Michiel's Harmonious Dutch Home in Natural Hues

Michiel’s Harmonious Dutch Home in Natural Hues

Good morning friends! Stopping by here on this bright and sunny Monday morning in Malmö with the beautiful home of Michiel Bosman. A photographer, stylist and teacher, Michiel has been busy renovating his house in the small town of Bodegraven between Amsterdam and Rotterdam in The Netherlands. The canvas is in place with a calming combination of natural wood, stone and soft earthy hues, and now he has begun to layer it with a perfect blend old and new (with a particular penchant for Scandinavian design - which of course, I love!). Here are a few snapshots from his harmonious home. 
This popular lamp is popping up in many beautiful homes right now - it's by Valerie Objects

The bedroom is one of Michiel's latest projects, the walls have been painted in 'clay mid' from Little Greene. Next step - art! 

Such a beautiful home. To me, it looks like the perfect canvas, backdrop from which to build upon over time and layer with personal objects, art and everyday items. 

If you love this home as much as I do and have the time today, hop over to Michiel's instagram feed @michieljbosman to see more snapshots and follow his renovation. One of Michel's latest posts really resonated with me in particular, and it's heartwarming to see he has updated the link in his bio to re-direct to a Dutch charity seeking to help those in need. 

Would you like to see a few other Dutch homes this morning? Here are a few I love: 

Stor kram (big hug) to you all at the start of the week. 


Photography courtesy of Michiel Bosman, shared with kind permission. 

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Killing weeds without chemicals

How to make a natural weed killer with just 3 household ingredients

All this rain lately has been great for the garden… but how about the weed situation?! 🤯

I don’t know about you, but a sea of weeds has taken over my outdoor area. And not just in the garden, but in between paving and popping up in footpath cracks. It’s almost impossible to pull it all out by hand which is why I turned to a weed killer.

Many store bought weed killers contain toxic chemicals you’d rather not use around pets or children. So I was thrilled when my neighbour shared a natural weed killer recipe — which actually works! Of course, I had to share it with you!

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Items you will need:

  • 1L white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup salt
  • 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid
  • Jug to combine ingredients
  • Watering can or spray bottle to apply onto weeds
Natural weed killer ingredients


1. Combine 3/4 cup of salt, 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid (also called dish soap) and 1 litre of white vinegar. Stir well to dissolve the salt.

How to make a natural weed killer

2. Once mixed well, transfer into a watering can or spray bottle so you can apply it directly onto weeds.

3. Spray weeds with your natural weed killer and within days they will shrivel up and die.

It’s that easy (and cheap!) to make your own natural weed killer. Just be aware, it also works on plants and lawn so only apply it directly onto weeds.

Will you give this natural weed killer a try? Or do you know any other natural ways to care for the garden? We’d love you to share your tips and tricks in the comments so everyone can benefit!

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Close up of weeds in footpath crack
Killing weeds without chemicals
Pouring natural weed killer onto weeds

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est living natural palette laminex 2021 colour collection 1

Design Covet | Curating a Restorative Natural Palette

When it comes to creating spaces for relaxation and reprieve in our homes, we look to a palette that reflects our natural world. The Laminex 2021 Collection: Living Pigments taps into this desire to feel closer to the natural environment and calmer as a result. Laminex studied Australia’s sunburnt deserts, verdant forests, and windswept beaches to curate a range inspired by the earth and its flora. In this design covet, we explore how these hues hit all the right notes when designing interiors that are equally soft and comforting, as they are expressive. 

Produced in partnership with Laminex

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