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In Conversation | Interior Designer Nina Maya

On the flip side, could you please share some key learnings in your transition from fashion to interiors?

Nina Maya: I had to learn and build up a book of reliable trades quickly. Having no background in interiors, I had to hire people with different skill sets to mine to draft and translate my ideas and concepts into technical drawings. The thing I love most about my job is you are constantly learning and improving and experimenting with new materials and techniques.

Many transferrable skills from fashion to interiors include working with colour, form, and structure. However, the new skills honed were more around spatial awareness and playing with light and all the magical ways it can transform one’s experience of a space. Lighting is one of my favourite tools to employ in interiors, whether it be feature light, to architecturally integrated task lighting that is discreetly concealed. The acquisition of this skill is still ongoing in the practice of daily experimenting, analysis constant learning through each project.

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Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors

Residence H by Nina Maya Interiors | Australian Interiors

There is a serenity about Residence H – from the thoughtful fluidity of the home’s navigation to the cohesive use of materials that add depth, shade and texture to the experience of habitation. A novel approach to achieving a timeless aesthetic has appeared through stone formed over centuries in the depths of the earth, aged timbers with sedimentary graining and meticulously hand-wrought details. It’s an approach amplified by the integration of clear cut innovation that will carry the family who lives here through many chapters of life.

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