A Serene Stockholm Apartment In Neutrals

A Serene Stockholm Apartment In Neutrals

This incredible Stockholm apartment might seem tight in places (check out the angles in the kitchen and bedrooms), but don't be fooled - the two-floor maisonette actually has 5 bedrooms - which for Sweden's capital city is immense! When I stumbled across it, an incredible sense of calm washed over me, which I put down to the lovely pools of sunlight, wide open-plan living space and the soft putty shade throughout. I could quite happily see myself flitting about in this wonderful oasis, how about you? 

Note the rounded shape of the sofa - curved edges are set to be a big trend in 2022. 

I am guessing the fluffy rug is from Cappelen Dimyr - a popular Swedish brand co-owned by Elin Dixdotter who's wonderful Copenhagen home I featured here and incredible country kitchen here.

When you choose a monotone palette, it's critical to shake things up a little and add interest with texture - clearly seen here in the bedroom. 

So beautiful! 

I know this type of monotone look isn't to every taste - how do you feel about it? 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to share some snapshots from the latest update I have done in my studio - I hope you're going to like it as much as we do! 

Vi ses! 


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