know how many times a day I used to bust out my broom? Any parent will tell you that the limit does not exist – those crumbs somehow breed crumbs, I swear. The best part is it has a self-cleaning feature, and it dries it’s own mops to prevent bacteria from growing. 

designer robot vacuum white{vacuum | all nursery sources}

As a technological dolt (I am 80 years old at heart) it was ridiculously easy to set up, and the app makes it so simple to use (and use it we do). I love that it comes with magnetic strips you can place around a “no-go” zone and it will avoid that area for that clean. It’s something that I’ve been doing regularly when our daughter has been deep in play and I don’t want to disturb her zone (but feel like those surrounding crumbs need to BE GONE already). It has a child lock, which you can set via the intelligent control panel. Plus it’s ridiculously quiet, so I can even run it during nap time. 

designer robot vacuum 2{vacuum}

Not only is it one of the best robot vacuums on the market – a truly top of the line piece complete with all the bells and whistles, but it’s also just so pretty. I mean, as far as vacuums go of course. I love spotting him make his way around our home; it legitimately sparks joy. 

I always say that we aren’t meant to parent alone, and I’m fully convinced that our Narwal is a part of our modern day village. I’ve named him Todd and he’s officially family

designer baby gate - open

{all foyer sources}


I tend to land on the more minimalist side of the spectrum; fewer better things is always my jam. And we took that approach into traditional baby proofing as well. Similar to how we address toys, we were pretty selective with the baby proofing gear we brought into our home as well, always opting for the more aesthetic version whenever possible. The gate at the bottom of our stairs, for example, is retractable, as minimal as possible, and we picked it up in white so it would blend into our newel post. Similarly, we used clear corner guards on all of our furniture. Unless you’re specifically looking for it, you almost wouldn’t know that we had done any baby proofing at all (exactly the way I like it. Safe & pretty. Form & function).  

designer baby gate - closed{all foyer sources}



If you have kids, I’d love to hear what changes you made, if any, when you brought your little one home. 

Thank you to Narwal for sponsoring this post. And thank YOU for supporting my sponsors. It means the world and helps allow me to put out free design content <3 

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Kmart sreen hack by moodcollectiveau

Cool home decor hacks and furniture makeovers

For affordable, on-trend decor and homewares, it’s hard to go past Kmart. But sometimes, those goodies need a bit of a TLC to become something really special. We’ve rounded up a heap of awesome home Kmart hacks to give you the inspo you need for your next DIY project!

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Coffee table revamp

Using the Archer coffee table as a base, Anastasia gave it a complete makeover. She added porta timber and replaced the top with timber to create a super stylish piece that’s the centrepiece to her living room. We certainly know which one we prefer!

Check out her Instagram post for all the steps to this fabulous furniture makeover.

Aged vase makeover

Excuse us a moment while we pick our jaws up off the floor after this one… cause it’s amazing! Vivian took the already cute Kmart terracotta handle vase and gave it an ‘aged makeover’.

Here’s a quick run down of how she did it… Spray paint in colour Flat Black (available from Bunnings). Add layer of Dixie Bell ‘Mud’ in brown, using paper towel. Next up she used 4 acrylic paint colours (Fawn, Opal, Brown and Black) and dabbed away using paper towel.

We. Are. Obsessed!

Dining chairs get a Hamptons upgrade

Hamptons interiors are seriously hot right now. So when we spied this Hamptons-inspired dining chair makeover, we knew you guys would love it!

By giving her chairs a coat of white paint, Carlee used these striped Kmart tea towels to give the chair pads a fresh new look. We’re seriously impressed!

Rattan sideboard turned mudroom bench seat

This stunning boho inspired mudroom is divine, don’t you think?! And we love how Taralee used two of the Kmart rattan sideboard to create this gorgeous bench seat. What a creative way to make something stylish and completely luxe for less!

Side tables become a chic outdoor dining table

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Gina tackled her own Kmart hack. She took 4 of the Kmart oak look side tables (sold as a set of 2) and created this stunning curved dining table with tiled pillar legs.

Ambitious… yes! But as an amateur DIYer herself and having never used a jigsaw or tiled before… if Gina can do it, so can you! She shared a blog post and how to instructional video here.

However, if you’re looking for a slightly simpler version, check out this one made by Emma. She used a similar method to make her gorgeous indoor coffee table.

Hanging pendant lights

Basket pendant lights are popping up everywhere, and along with it comes plenty of DIY hacks! Nicole has taken the base of the Kmart rattan table lamp and turned it into this fabulous hanging pendant! She shares tips, tricks and how to’s over on her Instagram page Zephyr House.

And be sure to check out her outdoor entertaining space decorated on a budget that she shared with us here.

From blah to beautiful — Bedside table makeover

Camille gave the (kinda boring) Egon side table a total revamp and created a furniture piece that looks ah-MAZING! All it took was a coat of paint, some half-round dowel and a touch of gold spray paint. Now it’s a bedside table that looks ten times better (and ten times more expensive!). We’re in love!

Bowls turn to art

We’re not sure about you, but we would never have thought to turn plain old everyday Kmart bowls into decor art pieces! But seriously, how good do these look?! Just a simple coat of paint and some glue has given these bowls a whole new lease on life.

Black Kmart bowls

Side table revamp

Ok, we kinda love this one! Taking the pink (oh so pink!!) Hugo side table, Mac + Me gave it an almighty makeover using Porta timber from Bunnings and a coat or two of paint. And what a transformation!

Room screen bedhead hack

Struggling to find a bedhead for her super-king size bed, Ceryce had this bright idea! She took 2 Kmart room screens, removed the ends and popped them together to create this fabulous new look! So creative and clever!

Room screen bedhead hack
Ceryce’s new bedhead thanks to 2 Kmart room screens

Pink ottoman turned stylish side table

We don’t love the original pink storage ottoman from Kmart, but we do after Zoe Gilpin from The DIY Decorator was finished with it! She gave it lick of paint, removed the fabric and foam and voila! So on trend right now!

Wall art but make it your own

This Koala print from Kmart is super cute but wouldn’t you agree, he’s even more adorable as a life saver?! Artist Deb Kent reinvented this popular wall print to make it her own. Goes to show how out-of-the-box thinking can pay off! If, like us, you don’t have these artist skills, we’ve also seen people covering Kmart prints with plaster to create those on-trend textural artworks. It’s far more affordable than buying a plain canvas and they come framed!

Placemat and bath mat cushions

Who would have thought you could get such great results from using placemats and bath mats (yes, bath mats!) to make cushions?! Renee is the clever mind behind this Kmart hack, taking 2 jute placemats and 2 bath mats and turning them into these fab looking cushions.

Pot plant stand as concrete top side table

Without wanting to toot our own horn, we love how this DIY concrete top side table turned out. And at just $5 for a pot plant stand plus a couple of cups of concrete, it’s an incredibly affordable way of making your own stylish side table or pot plant table as we’re now using it! Definitely one of our fave home Kmart hacks!

Transforming a bed head using a table cloth

Kelson gave her bedroom a fresh new look using… a table cloth! Taking the beige linen look table cloth, she completely changed the look and feel of her bed head with this clever (and super cost effective!) makeover.

Rattan sideboard upgrade

Dani has taken that gorgeous Kmart rattan sideboard to a whole other level (literally) with this clever hack. She added a second one on top to create an on-trend rattan chest!

Kmart rattan sideboard hack by Dani

Room divider to on-trend bedhead

Here’s another fab room-divider-turns-bedhead hacks! Curved, rattan-style bedheads are everywhere at the moment, and some come with quite the price tag. If this is your dream style, why not take a tip from Janika who took the Kmart room divider, and simply placed it behind a bed to create a stylish new bedhead! Certainly one to make our fave home Kmart hacks list!

Rattan screen divider_Kmart

Total sideboard transformation

Taking two Kmart sideboards and doing some serious hacking (pun totally intended) Clare has created a custom piece of furniture. If this look is your vibe, she’s even created a handy how-to YouTube video.

Kmart cabinet makeover
Sideboard upgrade by casa_calanni

Bread bins… turn bedside table (yes, really!)

Hold onto your hats people, this is without a doubt, one of the coolest Kmart hacks ever. Kristine, who goes by extra.ordinary.home on Insta, had the incredible idea to take 2 Kmart bamboo bread bins and turn them into this stylish bedside table.

You can watch her video below to see how she did it. Mind… blown!

Bread bin turned bedside table
By the ever so talented Kristine from @extra.ordinary.home

Canister lid turned drawer handles

Have you ever thought about using canister lids as drawer handles?! No, us either! But the ever so clever Pheonix Project team did, and the results are brilliant!

Kmart canister handles

Hex wall pockets as laundry shelves

Bel is a regular in our #stylecuratorchallenge and we nearly fell backwards when we saw how beautifully she styled her laundry using all sorts of Kmart products in clever ways! The standout was how she used the hexagon wall pockets as laundry shelves!

Laundry shelves
Image via @bfree_style

Industrial coffee table as luxe concrete table

Concrete top furniture costs a fortune but using a few easily accessible DIY materials, you can turn the affordable Kmart coffee table (or any Kmart table, for that matter!) into a luxe designer-look piece!

We’ve already seen a few of you take on this tutorial and create stunning results. Find all the steps on how you can make your own concrete coffee table here.

Kmart hack coffee table feature image
See how we gave the Kmart industrial coffee table a luxe makeover

Jewellery tree becomes crystal jewellery dish

Our obsession for crystals is at an all-time high! One DIY we’ve been wanting to make for a while now is a crystal jewellery dish — a beautiful piece to have on our bedside table to hold jewellery and generate positive vibes in the space.

We used the Kmart jewellery tree with marble base (just $7!) and hacked it to create this luxe piece that takes pride of place on a bedside table.

Check out the tutorial here to find out how easy it is to make your own.

Chalk-painted vases

One of our fave ever DIYers, Geneva from Collective Gen, recently shared an amazing chalk paint. She has inspired SO many people to take old (or in this case, new!) vases and pots they love the shape of but not so much the colour, and give them a new lease on life.

Just like Lauren who took this trio of Kmart vases and painted them to suit her colour scheme. So pretty!

Kmart trio vases
Kmart trio vases

Kids table turned boho side table

Taking the plain kids table and adding a large woven basket on top (this one is from Freedom) has completely transformed this into a boho side table. A really creative idea which you can replicated yourself, with tips and advice from Michelle, the clever Kmart hacker, found here.

Hessian table runner pendant light

Who knew a hessian table runner could create something this cool?! Interiors lover Natalie got handy with her plain black pendant light and turned it into a real statement piece using the Kmart hessian table runner. A clever and very cost effective hack!

The perfect puppy / cat bed

This one won’t suit all breeds, but if your furry friend is on the smaller side, the Kmart rattan dolls bed could be the perfect spot for them! It’s a super affordable option and bang on trend!

Serving board side table

Using a wooden serving tray and readjusting the legs to fit your couch arm, and voila! You have the perfect side table for coffee, tea, chocolate, or wine 😉

Turmeric dyed boho cushion

One of our fave boho cushions has been given a stunning makeover by clever Mum, Samantha. She turned it from plain neutral into a gorgeous, on-trend mustard using… get ready for it… turmeric and coffee! Honestly, one of the best home Kmart hacks. So clever!

DIY wall art using raffia ribbon

DIY wall art can be hit and miss but we think Nikita totally nailed these coastal inspired pieces that she made using raffia ribbon from Kmart. She said she just tied raffia ribbon around plastic rings using the lark’s head knot technique.

DIY wall art
DIY wall art by Nikita Howe

Laundry hamper and chopping board turns into a side table

Hats off to Michelle who hacked a Kmart laundry hamper and chopping board into a stylish side table! We think it’s perfect for her tropical interior style.

Woven side table coolest Kmart hacks
Michelle of @lookwhat_i_found converted a laundry hamper and cutting board into a table

Tropical cushion makeover

Ok, so this one isn’t a hack but it is a pretty clever makeover and given how popular the boho style is right now, we’ve included it in our list. Using the tropical stencil set from Kmart and black paint, she printed onto hessian fabric that she then glued onto the face of the cushions. Not bad for resort style cushions on a budget!

Kmart hack cushions
Cushion makeover by Sally Smallpage‎

Coffee table to bench seat

Bench seat on a budget? Yes, it can be done! Michelle used the Kmart oak coffee table as a frame and rather than screwing on the top, she finished it with woven rope she bought from Bunnings.

Rope bench coolest Kmart hacks
Michelle of @lookwhat_i_found created this stylish bench using the Kmart oak table as a frame and rope from Bunnings

Basket as pendant light

Woven pendant lights easily cost upward of $100 but Sara George made this stylish one using the $14 Kmart basket. She removed the handles, made a hole in the centre for the light bulb and attached it over her dining area.

Definitely a winner for clever home Kmart hacks.

Kmart hack lamp shade coolest Kmart hacks
Sara George turned a $14 basket into a coastal style lamp shade

Outdoor bench and planter box as internal bench and storage unit

Some people are so clever! Just check out how Belinda Leigh repurposed an outdoor Kmart bench seat and planter box into a stylish hallway bench and storage unit! The white paint gives it a real Hamptons vibe and she says she’s still looking for fabric to upholster the new foam cushion top.

Kmart bench
Belinda gave this bench seat and planter box a Hamptons makeover

Wall shelves as vertical succulent gardens

A clever home Kmart hack by the people at Cobbitty Bake House, they added chicken wire backing to these Kmart shelves and used them as decorative succulent gardens.

Kmart hack
Kmart shelves on display as succulent gardens at Cobbitty Bake House

Boho style pot plant holder

Isn’t it incredible what a bit of jute string can do? Turning this modern pot plant stand into a boho style piece that would easily pass a designer piece.

Did you discover any home Kmart hacks to try at your place? Which is your fave? Or maybe you’ve got a Kmart hack of your own you’d like to share with us! Tell us in the comment section below!

More Kmart hacks here

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my scandinavian home: Cabin Update: The Lights Are On!

my scandinavian home: Cabin Update: The Lights Are On!

This is a paid partnership with Hudson valley Lighting Group. All words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love. 

The progress continues at the cabin! During the build we had spotlights fitted in the ceiling, which are all on dimmers. This set the basis for the lighting, and then I needed to add another layer - a more decorative one, but also directional to allow for reading, playing games etc. I.e. The fun part! Read on to see some pictures and find out more about the three new lamps in my life! 

Stanton floor lamp

This little gem in aged brass was the ideal choice for beside the sofa as it is height adjustable, and you can swivel the shade to direct the light. The black and white marble base makes for a great 'anchor' too (with Allie doing her gymnastics all over the shop, there's not much chance of it toppling over!). Find out more about the Stanton at Hudson Valley Group International here

Chloe wall sconce

You might recognise the lovely Chloe wall sconce by Mitzi, as I also have one in my sitting room at home. It's a favourite as I'm a big fan of the aged brass and light grey marble combination. For our bed alcove I opted for two - both connected to a dimmer switch so we can choose between a bright light for reading or a warm glow for ambience - this was important as it doubles up as somewhere cosy to relax in the open-plan living area! 

I love that this wall sconce works as decoration when not in use! 

Beside the lamp you'll notice a power source. The idea is to add a little rounded corner shelf at some point for phones and other tiny items like watches etc. All these details take time! 

Back home we added a third light from Hudson Valley Lighting Group: 

Nora Wall Sconce 

This fine Nora Wall Sconce by Mitzi brass wall sconce is part of the same family as Nora Pendant which I installed in Liv's room. It's available in two finishes: aged brass or polished nickel, but you know me, I love a golden touch! This lovely light added just the warm touch we were looking for in our window nook - day and night! It's probably the most coveted spot in our house, but I've got a feeling it will be even more inviting now! 

It's amazing what a difference lighting can make - whether to add decoration, create a warm and inviting feel, highlight a favourite painting or simply brighten up a corner. This weekend, why not do a light edit in your home and figure out what's missing. By adding a well-placed light you can completely transform an entire space and the way you use it! 

Do you have a favourite? 

Right, I might just go and drink that cup of tea ('English breakfast'! - you can take a girl out of England, but you can't take England out of the girl!) and relax for a while before the family come home. 

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend. Vi ses på Måndag! 


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

Styling at cabin: Helen Sturesson. Styling at home: Niki Brantmark

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est living in conversation tamsin johnson 3

Art at Home | Art and Design | Art & Style

Danny Kaplan

Crafted in New York City, Danny Kaplan’s pieces hover between fine art and design. Danny forms organic structures out of natural clay, glazed in opaque white, blue, and black. Textural surfaces reveal the artist’s hand, from bowls and vessels to lamps and candle holders. Raised in southern France’s Aix-en-Provence, Danny combines the region’s traditional pottery style with modernist art influences, creating timeless form and structure.

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A Calm and Earthy Danish Home with a Warm, Golden Touch

A Calm and Earthy Danish Home with a Warm, Golden Touch

Tjena! How are you today? I'm a little bleary eyed from my work trip to Norway - it was only three days, but it felt like a week, I've been left with so many amazing impressions and my heart is full from all the lovely, smiley, friendly people I met. I've shared a few stories in my instagram highlights if you'd like to see more. ANYHOOO, on with today's tour! Kamilla Heick is a designer, visual merchandiser and a mother living in a house from the 1930s in Denmark. The lovely family home has been decorated in serene, earthy tones. Sheer curtains slip in soft, filtered light into the rooms, casting a warm glow on the mix of iconic Danish design and antiques. 

Look closely and you'll also notice 'curated groups' of items. This is a clever styling trickled in many Scandinavian home and involves grouping items in a display like way and then leaving an empty space before the next group of items. This helps to give a room an airy, pared back vibe, while still creating interest with items you love. Ready to take a peek? 

Lovely home! 

I'm sure many of you appreciated the messier touch in the sitting room! Real life happening right there. Honestly, you should see the state of my home today having come back after three days away. Total chaos!

Dud you notice the shelving in the sitting room? It's the same as the Elfa storage system I installed in Allie's room. It looks lovely in Kamilla's home!  

I also love the way curtains help to add softness and texture to the rooms - beautiful! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

You can see more of Kamilla's Danish home and learn about some of the details here
If you have a little time this morning, why not delve through the danish home archive - so inspiring! 

Have a great start to the week! 


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Prospect Park Home Tour

A Rare Peek Inside this Prospect Park Home

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Bench seat

How to create a cosy nook in your home

Brrrrr it’s getting cold! This time of year, it’s tempting to hibernate and curl up with a good book and warm drink. If you don’t have a favourite spot in the house, hopefully these ideas on how to create a cosy nook in your home will inspire you!

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13 ways to achieve a Scandinavian interior style

1. Find the perfect spot

It sounds obvious but this is the most important step so take the time to walk around your home and look for a spot that you will love to spend time. Ideally, it will be somewhere with good natural light so you can warm up and get a dose of Vitamin D while you relax. If this isn’t an option, look for a spot that’s quiet and warm.

2. Sort out your seating

Once you find the perfect spot, it’s time to get the seating right. You may be happy with a thick rug and a bunch of scatter cushions on the floor, or for a more permanent nook an armchair or bench seat like the one below are great options.

The armchair we used in the video above is from Adairs or check out Temple & Webster for a huge range of occasional chairs at hard-to-beat prices.

While you can also buy bench seats, with a little DIY know-how you can create a custom-look bench seat for a fraction of the cost. Use flatpack furniture, such as the Smastad storage bench from IKEA, add a bench cushion on top (for a perfect fit, check out this article on getting custom cushions made) and finish the space with cushions and throws.

Just because you need a comfortable spot to relax, it doesn’t mean you have to limit your options to a chair or the ground — a hanging chair or hammock can be heavenly!

Hanging swing chair in pink neutral bedroom
As seen in the Barefoot Bay Villa | Take the tour

3. Create layers

With the seating sorting, it’s time to make it cosy. Do this by adding cushions in gorgeous winter textures (think knits, velvet and sheepskin) and throws… lots of throws!

You can also throw down a small rug or sheepskin on the floor so you’ll be warm underfoot.

4. Add a rest for your cuppa

It’s hard to relax when you don’t have somewhere to rest your coffee (or wine) so look at your space and consider what options would work best. Side tables are most popular but you could get creative and consider a wall shelf or something integrated into your bench seat.

Side table next to armchair
An essential part of a cosy seating nook is having somewhere to rest a warm drink… or wine!

5. Get the lighting right

Whether your nook is for reading, working or snoozing, it’s essential to get the lighting right. Do you need direct lighting for reading or softer lighting that won’t glare against screens? Check out our helpful tips on how to create a lighting plan.

6. Embrace scent

Use scent to help you unwind. You could burn one of your favourite candles or check out our round up of the best winter-scent candles here — it will have your cosy seating nook smelling heavenly and provide ambient lighting. Win win.

Otherwise, diffusing essential oils is another fab way to introduce a relaxing scent in your space.

For the ultimate day spa blend, mix a few drops of each of these essential oils:

  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender 
  • Bergamot
  • Orange, and
  • Ylang Ylang.
Tub chair and gold side table in guest bedroom The Block 2020 Daniel and Jade
Daniel and Jade created this dreamy seating nook on The Block | See all the bedroom reveals

7. Finish with thoughtful accessories

Add some warmth and personality to your nook with special items that make you happy. A hanging planter, artwork or photos are some ideas to complete your nook.

Do you have other suggestions on how to create a cosy nook in your home? Share them in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: this article was first published in June 2015 and has been updated with new information and images. It contains some affiliate links. This means that when you click on a link and purchase something from that site, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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my scandinavian home: Allie's Bedroom Makeover

my scandinavian home: Allie’s Bedroom Makeover

Paid partnership with Elfa, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

The thing about children is that one minute they're tiny babies, the next they're whizzing off on adventures with friends! Take my daughter, Allie. She's turning twelve this October! Where has the time gone? Always a ray of sunshine, she can't go two steps without a cartwheel and loves to ski, play football (that's soccer to all my American friends!) and lately, has become passionate about fashion and interiors (hmmm, I wonder who she gets that from?). 

Needless to say, she grew out of her bedroom a long time ago - and a makeover was well overdue. Since I promised 2022 would be the years we'd organise our home (with my new wardrobe checked off the list last month), one of the key factors would be to ensure it had plenty of storage! It would also need to cater for Allie's needs - and of course, reflect her personal style and wish list. 


I told you our house is messy / disorganised! I'm surprised there wasn't a pair of pants (UK version) on the floor! Chaos aside, this side of the room was dominated by low storage which was crammed with books, toys, cuddly bears and a load of other bits and bobs. 

I've noticed that the toys have slowly started to collect dust and her room has become a place to hang out with friends, do homework and experiment with fashion, hair and make-up - in between making TikToks and doing backflips on her bed - not always in that order!

I asked Allie what she felt was missing and we narrowed it down to:

- A desk area with drawers 

- A pinboard for small pictures, notes and general inspiration 

- Book shelves - with book ends! 

- A dressing table 

- Good lighting 

Oh, and the look and feel should have a hint of boho with lots of greenery, natural material and plants! 


Above is the original design, which was created using the Elfa drag and drop online planning tool. Once the items arrived, we rejigged them a little to make use of the natural light (that's one of the beauties of Elfa - it's a flexible system so you can constantly adapt it according to your needs as well as add items over time). 


Just like the wardrobe system in my bedroom, this shelving system is centred around a series of vertical rods, to which you can click-in a whole tray of items such as shelves, drawers, clipboards, mirrors, hooks and more. For a children's bedroom it's an absolute dream! Here's a breakdown of the items we added: 

The desk area

Above the desk we added a Storing Board with attachable hooks and boxes for small items like pens, paperclips and scissors (Per always marvels at how many 'tiny' items the girls amass, all of which are apparently crucial!). 

I particularly love that the desk height can be raised as she grows!

mesh basket under the desk is used to store cables (her room is officially neater than my office!). 

The shelves 

To create the shelving, we used a series of melamine shelves mounted on click-in brackets. Lesser used items are / old photos etc which Allie would like to save for the future have been stored away on higher shelves (we might buy a small footstool which could double-up as the dressing table stool) and the things she uses daily are within reach on the lower shelves. 
One of the niftiest items we discovered is the reversible shelf / tray which can be used as a shelf for plants etc or a tray for paper, prints etc with a ridge so they don't slide off.  

We also used a series of book supports and wallbands to stop tomes and other items from falling off the shelves (you haven't seen the chaos when Allie does gymnastics!). 

Sidenote: have you read 'The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse'? It's the sweetest book and a Brantmark family favourite! 

The pinboard 

I made the pinboard using a cork board covered with stretched linen.  

Slim hooks that click into place created a place for hairbands, necklaces, sunglasses... you name it! 

The dressing table 

A dressing table was highest on Allie's wish list! She's actually not allowed to wear make-up outside of the house yet, but she loves to experiment and have fun with it at home!

To create the dressing table area, we added a Decor Mirror - which is the same as the one I have in my new wardrobe. We also put a reversible shelf underneath it for nail varnish, brushes etc and a series of clear boxes (from the Elfa Studio in town) for make-up, jewellery etc. A simple lamp above lights up the area after dark. 
The drawer underneath has been fitted with a Decor accessory tray so that Allie has a place for her bits and bobs like earrings, hairbands, purses etc. 

Oh, how I'd have loved to have had this setup when I was a kid! 

The best thing of all, is that it's created so much space in the rest of her room, perfect for phase two of the make-over - rumour has it, Allie's planned a gallery wall with Per's old LPs, a garland of trailing ivy and there was a mention of a lava lamp! I'm looking forward to seeing the boho look unfold!

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the keyboard, there's space for it on the long desk but she might also use a stand instead. 

I hope you like the results as much as Allie does! Please do give me a shout if you have any questions - or if you have a children's room to plan, you can find out more about this system over at Elfa

I hope you have a relaxing, fun weekend planned. I'm heading off to Stavanger, Norway this evening to write a city guide for an English magazine - very exciting, Norway is my favourite country in the world! I hope I can squeeze in a trip to the fjords and a hike on the Saturday. If you'd like to follow along, I'll be sharing my trip on Instagram stories. 

Trevlig helg! Have a great weekend! 


Photography Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

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At Home with Interior Designer Alex Morrison

Before the renovation, the apartment’s layout didn’t favour the Sydney Harbour views in the shared spaces. So the floor plan was flipped, ensuring the kitchen and living areas had full access to the outlook and natural light. The designer then used the structural beams to highlight separate zones.

The home’s whispers of European influence are felt through the parquetry flooring in soft oak, which connects the kitchen, dining and living areas. Alex was also excited to find that the main bedroom’s wardrobe covered a casement window, influencing how the space was redesigned to maximise light and warmth.

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