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MEJ Residence by Nickolas Gurtler | Australian Interiors

“We looked to express the French architectural technique of ‘enfilade’ through a colour palette inspired by the Australian landscape,” Nickolas says. Enfilade translates to a group of rooms arranged formally together – usually in a row with each room opening into the next. This technique is common in Nickolas’s work, calling forth a portfolio of highly functional, interconnected interior spaces. In MEJ Residence, the natural flow of space begins at the front, where warm, earthy tones – rusts, caramels and forest greens – reign. Transitioning into the rear of the home is where the cooler tones – blues, silvers and blacks – start to appear, anchored still to the familiar forest greens. 

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Designer Focus | Nickolas Gurtler | Design

 What can a client expect from your new design service offering ‘Nickolas Gurtler Kitchens’?

Nickolas Gurtler: The first stage is a (complimentary) phone consultation with a team member to discuss the particulars of a client’s project, their project goals and answer any questions they may have about the process. We ask them to obtain basic plans and photos of the space to bring to their appointment. I then schedule a personal meeting with the client, where they enjoy some champagne in our office and talk through their project goals. Based on their project goals, I run through my ideas in terms of materials, layouts and example fixtures to develop a basic plan.

A member of our team does a site measure while I work with our team to develop a comprehensive kitchen design with our 3D software, down to the finest detail. We create a complete presentation including plans, elevations and a 3D visual in the second meeting. Finally, we present a fully costed and designed kitchen for feedback.

Upon approval, we organise a full site inspection by our trades and organise for the old kitchen to be demolished for renovations. If we are working on a new build, we supply documentation to the builder required to prepare the site for installation. Our cabinet makers and stone masons construct the kitchen and deliver and install it on site.

Then, I ensure the finished product is professionally styled before sharing with the client – and delivering them their champagne!

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