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Large panel white concrete driveway inspiration

Driveway inspiration gallery: Contemporary driveway ideas

If you’ve tried searching for ‘driveway inspiration’ on Google or Pinterest, chances are you would have been inundated with dated or traditional concepts of predominantly American homes — not exactly the solution most of us are looking for!

So we’ve researched contemporary driveways and created this round up of the best driveway options — breaking it down by the different materials. Also, if you can add another driveway solution to the list, please drop us a comment below.

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Large panel white concrete

A standard concrete driveway can bring down the look of an architectural home… unless you put a twist on it!

It appears as though this house has a concrete driveway. Now, with white oxide added to give it a light and bright finish, and the expansion joints have been cut in a square pattern. Such a clever way to create a low-maintenance, relatively affordable driveway that looks modern.

Dark concrete driveway

Another look for regular concrete is to add black oxide to give it a dark grey finish. As the boys at Graya Construction also did with this stunning home in Bardon, Queensland.

Contemporary Australian house with grey driveway
Graya Developments, photography Cathy Schusler, architect D Line Pty Ltd, interior design TD Creative Agency


Always a beautiful material, adding texture and pattern, is a cobblestone driveway.

From Catherine’s contemporary-Australian-meets-coastal style home, to the concrete panel and curved house (all pictured below), this material suits a wide range of styles.

Slate driveway
BG Architecture, photography Dianna Snape, builder Bayside Construct, styling Ruth Welsby

Red brick paver

Sometimes traditional materials, such as red brick pavers, can be the perfect solution for a contemporary home — particularly if you want to create reference to your neighbourhood.

Exposed concrete

Minimalist, understated and low-maintenance, there’s a lot to love about an exposed concrete driveway (this is the material Gina ultimately chose for her driveway).

You can find all sorts of exposed concrete aggregates now. From simple grey pebbles like the driveway below, to those with a more colourful mix of orange and red pebbles, too. You can also check out the product range at Holcim for ideas if this option appeals to you.

Grey brick?

It’s difficult to know for sure what materials have been used on these last two driveways — if you can shed some light, please share!

Our guess is the first has used a grey brick paver or Bluestone paver. Maybe the second also used a cut stone?

In any case, they’re both beautiful so we had to include them in the gallery!

Have you been inspired by one of these photos for your home? Or do you have other driveway inspo you can share in the comments?

More design inspiration

This post was first published in May 2019 and continues to be updated with the latest information and images.

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Inspiration: Curved Islands

Inspiration: Curved Islands – Are the 80’s Back?

Inspiration: Curved Islands | lark & linen

Lately I’ve been noticing a bit of an 80’s revival thing happening in both the fashion and interior design world. Chunky furniture, oversized pieces, and soft, generous curves are all the rage right now and I’m kind of digging in – in small doses, that is. While I do worry that some of the spaces that have fully committed to this movement might feel dated in a few years, I can really appreciate using these principals in more subtle ways. Curved islands, for example, are something I’m noticing more and more of, and I love that they add a softness to a space, yet still feels timeless. Following are a few examples of the curved island trend that I’m very into – have you noticed this one as well!? CHECK OUT THE OTHER THINGS THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE CHECK OUT THE OTHER THINGS  THAT ARE INSPIRING ME RIGHT HERE 1) Design: Shauna Walton | Photo: Lauren Miller  2) Design: Jean Stoffer | Photo: Stoffer Photography  3) Design: Ashley Montgomery Design | Photo: Lauren Miller 4) Design: Ashley Montgomery Design | Photo: Lauren Miller  5) Design: Shauna Walton | Photo: Lauren Miller 

The post Inspiration: Curved Islands – Are the 80’s Back? appeared first on lark & linen.

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luxury bathroom

Holiday Inspiration from Designers Far and Wide, and Other Things I’m Loving Right Now

Monday Musings

luxury bathroom

Design: Tori Rubinson Interiors | Photo: Stephen Karlisch

In an effort to spread some internet love, I thought I’d share a few things that have caught my eye as of late… 
:: A holiday DIY  I’m dying to try
:: The best Holiday movies for young children 
:: For the little ones: homemade sugar cookie play doh
:: Incredible holiday inspiration from designers far & wide
:: The sweetest doll bed I picked up for Ivy’s Christmas gift
:: The most beautiful gift boxes for clients, friends, and loved ones
:: A new-to-me holiday cookie recipe that’s making my mouth water
:: A fond holiday tradition: homemade eggnog (you won’t go back to store bought)

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Inspiration gallery of 10 green tile shapes

Increasingly, people are getting bolder with their tile choices, and we’re all here for it! With great risk often comes great reward and to inspire you to get brave with your tile choices, we’ve compiled an epic gallery of bathrooms featuring green tiles.

See just how much choice there is in the world of green bathroom tiles!

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1. Kitkat tiles

Starting with our favourite tile shape right now — kitkat tiles! If you adore these rectangular mosaics as much as us, you’ll be thrilled to know there’s more than one type of green kitkat tile. Green kitkat tiles range from luxe green marble (in light ‘Ming’ green pictured below and darker ‘Olivetti’ green) to all shades of green porcelain kitkat tiles.

Kitkat tiles have a beautiful rhythm and bring pattern to a space through shape. They work in a wide range of interior styles, including luxe, coastal, mid-century modern, japandi and contemporary.

MorecombeHouse_Bathroom Vanity
Deep green kitkat tiles laid horizontally. Image via The Glade Design, see more of this Japanese inspired bathroom

2. Subway tile

Subway tiles are one of the most popular tile shapes — they’re incredibly versatile (subway tiles can be laid in over a dozen ways), affordable, and there’s plenty of choice in terms of size, finish and colour. From soft sage tones to deep emerald, it’s hard to go wrong with a green subway tile in the bathroom.

Green subway tiles work harmoniously with many other tile patterns, including terrazzo, marble, and more graphic black and white patterned tiles.

Green subway tile bathroom
Glossy sage green subway tile laid in a vertical straight stack on all walls. Image via @architectseat
Green subway_Katewalker
Muddy green subway tile laid in a half-height brick bond pattern, and vertical straight stack above. Image via Instagram @katewalker_design
GreenTiledBathroom_StudioTage_ green bathroom tiles
Pale green gloss subway tile on all walls in this luxe bathroom. Image via Studio Tate
Green Bathroom Tiles_Subwaytile_Houzz
Light green subway tile paired with a marble floor tile. Image via

3. Feather tile

A new tile shape gaining popularity is the feather or blade tile. It blurs the lines between fish scale and subway tile shapes. Available in natural green marble or a tonal green porcelain, this one is too pretty to look past.

We especially love this tile shape for contemporary, coastal or luxe bathrooms. Be prepared to see plenty more bathrooms using this tile in the future!

White vanity with green paddle pop tile
Mitch and Mark bathroom from The Block featuring green marble blade tile. See the full room here

4. Square tile

A classic and timeless shape, square tiles are making a big comeback! Our favourite square tiles have got to be the organic, hand chisseled Moroccan tiles called Zellige. In the bathroom below you can see the soft green spearmint Zellige tile used as a feature wall (and there’s also an emerald green option).

Another type of square tile are the perfectly straight, or rectified, tiles that suit architectural style bathrooms to a T. Available in a range of sizes, these tiles are often suitable for floor and walls to create an enveloping bathroom design.

And finally, there are the handmade finish square tiles that offer a soft, organic texture. The third picture below shows the moss green square tile used as a feature wall and we’re sure you’ll agree with us, it looks amazing!

Spearmint zellige bathroom
Spearmint Zellige hand chiseled tile. Image via Tile Republic
Green square tile bathroom
Light green straight edge square tile used on the floor and walls in this architectural bathroom. Image via @studiocontekst
Handmade moss green square tiles used as a feature wall. Image via Instagram @fienza_bathware

5. Patterned tile

Patterned green tiles is a pretty broad category but generally you’ll find these tiles in a 200mm x 200mm size, featuring a tessellating pattern.

From floral prints that suit the Hamptons style, to bold graphic designs better suited to a mid-century bathroom, it’s worth exploring the options of green patterned tiles.

While the bathrooms below picture these used on the walls, often a patterned tile is used on the floor with a subway or other simple tile used on the walls.

Green Bathroom Tiles_Patterned Tile
Floral print green patterned tile used in this small bathroom. Image via Instagram @mimosa_yellow_lon
Patterned Tile_Green Bathroom Tiles
Graphic green tiles used in this all-green bathroom. Image via

6. Fish scale tile

A tile shape that immediately transports us to the ocean is fish scale (or fan as it’s also known). Laid with the curved side facing either up or down, this tile makes a statement!

Our advice when using a green fish scale tile in the bathroom is to go easy. A little goes a long way so it’s best not to overdo it!

Green marble fish scale tile
Green marble fish scale tile. Image via @colortile_au

7. Large format tile

Many people prefer to avoid mosaic tiles in the bathroom. We hear you, cleaning grout can be a pain! But you don’t have to choose between colour or size thanks to the growing range of larger format green tiles becoming available. The ones pictured below have an interesting scalloped and textured profile, adding to their beauty.

Green bathroom tiles_Large format
Scalloped profile on this soft green-blue tile. Image via Instagram @defaziotiles

8. Herringbone tile

Instantly dialling up the elegance of any bathroom design, there’s good reason why herringbone tiles remain a firm favourite.

You can find smaller herringbone mosaic tiles on sheets, such as the Ming green marble tiles pictured below, or select a green subway tile that your tiler can lay in a herringbone pattern. Whatever you choose, you can be guaranteed it will look ah-mazing!

Green herrinbone tile
Beautiful green herringbone mosaic tiles. Image via @nerangtiles
Herringbone_Green bathroom tiles_Pinterest
Tonal green subway tiles laid in a herringbone pattern. Image via Pinterest

9. Penny tile

Penny round tiles are a classic shape that in the right finish can suit just about every interior design style. They’re a popular option in bathrooms because their round shape can soften the hard angles typically found in bathrooms.

Often suitable for floor and walls, they’re an ideal choice if you plan to design curved walls in your bathroom.

10. Hexagon tiles

From one extreme to another, hexagon tiles by contrast are highly angular and add an edge to bathroom design.

Available in small mosaics through to larger individual pieces, measuring approximately 200mm in diameter, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to green hexagon tiles.

Dark green hexagon mosaic tiles
Deep green marble hexagon tile. Image via @mandarinstoneofficial
Green hexagon tiles_Green bathroom tiles
Powder green hexagon tile used on all walls. Image via
Green-blue hexagon feature wall. Image via

Have you spotted your dream tile in this round up of green bathroom tiles? What tile shape or bathroom is your favourite? We’d love to chat in the comments below!

Check out more tile inspo here

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Colour tips and Inspiration from a Danish Interior Stylist's Home

Colour tips and Inspiration from a Danish Interior Stylist’s Home

A new dawn, a new day... and a whole new month! Let's kick off with some colour! What struck me most about the Danish home of Charlotte Kruse is her home office - a hot topic these days, and this one is very inspiring indeed! But there are some other corners of her home I love too - not least because they include some wonderful pastel hues. I caught up with the interior stylist in Herning, central Denmark, to find out more about her home, sources of inspiration and favourite online stores. 

What do you do for a living? 

I have my own company Studio Decor where I style and take pictures for interior and lifestyle companies. And I also teach small business owners and instagrammers how to style beautiful pictures. 

Who do you live with? 

I live with my boyfriend and our two dogs (Pomeranians) in a small house. 

The arch was added last week - what a lovely addition, I love the soft feel it adds to the space. The white opal glass pendant* is by Louis Poulsen. 

Your house has lovely high ceilings, when was it built, and can you tell us more about the size and layout? 

Our house is from 1926. It's 87 m2 (935 f2) and we also have a workshop that's 27 m2 (290 f2). It consists of a kitchen, living room, dining room, a master bedroom and a second bedroom which I use as a study - it's where I run my business from. 

I love that your home is so colourful, can you tell us more about the tones in your home?

I absolutely love colour and use it as much as I can in my home. Colours make me happy and give the room a special feeling. I really like pastel colours, rose and other warm tones. I love to play around with colour, mix my own (the colour in the kitchen is a mix of leftover paint) and see how the rooms turn out. For the most part, I love the result - if I don't, I'll just try again!

Would you say it's unusual for a Dane to have lots of colour in their home? 

Over the past few years, colourful homes have become more and more popular in Denmark, especially on instagram! We want our homes to be as full of life and personality as we are! 

What colours have you applied to the walls in your home? 

Kitchen: a home-made blend of NCS s2010-Y50R and NCS S3020-Y70R (I used a little more of the latter). 

Living room: Hummus from Jotun Lady

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to apply more colour to their home?

If you'd like to add more colour to your home, opt for toned down hues. They are softer and add a pleasant feeling to the room.


You have lots of art in your home, where do you. buy your prints? 

Can you share three styling tips? 

1. Give your home a whole new feel by adding colour

2. Always be on the lookout for cool inter items in thrift stores or Facebook marketplace. You can buy a lot of unique items for a little less! 

3. Use plants and fresh flowers in your home. They bring joy to the room and create a nice atmosphere. 

What are your three favourite online shops? 

Where do you do you find inspiration?

Thank you so much for telling us more about your home and sharing all your styling tips, shops and sources of inspiration! 

If you'd like to see more snapshots of Charlotte's home and find out about her courses, hop on over to @decorstudiodk or Decor Studio

For a total colour fest today, you might also like: 

Do you use lots off colour in your home, or do you prefer neutral tones? I'd love to know!

I'll be back tomorrow with a tour of a wonderful home in Finland, watch this space! 


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Our Tiny House Interior Plans & Inspiration

Our Tiny House Interior Plans & Inspiration

It's been a while since I shared an update on the tiny house we're building in the garden of the summer cottage in southern Sweden. A lot has been going on behind the scenes, but most excitingly Per and I headed up there for a meeting with the builders last week and it's starting to feel VERY real! A while back, I shared our plans for the exterior. I'm looking forward to sharing the finer details of that soon (once we have settled on the wood finish). Until then, I thought I'd share the plans and inspiration for the interior! 


Our cabin is called a Komplementsbostad which is a special Swedish dwelling measuring 30 m2 (323 f2) and a maximum of 4 metres (13 feet) high. The idea is to use it as a place to unwind at the weekends and in the holidays. If we're staying in the main cottage, it will be a place for guests to stay and hopefully in the future, somewhere our children to come with their family and friends!

The cabin will contain a small kitchenette, social area, bathroom and two sleeping quarters. It's designed to sleep 4. I think I'll start with the latter! 

We decided to lay the sleeping zones out over two floors (which is fairly customary with this type of house). The 'master bedroom' will be in an alcove / nook on the lower floor, and a sleep loft will be placed over the bathroom and bedroom. 

The reason we decided to do it this way and not create a separate master bedroom is because we also wanted to create a nice social area in which to hang out - so we needed the extra space. For the same reason, we also decided not to have a formal entrance / hallway. 

Inspiration for the bedroom / sleep loft area: 

I absolutely love the look and feel of Lina Kjellvertz's cabin (the swede has impeccable taste - check out her house in Mallorca if you have the time!). Her attafallshus was designed by Sommernöjen and features white walls and a light wood ladder and sleep loft - something I am looking to emulate. The only difference is that the atelier / desk area will be exchanged for a bed. Basically like this: 

The bedroom nook will be fairly snug! The cosy danish bedroom below has also been a major source of inspiration for us. See the rest of the lovely cabin here
We are looking to convert the under section of the bed into two separate, very large drawers which will be used to store clothes, bed linen, towels etc. A little like the ones in this tiny Norwegian house on wheels.

We're also hoping to add shelving, but sadly we won't have space for a surface behind the bed like the one seen above since the nook is the exact length of the bed! 


The kitchen and dining area is very much a work in progress! As with everything else, it will of course be small. Since space is of a premium, it will involve upper and lower cabinets. I love this kitchen by Swedish Nordiska Kök - it's clean and contemporary, but also features some beautiful natural elements including stone and wood, which would be a nice way to bring the surroundings inside. Do you like this look too? Clearly the island is a no go, as we simply don't have room! Instead, I'm hoping to find a small vintage table for four. Let the hunt begin! 

One big dilemma: we were hoping to put the boiler in the top right cabinet BUT the plumber told us it would be way too small. Instead it might need to be placed to one side of the sleep loft which is not ideal. I know my family, and they do love their showers! If you have any other ideas on where to place it, I'm all ears! 

Main living / social area

You might have noticed that all these inspiration images have something in common: wood panelling. I absolutely love wood panels, they bring a more relaxed feel to space and help to add a coastal touch.  Are you a fan of panelling too?

This panelling by Swedish brand Norrlands Trä seen in this Scandinavian cabin is spot on. I'm just in the process of ordering samples to see which style would look best (every panel option comes in an option of at least two different whites as well as various textures - I tell you, it's a minefield!).

Sitting room

I'm going to be honest, we still haven't decided which direction to go in with the sitting room. All thoughts are welcome at this stage! The only thing we do know is there are a LOT of windows and doors to contend with (see plan) and there'll definitely be a woodturning stove (more info to follow soon!).

But what we don't know, is what seating to go for. 

Do we go for some kind of built-in bench running from the kitchen units to the wall with storage underneath like in these lovely rooms?

Or do we opt for a sofa-bed with storage to make room for extra guests? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Looking at these images I'm wondering if I've over sold our cabin now!! I mean, some of these spaces are simply incredible and quite a lot bigger than our cabin! The pressure is on! 

I can't wait to share more plans with you soon including the bathroom, outdoors space and wood burning stove! Meanwhile, we're hoping the first spade will go in the ground this week - woohooo! 

For more tiny cabin inspiration check out: 

Right guys, that's it from me this week, thank you for coming along for the ride - and for all your kind messages in yesterday's post, it really meant so much. 

Trevlig helg / have a great weekend!


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