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Danny Kaplan Unveils his new Collection | People

Artisan Danny Kaplan developed an appetite for ceramics from a young age. Born in New York City and raised in southern France’s Aix-en-Provence, Danny was inspired by the region’s traditional pottery. Returning to New York City, Danny’s namesake studio is now synonymous with hand-made pieces that are beautiful and practical in form.

While Danny is well recognised for his monochromatic and earthy palettes, blue tones are the hero of Danny’s latest collection for the first time. Speaking about his new ‘Lapis’ blue glaze, Danny explains, ”I love how the blue satin finish breaks with the irregularities of the clay to create a surface full of life and texture.”

Danny Kaplan’s new compilation of hand-crafted lamps, vessels, homewares and furniture are available from September 2021. For more information or to purchase, visit Danny Kaplan Studio

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