The coolest (and cleverest!) Kmart kitchen hacks around

The coolest (and cleverest!) Kmart kitchen hacks around

We see a lot of Kmart in the kitchen… and for good reason! The chain-store King has so many budget-friendly, stylish buys that it can be hard to say no to! But how about kicking it up a notch and taking on one of these Kmart kitchen hacks?!

They’re a fun and affordable way to give your Kmart purchase a little more personality, and you know how much we love a good DIY project!

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The coolest (and cleverest!) Kmart kitchen hacks around

Kmart everything coffee station

Coffee is life. Fact. And Candy scored some major wife points when she presented this adorable coffee station to her caffeine-addicted husband! Using a Kmart white kitchen trolley and Kmart peg board that she joined together with a spare piece of wood, Candy created an affordable and moveable drink station. So clever!

Coffee station using pegboard
Coffee station by Candy at @homeware_hacker
Coffee station styling details
Candy illustrated the coffee sign herself. Image via @homeware_hacker
Coffee station front on
Full coffee station by @homeware_hacker

Luxe brass bar stools

Proof you can mix budget buys with luxe! Lisa from Gathering Walls gave the oh-so-popular Kmart bar stools a cheap yet glam makeover with brass and white paint. They tie in with all of her kitchen finishes and fixtures seamlessly… who would guess they cost just $25 each!

Kmart bar stools
Kmart bar stools given a luxe makeover by @gatheringwalls

Sideboard turned kitchen cabinets

Wow! There are some seriously creative thinkers out there! When Tracey wanted extra storage space in her kitchen, she and her husband hacked their own by mounting two Kmart rattan sideboards to the wall. Presto, instant overhead cabinets for a fraction of the cost.

Kmart sideboard as kitchen cabinets
An amazing take on the rattan sideboard by ourlittleredbrickhome
Sideboard as kitchen cabinets wide shot
Image via ourlittleredbrickhome

DIY wall tiles

We know! This is not a hack! But for those of you who are renting, or looking for a way to update your kitchen splash back, these self-adhesive wall tiles could be a winner. They’re best suited to glass or stainless steel splashbacks. If you want the look of tiles but can’t do a full reno, you know what to do!

Layered fruit bowl

This nifty little fruit bowl hack got stacks of positive comments when it was shared in a Kmart hacks Facebook group. For those of you who are short on bench space, simply adding a hairpin planter stand in between two rattan bowls may be the solution you’ve been looking for to store all your fruit. Best of all, this is one of the easiest Kmart kitchen hacks to create at home.

Family hub planner

Any hack to make running a household easier is a winner in our book — and when it looks this darn stylish, it gets bonus points! Soph is the maker and organising queen behind @nestihome on Instagram and explains how she made this giant family planner.

“I used two sheets of the Kmart chalkboard vinyl, three of the medium and narrow drawer tidies for mail sorting and two cork boards. I used foam double sided tape to attach the drawers and a white “Posca” pen to write with”.

This has got to be one of cleverest, most useful DIY projects we’ve seen to date! A fab example of a project done on a budget, using clever Kmart hacks to get your life super organised!

Bamboo drawers as open spice shelf

Looking for an inexpensive yet stylish way of displaying your herbs? Annie glued two bamboo drawer organisers together to create an open shelf. You can also find stylish spice labels at Kmart too!

Gina also updated her spice drawer using all Kmart products and the result was ah-MAZING! Check out how she did it here.

Spice shelf
Annie Stovell‎’s DIY spice shelf

Glass canister to propagation vase

Indoor plants just keep gaining popularity and many plants are easy to propagate by taking clippings and placing them in water. Trouble is, you need to find the right vessel that can support the cutting and specialty propagation kits can be expensive. Little Seed House found the perfect solution — simply drill a hole into the lid of a Kmart glass canister!

If you’d like to try and propagate your own plants, there’s no easier plant than Pothos and we share all the tips and tricks here.

Woven baskets as kitchen storage

Talk about kitchen goals! Angela has used a selection of Kmart canisters and rectangle baskets to make the most of her open kitchen shelving.

Kitchen storage
Angela’s kitchen organisation

Baskets as coastal pendant lights

Give your kitchen a boho coastal feel with basket pendant lights… without the hefty price tag! Harlyard House hacked the Kmart baskets to create these on-trend pendants!

She removed the handles and placed the baskets over existing pendant lights to create these designer-look lights. Check out her account here for more inspo.

Kmart hack pendant light
Pendant light hack by Harlyard House

Bamboo drawer tidies as tiered spice rack

Well if this isn’t stylish, tell us what is!

“We made a DIY spice rack using the bamboo drawer tidy’s from Kmart by stacking them upside down to create a tiered effect,” says Fliss.

Tiered bamboo spice rack
DIY spice rack by Fliss
DIY spice rack
Pantry goals courtesy of Fliss

Create your own removable storage shelves

If you have high shelves in your home, it can be tricky to fully utilise the space, especially if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes. Another clever Kmart hacker came up with this handy solution. Simply secure two Kmart mesh shelves together with cable ties, trim and that’s it!

Storage solutions used as organisers

These real life home organisation pics from Our Organised Hive are brimming with clever storage solution ideas.

Some of her tips to organise your cupboards include:

  • wire shelves: these add an extra level of storage. Just take a look at her fridge and craft cupboard below
  • magnetic whiteboard: add one to the inside of your pantry for meal planning to minimise food waste (and cooking stress!)
  • vertical storage holder: these are ideal for organising baking trays in the kitchen cupboard
  • small pull out containers: you’ll find so many uses for these around the home. She has used them in her fridge to keep smaller items organised and in her laundry to sort cleaning products
  • dish rack: an ingenious way to use these is to store your Tupperware!
  • large pull out storage containers: these can help to sort larger items (see her craft cupboard below).

Water bottle storage

Look… this one isn’t revolutionary, but it is handy so we thought we’d still include it in our Kmart kitchen hacks. These stackable wine bottle holders are a great solution for storing water bottles. They work great in the pantry or, as Style Curator writer Dan has done, put them in your fridge to have plenty of cold water on hand.

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Kmart ottoman render makeover

Outdoor Kmart hacks to spruce up your outdoors

We love spending time outdoors and with the warmer weather in full swing, it’s the perfect place to be! But decorating your outdoor space can be expensive, so we’re bringing you the best outdoor Kmart hacks which can help spruce up your outdoors without the price tag!

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best ever Kmart hacks to spruce up your outdoors

Indoor ottoman gets a render overhaul

Self-confessed DIY lover Jodie from Caves Coastal Renos took the garishly pink Kmart ottoman and turned it into this beauty.

Using some render and a bit of DIY know-how she took it from meh to ah-MAZING! Check out her video below to see how she did it if you want to give it a go yourself!

Inexpensive outdoor umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas cost a bomb which is what prompted Alison to come up with this clever hack! Using a $15 white plastic outdoor pot from Kmart that she filled with a brick and sand mix, she placed one of the $12 umbrellas inside.

Her husband made the timber top from offcuts they had which holds the umbrella in place and is the perfect spot to rest a cold drink!

Kmart hack outdoor umbrella
Alison’s Kmart hack outdoor umbrella

Layering style

This one is not so much a hack as a styling trick. Inside the home you can layer a smaller rug on a larger rug. And you can do the same for your entry… adding a smaller door mat on a larger one for an instant luxe look.

Imogen layered her personalised door mat on top of the Kmart jute mat, making her front entry look ten times more stylish, don’t you think?!

Bamboo storage box as planter box

Shay wanted to add some tropical plants to her rental home. She used a couple of bamboo storage boxes that she painted and lined with weed mat as a cheap and instant solution. Although the bamboo is likely to swell over time, she says this is the perfect solution for now.

Bamboo planter box

Shay converted bamboo storage boxes into outdoor planter boxes

Plastic dinosaur toy becomes cool plant holder

Krystal turned a typical T-Rex kids toy into a cool plant holder for her aloe plant. By simply cutting a hole into the back and painting the dino black, she created a fun piece that would be ideal in an outdoor kids play space or even their bedroom.

Kmart hack dino toy coolest Kmart hacks
Dino toy becomes plant holder by Krystal

Custom cubby house

We couldn’t possibly leave out the most popular Kmart kid’s hack of all — customised cubby houses! Kmart outdid themselves when they released this cubby house and although there have been a few design iterations (the latest is a bit more ‘barn’ like with a half door), they’re all totally magical and an opportunity for parents to get a bit creative.

Gina created a Kmart hack cubby for her sons Patrick and Alexander and recently re-worked it again into a custom green, grey and white colour scheme and included a kitchen inside.

The family at Number 43 painted their Kmart cubby the same colour as their home, helping it blend in perfectly. It’s such a clever way to make gaudy kids ‘stuff’ fit in stylishly with the rest of the home!

For those of us who have kids obsessed with firefighters, we love how Prue turned the cubby into a fire station — so cool! Alicia gave her Kmart cubby a massive makeover giving us all the Hamptons vibes! With the wooden jungle run play house, Lauren added climbing rocks and other fun additions (most parts are from Kmart or Bunnings). Talk about a fun play space!

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