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Designing Our Home with Kids In MInd

girl nursery 2

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I know, I know. At two years old my daughter is technically no longer a baby. But this is a post I’ve longed to put together forever now and just haven’t gotten around to it (see: the aforementioned baby). I like to think that I’ve always been well versed in designing with kids in mind since the vast majority of my clients consist of young families. But when we brought our daughter into the world I knew I’d forever approach family-friendly design in an entirely different way. Following are the changes we’ve made in our home since bringing our daughter home. 

cute toddler kitchen

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One of my greatest tips when it comes to designing with kids in mind is to regularly rotate their toys. Research has shown that having access to fewer toys reduces overwhelm and encourages kids to play longer and deeper with each individual item (a parents ultimate goal, let’s be honest). As a bonus, having fewer things on deck means that there’s significantly less visual clutter, which makes cleaning up at the end of the day a cinch. Plus, bringing out an old favourite that has been tucked away helps breathe new life into it. She gets excited about it all over again, which is great. 

cute toddler toys

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[break]BRING IN THE PRETTY[break]

I promise you I’m not a monster when it comes to our daughter’s toys, but whenever I have my say I opt for the most aesthetically pleasing option. We absolutely own our fair share of plastic, don’t get me wrong, but the vast majority of her toys are quite visually appealing. As someone who gets overstimulated by messes (a childhood inevitability), this has significantly helped. Tripping over adorable stacking bunnies for the fifteenth time that day somehow doesn’t hurt quite as much. 

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In an effort to save time, we’ve streamlined as many processes as possible in order to maintain our home. Our most recent addition, however, has been the biggest game changer of them all and I wish we had implemented it on day one (in fact: I’m now convinced this thing should be on everyone’s baby registry). And that’s a robot vacuum. But not just any robot vacuum. We got our hands on the Narwal T10 and it vacuums and mops – completely eliminating two of the household tasks that I least like (arguably the most important ones when bringing a baby home). Do you know how many times a day I used to bust out my broom? Any parent will tell you that the limit does not exist – those crumbs somehow breed crumbs, I swear. The best part is it has a self-cleaning feature, and it dries it’s own mops to prevent bacteria from growing. 

designer robot vacuum white{vacuum | all nursery sources}

As a technological dolt (I am 80 years old at heart) it was ridiculously easy to set up, and the app makes it so simple to use (and use it we do). I love that it comes with magnetic strips you can place around a “no-go” zone and it will avoid that area for that clean. It’s something that I’ve been doing regularly when our daughter has been deep in play and I don’t want to disturb her zone (but feel like those surrounding crumbs need to BE GONE already). It has a child lock, which you can set via the intelligent control panel. Plus it’s ridiculously quiet, so I can even run it during nap time. 

designer robot vacuum 2{vacuum}

Not only is it one of the best robot vacuums on the market – a truly top of the line piece complete with all the bells and whistles, but it’s also just so pretty. I mean, as far as vacuums go of course. I love spotting him make his way around our home; it legitimately sparks joy. 

I always say that we aren’t meant to parent alone, and I’m fully convinced that our Narwal is a part of our modern day village. I’ve named him Todd and he’s officially family

designer baby gate - open

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I tend to land on the more minimalist side of the spectrum; fewer better things is always my jam. And we took that approach into traditional baby proofing as well. Similar to how we address toys, we were pretty selective with the baby proofing gear we brought into our home as well, always opting for the more aesthetic version whenever possible. The gate at the bottom of our stairs, for example, is retractable, as minimal as possible, and we picked it up in white so it would blend into our newel post. Similarly, we used clear corner guards on all of our furniture. Unless you’re specifically looking for it, you almost wouldn’t know that we had done any baby proofing at all (exactly the way I like it. Safe & pretty. Form & function).  

designer baby gate - closed{all foyer sources}



If you have kids, I’d love to hear what changes you made, if any, when you brought your little one home. 

Thank you to Narwal for sponsoring this post. And thank YOU for supporting my sponsors. It means the world and helps allow me to put out free design content <3 

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Black star constellation

5 latest unique space galaxy wallpaper for a kids room

Supported by Ever Wallpaper

If you’re looking to give your kids’ bedroom a themed makeover, there’s no denying the space theme has gained major popularity! Incorporating a space-themed wallpaper makes a huge impact and immediately sets the tone. Whether it’s promoting dreams of becoming an astronaut or simply dreaming of visiting the stars and galaxies, galaxy wallpapers are an excellent choice to excite children about their bedroom environment.

Incorporating visually stimulating wallpaper in your kids’ room can be both fun and functional, as it will also help them develop their imagination and creativity. But since there are so many different galaxy images to choose from, finding the best option can be challenging — especially if you want something that’s both easy on the eyes and full of space magic. Check out these 5 unique space galaxy wallpapers for a kids room that will help you create an imaginative and fun atmosphere for your little ones. 

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Black star and constellation wallpaper

The first galaxy wallpaper for a kids rooms isn’t your typical stars and planets design. We often suggest ‘styling up’ when it comes to a child’s room so they won’t outgrow the space. And this edgy black and beige star and constellation wallpaper will do just that!

Whimsy enough for a child’s room yet sophisticated enough to take them through to their teen years and beyond. It’s a wallpaper design getting 5/5 star reviews and it’s easy to see why! We love the warm atmosphere it creates and how it also picks up on the zodiac trend running through interiors and fashion.

This wallpaper features a night sky filled with stars and a crescent moon. In some areas of white, you can see clusters of smaller stars that make up constellations. The wallpaper is so realistic that it makes anyone feel like they are looking out into deep space, even though they’re just looking at their own walls. If you have a kid who loves astronomy, then these wallpapers can be a real treat.

Black star constellation
Star constellation wallpaper by Ever Wallpaper

Solar and lunar wallpaper

Dialling up the enchanting levels, this navy blue and blush pink solar and lunar wallpaper is every girl’s dream. It’s an epic space galaxy wallpaper that blurs a sense of astrology with magic.

We love the on-trend colours that make a bold statement. And the addition of dragonflies means this wallpaper isn’t your typical outer space design. Best of all, this wallpaper allows you to experience the dreamy world even when the lights are off! The pink accents softly illuminate in the night to give this intergalactic scene a whole other dimension.

Sun solar wall mural galaxy wallpaper for a kids room
Solar and luna wallpaper by Ever Wallpaper

Space galaxy wallpaper mural

For a more realistic space scene, look no further than this space galaxy wallpaper mural. The dazzling scene of vibrant stars, planets and milky way transports you into outer space.

With so many colours throughout this space mural design, you can incorporate it into any girl’s room or boy’s room with ease. Play up the purple and pink tones to achieve a feminine space themed bedroom, or accentuate the deep blues and hints of brown for a more masculine aesthetic. However you choose to use it, there’s no denying this space-themed wall mural wallpaper will stimulate your child’s imagination and inspire them to dream big!

The best part, this wallpaper is easy to apply and leaves no residue when removed. So, you can love this bold space wallpaper now… and down the track can easily install a new design.

This space wallpaper is also popular option in media rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. We could see it on the ceiling of a media room to channel the vibe of Ronnie and Georgia’s home theatre from The Block.

Purple galaxy wallpaper for a kids room
Space galaxy wallpaper mural

Little astronaut wallpaper

If you’re looking for a sweet design that will spark your child’s imagination without being too intense, this playful astronaut wallpaper could be the perfect fit.

Let them explore space through an astronaut’s little eyes. They can float among stars and dream of taking a ride on a rocket ship with this fun space-themed wallpaper. Featuring muted colours, it’s a softer take on the space theme that’s age appropriate for a little one.

All of the wallpapers in this article are available in a range of sizes, so you can wallpaper just a small nook or an entire wall.

Cartoon astronaut galaxy wallpaper for a kids room
Little astronaut wallpaper

Planet art wallpaper

Finally, this planet art wallpaper is a more sophisticated design that’s sure to delight any child or teenager. It’s a space design with zodiac influences and we’re here for it!

With a neutral backdrop, the design isn’t overwhelming and those bronze and soft pink accents are to die for. You can temper your bedroom design with natural furniture and decor (rattan would look stunning) for an earthy look. Or play up the glamour with decor that has metallic accents and luxurious fabrics. It’s a design that offers loads of styling flexibility. This wallpaper is also reasonably priced, making it a great choice as well as a budget-friendly one.

Pastel sun and planet wallpaper
Planet art wallpaper

We hope this round up of 5 unique space galaxy wallpapers for a kids room helps you create an out-of-this-world space for your child. Tell us, which one is your fave? To browse the full collection of Ever Wallpaper designs, check out their website or connect with them on Instagram.

More kids room inspo

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Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: For Kids

Kids Gift Ideas for 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: For Kids

Photo: Making Home Base



Okay so kids gift ideas. I am in the thick of this right now as I shop for my own little girl, so I must admit I’m pretty excited about this particular gift-giving category. Though I’ve always been a massive Christmas fan, I am next level excited for this year. My daughter is at an age where she won’t likely know exactly what’s going on quite yet, but I know she’s going to thoroughly enjoy all of the magic that the holidays have to offer. Decorating sugar cookies, hunting for Christmas lights, dancing in the kitchen to Mariah Carey’s best, and heading to the country to chop down a Christmas tree of our very own are high atop my list of priorities this season. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about all things holiday for a while already, and here are a few kids gift ideas I feel confident the little ones in your lives will love. 


2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020


Holiday Gift Ideas 2021: For Kids

1. Scooter | 2. Musical Lili llama | 3. Fuzzy penguin

4. Pom pom stocking | 5. Baby Stella doll | 6. Easel

7. Alligator scarf | 8. Kitchen science projects | 9. Unicorn slippers

10. Play kitchen | 11. Fast track | 12. Making faces magnetic kit

13. Superhero costume | 14. Tea set | 15. Winged unicorn costume

16. Fill n’ spill sailboat toy | 17. Over the door basketball



2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020


I’d love to know if you have any kids gift ideas of your own. Anything the little ones in your life simply can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below – I’m always looking to up my kids gift ideas game.

Stay tuned for lots more holiday gift ideas coming your way this week! And see all of our holiday gift ideas for 2021 right here

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Studio McGee Home Tour

Get The Look: A Sweet & Sunny Kids’ Room

Studio McGee Home Tour | lark & linenPhotos & Design: Studio McGee

I have a few kids’ bedroom designs coming down the pipeline over here, and I couldn’t be more excited. Kids’ bedrooms lay high atop my list of favourite places to design as I love that they inherently don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s a great opportunity to play with pattern, texture and colour – really taking hold of a direction and running with it. Needless to say, I’ve been collecting inspiration as of late and this space, designed by Studio McGee, is calling my name. The layers of whimsy are making my heart sing, and I love that it’s a space that can grow while into adolescence (and beyond). Following is how I’d put together a similar look… 
Get the Look: Sunny & Layered Child's Room | lark & linen

1. Demi Floral Stripe Wallpaper | 2. Decker Table Lamp | 3. Lewis Dresser

4. Coco Magnolia Pendant | 5. Connely Mirror | 6. Floral Block Print Quilt

7. Padma Sconce | 8. Zanzibar Pillow | 9. Avalis Pillow

10.  Buttonwillow Pillow | 11. Latvia Wool Rug


Photos & Design: Studio McGee

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Shared girls and boys bedroom

How to style a shared kids bedroom: Inspo for shared room ideas

Kids rooms are so much fun to style! And when a reader asked us for ideas on how to style a shared kids bedroom, we couldn’t wait to gather inspiration and tips to help. (If you ever have anything you’d like our help on, please send us an email or chat with us in the comment section below. Writing articles in response to YOUR questions are our absolute FAVE!)

But for now, let’s get into some gorgeous shared kids bedroom spaces. From traditional to boho, bunkbeds to shared baby and kid spaces, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspo!

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There’s just something so satisfying and calming about symmetry in design! If this is your vibe, check out these gorgeous shared kids bedroom spaces.

You might like to opt for matching everything — right down to the bedding and throws. This is a smart choice that may just save you an argument or two about whose cushion is whose or, “He/she took MY blanket!” (we’ve all been there!). Or, you could match some things, but add in changes through trinkets or artwork, to suit their tastes and personalities.

Then there’s the back-to-back beds we just love. Such a fun idea for kids who share a room but one that still gives them their own distinct, individual space.

A twist on the traditional pink and blue

What about if you have a girl and a boy sharing a room? How do you find the right balance between the two?! We love the different ideas these shared bedrooms use, such as wall decals, bedding or the more dramatic wall colours.

Shared girls and boys bedroom
A sweet space for siblings to share | Image via Behance
Steel beds in boy and girl shared bedroom
A fun space that kids will love, yet can still grow into | Image via Sarah Joy
A-frame beds in white and green
We love the timber panelling light fixture that gives the space a clear divide. Image via Pintrest
Green and pink bedroom
Pick a colour… pick a side! Image via Pintrest

A shared space for kids and babes

Juggling a shared kids space is tricky at the best of times. Throw in two completely different age groups and that’s a whole new ballgame! But it can be done, and done well, as seen in these shared spaces for kids and babies.

From calming, neutral colour palettes, to pops of bold colour, a shared bedroom can be a wonderful way to express your children’s style and creativity. If you’re wanting to style a bedroom for your older child and baby, but aren’t sure where to start, check out this helpful article from a stylist (and Mum) in the know.

Small shared kids bedroom
Retro bedroom vibes | Image via Popsugar
Baby and toddler bedroom
Neutral, but definitely not boring | Image via digsdigs

Bunk bed fun

We challenge you to find a bed that’s more fun (yet still practical and affordable) than bunk beds! Bunks are a brilliant way to save on floor space and a great choice for a shared kids bedroom.

You can get stand-alone styles or a more permanent built-in solution. Get ready to be inspired by these shared bunk bed spaces below. We call the top bunk 😉

Boho beauties

Both these shared kids bedrooms use matching beds, however their styles are still laid back with a hint of boho. We can never say no to a canopy in a kids room, and the rugs in both spaces are oh so dreamy!

Cute and quirky

In a shared kids bedroom, it’s more than ok to have a bit of fun. In fact… we think you should! Patterned wallpaper, colourful bedding, bold rugs, quirky decor… We love how these shared spaces showcase such different styles.

Like the space below which celebrates wallpaper, and makes clever use of a cane bar cart as a bedside table. Or the twin teepee beds that create a magical outdoor camping feel.

Teepee beds in shared bedroom
The teepee beds matched with the moon mirror bring the outdoors in | Image via Tubukids

We hope this gallery of shared kids bedrooms has given you some styling inspiration! Whether your kids share a bedroom or not, there were so many great styling ideas to take away. Do you have a space in your home you’d like some styling inspo for? Ask us in the comment section below!

Find more kids bedroom inspiration here

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. This means that when you click on a link and purchase something from that site, we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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