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Paint Inspired by the Colours of Nature | Style

Since 2000, Bauwerk Colour have had one vision: to bring nature into the home. Now, with more than 30 years of experience, they have perfected a range of sustainable limewash paints that speak to the arresting qualities and longevity of the natural world. And with ties across Australia, Europe and the Middle East, Bauwerk’s encounters with the natural world are manifold – reflected in each unique pigment.

We catch up with Bauwerk creative director Bronwyn Riedel to explore where their story began and collaborations with esteemed international designers House of Grey and Hans Blonquist

Produced in partnership with Bauwerk Colour

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Designed to Live At One with Nature

Designed to Live At One with Nature

Nature lovers, prepare to be wowed! Dutch designer Caspar Schols has taken the indoor-outdoor living concept to a whole new level with Cabin ANNA: a hybrid cabin designed to bridge the gap between traditional camping and a log cabin. 

So, where did the idea come from? Caspar Schols had just finished a university degree in physics when his Mother asked him to build a garden cabin. With no architectural education, Casper drew on his vision to create a 'dynamic connection between man, nature and home'. The cabin should be a 'flexible space where she could read or paint, organise family dinners, and where her grandchildren could give theatre performances- But above all else, the cabin had to bring her closer to nature.' The idea for cabin ANNA was born. 

The structure is made up of a central conservatory nestled between two permanent structures and works in much the same way as you might dress for the weather - peeling away layers as the clouds clear and the temperature rises.  

Great walls slide back to reveal the open-sky - under which you can sleep, bathe, read and gather. 

On chillier days, the structure can be covered and a wood burning stove - helps to heat the space, all the while still ensuring you feel at one with nature. 

Casper's design received instant worldwide recognition and a flurry of awards generated partnerships which meant he was able to build different variations - some of which are available to purchase (with the option of an on-grid or off-grid versions). Meanwhile, guests are invited to book Cabin ANNA for an overnight stay in several different locations around Holland. I'm there! 

Simply incredible! I only wish I'd known about this concept before we started to build our tiny cabin  (update to follow soon - we're making great progress!). It's not too late to incorporate a sunken bath in the outdoor decking though, right? Remember the Danish summer cottage one?

Could you imagine staying here? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the indoor-outdoor living concept!

Såååå, That's it from me this week. Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your comments - I might not always be quick to respond, but I love to read each and very one of them. Right now it feels even more important to be a part of a community that's based on peace, love and respect - and I thank you all for helping to create that right here. 

Stor kram (big hug to you all), 


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Embracing Nature in an Architectural Hideaway

Upon entry, the Pearl Beach House immediately feels immersed in nature, away from the hustle of nearby Pearl Beach village. Encased in a concrete structure, with a high elevation echoing the surrounding forest canopy, Pearl Beach House takes the homeowners on a surprising journey into the bush. 

Strategically located windows frame views of the Burrawang scrubby woodland, rainforest species and ancient grass trees, gently swaying and changing, like moving art. Perforated brickwork captures snippets of blue skies and bush while creating ‘shadow play’ as the sun moves throughout the day. Outside, a mix of open-air and covered spaces offers protection from the elements as well as private spaces to bask in the warm sunshine. 

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