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Paris Apartment by Nicolas Schuybroek | Global Interiors

Strong but understated material elements were introduced. Walls were finished in a cloud white textured clay, the sandblasted Chambolle sandstone kitchen benchtop is the colour of rich soil and the wide-plank oak floors throughout have been treated to echo a worn farmhouse floor. Applying a ‘one metal, one stone, one wood, one wall finish’ approach to the interiors Nicolas explains, “All these materials are close to each other, colour and texture-wise, and as a whole, create a soothing harmony”.

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Book Release | Nicolas Schuybroek Architects | News

The concept ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ – where architecture, interiors, art and furniture fuse are conceived as a whole – governs the work of Belgian architect Nicolas Schuybroek. It’s how the architect creates spaces that are equally raw and stripped back, monastic, and yet always have a soul. 

Previously a project director for Vincent Van Duysen, Nicolas established his namesake studio ten years ago with a small scale philosophy, embarking on a “quest for in-depth substance and warmth” through detail, craftsmanship and intuition. The architect says that while their work might appear to be simple, it’s only in appearance. “We strive to generate emotions and define a new type of poetics of space,” he says. 

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