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OD House by Jorge Biblioni Studio

There is something a little bit magical about homes designed with thought for how they will age. It may be through the adoption of Brutalist practices and a reliance on material robustness or, as is the case with OD House, an intentional dedication to the locale’s artisanal techniques and natural materiality.  

Surrounded by almond, carob and olive trees, OH House’s stone facade and deep-set windows with views towards the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range reflect the techniques and materiality of the Mediterranean that need no reinforcement or revision. The stone – bleached and still sun-warmed even when night falls – brings focus on the craggy terrain while shutters, painted in the same green of the underside of an olive leaf, hint at the need to protect from the velocity of the summer zenith. This is a home deeply at peace with both its capacity to endure for many many decades, and its capacity to shelter its inhabitants through the harshest weather.

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